We Are the Majority.
Why Don't We Start Acting Like It?


I am glad that there is an awakening to the idea that people on the left and people on the right have to begin discussions.

I have to say more than one word on who I am. I have always considered myself a person of the left, a progressive. I have never viewed myself a liberal, even though Alan Colmes called me one in his book's acknowledgments. He was attempting to credit me because he took my web site's name for the subtitle of his book. I don't think he was trying to insult me when he called me a "lifelong activist and passionate liberal."

In 1999, I saw a real weakness in what was on the Internet. To my mind people of the right dominated the web. I began my website, called www.rightiswrong.com to right that wrong.  My goal was to monitor the rise of the right all over the world. I found articles of interest by and about the right and posted them with my commentary. I had a daily listserv.

I initially used Chip Berlet as my guru. I no longer have a guru. My site wasn't that big, but CSPAN once did a story on www.rightiswrong.com and Alan Colmes would put me on his New York City radio show to debate people from various rightwing institutions.

The change that happened in me was caused by reading what was I finding. It became evident to me that I didn't need a gatekeeper. I could decide for myself which information was good for me to see.

The damnedest thing is that everybody discovers truth, even people on the right. Sometimes they are even ahead of people on the left. People on the left, for the most part, dropped the ball after 9-11. But that's not surprising to me; there are people on the left who still believe that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.

Last Tuesday, I went to the coordinating committee meeting of NYC UFPJ. Judith from UFPJ said, that she wanted to build the broadest coalition for stopping the war. It would be so big that it would go from the left all the way to the middle. That is not my idea of organizing. I want to help organize all the people who are against the war, even those who disagree with me on other issues.

Does Judith not understand that there are people on the right who are against the war? Some of them have been from the beginning. Or does she only want to stand with people who agree with her on all her other issues?

This meeting was where the New York City United For Peace and Justice decided that they wouldn't participate in the March 19th "Out Now" rally in NYC, other than to publicize it in its calendar. Talking about building a broad coalition and you can't even unite with others on the left to march on the second anniversary of the Iraq War, what a failure of leadership!

The rally is being called by the International Action Center and that is the problem for the UFPJ majority. When I say majority, I'm talking about the committee. I would think that the rank-and-file people who identify with UFPJ want to march in opposition to the war and want to do so with lots of other people. To me building a movement means getting everyone who shares the position together to make the statement. Yes, it's a numbers game, but I personally know people who voted for Bush this November who are now in opposition to the war. When that happens you know that you are in the majority.

I'm marching with "Chelsea Neighbors United To End The War" but I won't leave the march if there are people marching with me who are carrying signs "Bush Voters Against The War." People on the right opposed NAFTA and GATT while some on the left were trying to rationalize supporting Al Gore. People on the right were uncovering truths about the Clintons that many people on the left still choose not to see.

We call them people on the right, they call themselves Patriots. There are people on the right who consider themselves Christian Conservatives who oppose Falwell, Robertson and Bush. There are anti-choice people who see right through Bush's lies and oppose him on the war.

The amazing myopia of the left is always evident. We can discern 12,842 different tendencies on the left quite easily, but can only see the right as being monolithic. The rulers need the left/right dualism. It turned out to be divide and rule, we are already conquered.

I think the way we come together to have the kind of numbers we will need, is to organize around the areas that we agree upon. A great organizer is a catalyst that facilitates an awakening that creates the movement. Most of the people who we classify as being on the right have no power either. The 1% percent of Neo-Cons and Neo-Liberals are the true fascists. The rest of us are doing our best to sort things out. People on the right saw the folly of the Patriot Act, Homeland Security, the invasion of Afghanistan while some on the left were struggling.

Patriots were charging complicity by the Bush Administration in 9-11 while people on the left were saying that 9-11 was proof of resistance to the tyranny of the U.S. There are Patriots and Christian Conservatives who plainly see that evildoers have no limits. If you are willing to kill a million Iraqis, killing 3,000 of your own might be a price that they are willing to pay.

It was from people that we would consider on the right that I got educated about Skull and Bones. Once that I learned the organization, (its legal name is the Russell Trust) is the richest corporation in the state of Connecticut I began to understand that this wasn't just a rich boy frat. I wouldn't vote for a member of Skull and Bones to be dogcatcher, let alone president.

The less than 1% fascist minority that has seized control of the United States and threatens the very survival of the entire planet knows that they must keep the people warring at each other. The rulers know that the people united will never be defeated. When the right calls the people in charge "New World Order Socialists" and "Neo-Cons", the left calls them "Right Wing Conservatives" and "Neo Cons", it becomes evident that we are talking about the same people!

There are many people on the right who voted for Bush because he wasn't Kerry. It was the mirror image of what was taking place on the left. Sure there was a group of people who voted for Bush because they believed in him, but they were a minority, an even smaller minority were those who believed in Kerry, but he did get the most votes.

There are also patriots and progressives who didn't vote for either of them, and it was for the same reason. Beyond all the hoopla, they could clearly see that Bush and Kerry were blood brothers, both dedicated to the escalation of war to spread the domination of the corporatists.

It is critical mass. We need to check our "isms" at the door and get down to the necessary work of uniting the 99%.


Chuck Zlatkin
P. O. Box 821
JAF Station
New York, NY 10116

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