Anger is a highly contagious "virus"

First, with all due respect for everyone who was disillusioned and whom felt betrayed by the election and then re-election of President Bush and the less than above-board voting process, let us fully understand the true nature of what is going on in our world today.

Yes, it is true that no weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq. However, I personally know that such weapons DO exist not only in Iraq but in literally every corner of the planet.

The weapon that I am speaking of is the weapon of anger that is not only used but whose use is continually TAUGHT to our children!

If I were to advise President Bush I would suggest that a serious dialogue take place in which the concept of the emotion of anger which precedes both hate and rage (out of control mentality) is meticulously evaluated. President Bush should announce that such Weapons of Mass Destruction WERE found in Iraq, and, talk about the need to alleviate anger in ourselves.

Yelling at someone is the same as terrorizing a person. Anyone who yells in anger should be penalized similarly as a terrorist. We are terrorizing out children when we yell at them. Sure we do not want to them to do certain things, and, we want them to "remember" what we tell them. This makes "logical" sense. However, yelling has the exact opposite effect.

It teaches the child to yell when he or she is angry, and, the "reason" that the parent was yelling in the first place goes unnoticed or acknowledged. Even if the child says, "yes, I understand" they are only attempting to avoid provoking further anger from the parent.

So, the President can not only "repair" his Presidency by going "beyond" the traditional concept of Weapons of Mass Destruction by naming Anger (with a capital "A") as such a weapon, he can take a leadership position in helping the American public understand that there can be no peace as long as people legitimize and rationalize their anger.

Anger is a highly contagious "virus" and is an even WORSE type of biological weapon than anthrax which at the moment has a cure or antidote. Even an atomic bomb does not have as much an effect as instituationalized anger.

What do you think?


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