It's time to take action


As a people, our freedoms to think our own thoughts, speak our minds, and be ourselves, are being sacrificed to achieve the goals of a few conspirators. 


In America, unfortunately for the conspirators, their financial records, the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs) have been exposed.  These are solid evidence of the conspiracy.


This is a plea to anyone in the United States  prepared to help.   Please, please help pass on the document that follows this one:


It's no use just to read it.  It's no use just to make ten copies.  It's not enough to email it to your friends.  Take copies of it to every educated person in your area.  Print it out - get friends to help distribute it. Use the Internet of course - but make it a secondary method.  Give it to every small business and community group in your area, every Pastor and local society.  Aim for people that can influence many others. 


The money hidden from the public amounts to thousands of dollars for every man, woman and child.  This money is the cause of so much corruption in your City and community.  Don't let these people get away with it.


Let's make the CAFR known to every household in America NOW.  Let's make it a household word.  Let's make it absolutely obvious that the Media is conspiring to deceive the public. 


When you've started - don't give up.  Resolve to see this through.  It might mean a few weeks work.  If you force a rebate through, it is almost a 100% certainty - YOU will receive thousands of dollars.  Plus every one in your family.  The effect to the US economy will be like putting it on steroids.  


The totals are so large - it is very possible YOU or your family will not have to pay tax ever again - you may even get an annual rebate! Over your lifetime this could be worth hundreds of thousands of Dollars.  So which is it - a thought prison for you and your family - or financial freedom?  There may never be this window of opportunity again.


It's time to take action.


If you will help - let me know at - so progress can be gauged. 


Thank you




 Document follows..





It's time to take action


You may have seen the CAFR story of Walter Burien's.  In case not, the background is that the US Government uses two major sets of books - for the purposes of accounting.


The Budget books, show the expenditure plans for a particular year, and are common knowledge to many citizens.  The Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs)  show the total nature and extent of Government - including its investments, and are not.


The CAFRs show that what most people think of as Government, bears no resemblance to reality.  Behind the scenes, public taxes have and are being used to create a financial  empire - which far exceeds that needed for simple provision of services.  The CAFRs show  "Government" has investments of $32 Trillion in the Stock Market - over half the Market's value!   


"Government" is really a composite of public and private sector - and as the Media is part of the Stock Market, so "Composite" Government includes the Media!  Unsurprisingly, this information will not appear anywhere - TV / Newspapers / bookstores etc.  A total press blackout is in operation - on even the mention of the CAFR's name.   


This Public/Private/Media monolith - is run by a criminal syndicate - for its own ends.


That syndicate extends upwards and is intertwined with the International Bankers.   To reiterate the scale of the problem,  the income from the investments of Composite Government is substantially higher then the entire tax bill of the citizens!  The syndicate uses the people as slaves - taxing them while there's no need, and keeping them ignorant of the situation. It does the latter,  through its control of the media and by perverting the Education system into an indoctrination system.  The set-up is rotten to the core.

Catch 22


The public has been too busy working to stop and check where their money is going - allowing those who set their taxes - to keep them too busy to stop and look where their money is going.  Try telling someone about this and count the seconds before they tell you they're too busy to look into it.  They've got to get back to work - to pay their taxes!


The media has accustomed the American people to think that confiscation of earnings is normal - even necessary.  Some of those earnings are given to those unprepared to work - a crime to both parties which destroys the community.  The rest is kept by the ruling syndicate.  Call it by whatever name you like - it's communism.  The reason people aren't seeing the enormity of the crime - is that they're conditioned by the media to think that this is normal.  That and the fact that a high standard of living puts people to sleep.  


The CAFR story broke in 1999.  As the news of the story leaked out, the syndicate moved to cover its tracks.  It started by excluding big items of financial expenditure from the reports.  That was highlighted by Mr Burien and posted up on his site.  It became obvious that people were going to start asking more questions.  It was just a matter of time before the game was up.


The information spread.  Here and there, the public started to claim  money back. (And there have been several successes).  Mr Burien foresaw the rigging of a downturn in the market - to pull the public's wealth out of the market and into private hands.  He published this on his homepage.


The question was, how would the syndicate manipulate a downturn?


September 11 - a crash to cause a crash?


Perhaps the September 11 attack is coincidental.  But it could also be part of a larger plan to achieve this aim.  (The syndicate would not need to carry out the attack themselves, just to allow a "convenient" failure in security). 

A rise in terrorism also provides the excuse to limit freedoms that the syndicate needs.  Loss of freedoms, especially the ability to discuss or communicate about the syndicate, prevents an effective fight against it being mounted.  Censorship of communication is key.   It looks as if the timescale for curtailing freedoms is ten years.  That's why the Media has said the "war on terrorism" will last that long.  After that there will be no chance.  As soon as the "prison" is fully in place, terrorism will cease.    


The CAFR matter will be all but forgotten amidst the confusion of terrorist attacks.  Given the sums involved - and we're talking about the biggest game in town - it's ample motivation for the syndicate to stage something like this as a diversionary tactic.


There is no bigger story than the CAFRs.  It's not a story about corruption in Government.  It's the story of  THE corruption of the US Government.  It may well be the motivation behind the terror that's about to be unleashed.  We're in a race to get this information out before they attack again.   It's time to take act.


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