Our Economic Future

On 8-30-03, The Palm Beach Post ran an article entitled, ”US Half-Trillion In The Red - Then It Gets Worse .”  The first paragraph read, “Ugly as the record $480 billion deficit for next year looks, the   truth is uglier. The estimate doesn’t include the $1 billion-a-week acknowledged cost of occupying Iraq or the expected billions  to build power and water systems, and the government must borrow   $644 billion, not $480 billion, to get through the year. The difference is what it will take from Social Security.”  

 And it went downhill from there...

So the picture looks terribly bleak, wouldn’t you think?  I suppose so.  But the other side of that coin is bright - it just needs a bit of polishing. In a depression  - or whatever they’re calling the current monetary manipulation, money doesn’t just disintegrate into dust. It still exists, but simply changes hands. 

In the “Great Depression”,  for example HUGE fortunes were made. 

Obviously, the big boys are still playing the same games today. Entire industries and armies are the tiny little monopoly pieces they move on a roll the dice or a whim. What happens to the “useless eaters” in the middle are of little concern to these purveyors of pain.

So it’s  absolutely time to start reducing their control of our lives and our hearts.  It’s time to create the economy outside of their box. But how, you ask?

 For one, get to know your neighbors. Talk to the guy that mows the lawn down the street - you just might discover that he wants one of those widgets you’ve been tinkering with (and rather enjoy making).  Or, maybe he needs one of the  chairs  that your neighbor makes - your neighbor wants one of your widgets - and you want your lawn mowed.  Get the picture? 

You have a skill or a product that somebody else is willing to pay or trade for.  You might not have thought of what it is yet -   but you have one.  Get out a piece of paper and start brainstorming ideas - all those things you think somebody should do. Keep on until you hit just that idea that you love - something you do well, or would like to learn.  Then take the rest of the ideas and pass them on to other peopla to use.

The capital (fiscal and human) manipulators do play a _number_ of games.  One game is to keep moving the cheese around the maze to keep us confused.  Another is to make the cheese in the next tunnel a new and improved flavor so we’ll detour (and get confused).  One of the more insidious games, however, to remove a major number of the bits of colored paper from circulation.  There are fewer bits per person and everybody is trained to connect the cheese to the bits of used paper. 

In the CON-fusion, people forget they can drop a crumb of old cheese into new milk and make all the cheese they need. So go out and meet someone who’s got milk and somebody who’s got crumbs. 

Everything is an opportunity.  There’s so much opportunity out there, it’s unfathomable.  People who sew, can sell ‘RFID-free clothing’.  People who teach, can home-school enough kids to pay their bills - (and teach them real skills like cheese-making,   or ethanol production). The possibilities are endless and exciting.

Let them play their monetary games among themselves.  We have better things to build.  

 Jocelyn Savage 

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