by Dr. Gautam Chatterjee

THERE is a self within, which cruise along and talks to you everytime be at the time of decision taking or going for a crashing action. With this self you can discuss any issue without any veil. It pushes your decision and sometime deter your action. This is simply called the inter-play of conscious . And this conscious is a pyramidal building erected out of bricks called moral and ethical values. So the interplay and guidance within are determining factor for Karma.

But we often encounter the question of "to be or not to be" and ‘right and wrong’ and most of the time we take an impulsive decision to act. Once you become shaky about some action you are termed as "defeatist". Does this mean the inner voice which deter you from taking some action is the defeatist? No. Decisions and discussions within are normal process where in pros and cons of an issue is analyzed and finally one half your self agrees and other disagree.

On voting within some part of decision looks worth listening. Here come the play of optimistic character and defeatist nature. When a person who has seen many ‘successes’ takes a decision with the aura of impulse of that particular time. If finally he gets success the credit goes to this optimistic character. And if one experience a negative result, then one says ‘its part of the game". On the otherhand a person who has lost or experienced negative results many a time he tends to be reluctant. This obviously create the defeatist character. Be it at the level of advisor or actor himself he nurtures this nature to invite the ‘defeat’!

But a series of negative experiences are not uncommon. Then one can ask ‘how can I ignore my past negative experiences...and becoming defeatist is normal for me. So I am shaky!’ The answer is experiences are not enough to take a decision but one has to hear

the inner voices which actually analyses a thing with pure and transparent angle and there is no colour glass which can also be named as passion or impulse. Actually we limit our decision to a context and we ignore our inner voice.

If our value system has a sound footing and knowledge of good and bad , right and wrongare not based on narrow ground of pity gains then your inner voice cannot be wrong!

Let us take decisions not as optimist or defeatist and we be guided by the principles of universal rightness. And our individual life is a karmakshetra and life with others is the dharmakshetra. And there is no dilemma of dharmakshetra only action from within to interlink the supreme soul of cosmic dimensions. Thus defeating the defeatist is no problem as long your karma is also your dharma



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