Not to mention flawless

My name is Colin Constance, im 32 years old, from bonnie Scotland and I am a photographer (not a journalist).

I am living in London with my girlfriend Natalie who is also from Scotland.

I have only been living in London for about 5 months and find it a bit of a nightmare at times.

Last saturday my father died of cancer.

I had returned to Scotland to visit him because his illness was rapidly destroying his body, and luckily i managed to spend a few days with him before he passed away. He was only 57.

During this visit i discovered the real reason why he had cancer.

My father was a crane driver who 2 years ago was working at an ICI chemical plant in England. My mother told me that he was working there for a few days helping shut down a section of the plant when there was a chemical spillage. My father and a co-worker became ill for about the duration of 1 week after the spillage.

I dont know all the details, but the one thing i do know is that nothing was done about any of this. He had a form of cancer that the doctors had never seen before.

I watched my father take his last breaths and then die last weekend.

It was quite shocking for me to see this. He looked terrible.

Moving on.....

Yesterday Natalie and I attended your lecture at Battersea arts centre.

We have a few of your books and congratulate you on them.

The lecture you gave was very inspirational. Not to mention flawless.

Wish there was more people like yourself who give us the truth and not the bullshit we are surrounded by.

The reason I am writing to you is just to tell you that your lecture has added to my inner strength to help me pursue the "Controllers" who helped end my fathers life.

I am not on a vengeance trail, I just want the truth to be known as to the real cause of my fathers death. Things like this cannot be forgotten about and accepted as the truth. Thats the way this false world works, I live in the real world.

And so...keep up the great work you are doing, lots of people are listening.

All the best.
Colin and Natalie.


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