Could this be the answer?
Could it really be this simple?

What if the only controlling factor of the human race was FEAR? That simple, little feeling that holds us back from the enjoyment and magic of our physical forms and the realization that we, as entities, are spiritually powerful. The controlling influences on the Earth thrive on fear; it is their only means of suppressing the masses. Probably their most important agenda is to instil fear into our everyday existence. Through our fear we require someone or something to tell us everything is going to be all right and the majority are ready to listen to whatever answer makes them feel safe, regardless of who or what purveys the answer. We are allowing our fear to rule the world and by doing so we furnish their agenda with all the power they require.

They know that FEAR is temporary because the human being has the ability to conquer fear without even trying. A human is so powerful that it only takes an element of understanding about an unknown situation before FEAR begins to dwindle. This is why the controlling influences stage more and more elaborate scenarios to instil more FEAR. I will give you an example of what I mean. We know that the human race becomes hardened to certain things; the dead bodies on the news for example. At first we FEAR these scenes until they become part of our existence and then we take them in our stride ~ we no longer FEAR them. When we no longer FEAR the dead on the battlefield a change occurs ~ the ending of Vietnam was one example. The latter may sound heartless, but wars are fuelled through peoples' FEARS and are ended through peoples' UNDERSTANDING. It is a human trait (a survival instinct if you like) to become hardened to a set of circumstances and a main weapon for beating FEAR.

The threat of terrorism has been around for a long time, even before 9/11. We had already conquered our FEAR over the Lockerbie disaster and the various embassy bombings of the last century; they had become part of our existence. The controlling influences knew that another bombing in a far away place would not advance their agenda, so they brought it closer to home, in plain view of the ones they wish to control through FEAR ~ 9/11. This new FEAR has now fuelled two wars.

For thousands of years they have been working underground finding new ways to instil FEAR into a very powerful, spiritual people ~ the Human Race. I have read many questions asking 'Why don't they show themselves? Why do they remain underground? If they thrive on FEAR why don't they come to the surface and scare us shitless? The answer is simple. Once you get used to their form, the way they look and realize what their agenda is, you will no longer FEAR them. FEAR will turn to anger; anger will transpose itself into a need to put things right; just like the ending of Vietnam. If this occurs, their power over the masses will subside. At the moment it suits their agenda to remain in hiding, away from public gaze and only appear once in a while to scare us using a guerilla tactic of FEAR. In the meantime they employ world Government allies to do their bidding.

What is fear? Basically it is a feeling that spirals from the pit of our stomachs. What is joy and love? It is a feeling the spirals from the pit of our stomachs. It is the same feeling, but interpreted in different ways depending on the situation laid before us. It is the individual that interprets this, not an external force. From childhood this one feeling has been manipulated by them, we have been raised on a diet of FEAR. FEAR of your elders, FEAR of authority, FEAR of the education establishment. Authority and FEAR run hand-in-hand. This has been part of the reptilian agenda since they first appeared - a 'get them whilst they're young' tactic.

So how do we beat FEAR? Again the answer is simple and they know it too. A feeling is not something that's technical, computerized or a complicated mathematical equation (that's part of the reptilian agenda). It is a basic instinct, as natural as snow falling on icy peaks. It is something we have personal control over ~ and they know that too. All we have to do is get used to it. Each of us has the ability to conquer our FEARS through the understanding of that simple, little feeling in the pit of our stomachs. You can do it now, this very moment. There is no charge, no cost involved ~ it is one of our primordial skills. Firstly SMILE; yes smile to yourself (Greys can't smile, reptilians don't know the true meaning of 'smile'). Whilst you are smiling, breathe in deeply through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Still smiling, Close your eyes, picture FEAR as a dying tree, its branches broken and jagged. Now, feel the pulse of your heartbeat and imagine your body is resonating to that pulse (you must keep that smile at all times). Picture the dying tree again, but this time imagine new leaves unfurling from every branch. Stay with this scene until you can see a full and vibrant canopy. Your smile has now probably led you to chuckle. The moment of 'chuckle' is the moment you have transposed that feeling of FEAR. You will also notice a warming glow or a 'butterflies' feeling from the pit of your stomach. A simple exercise that can be carried out anywhere. In the beginning, however, surround yourself with like-minded friends you can trust.

We have all heard about the 'veil' that has been placed over this world, the shroud that stops us from tuning into the cosmos and our kindred from afar and within. Well, this veil is the FEAR created by their agenda. This veil is easily opened, on a personal level, by transposing FEAR into joy. Simple, easy and devastating to those who wish to control you through it. Say goodbye to the reptilian control freaks and their brainwashed allies. Every time you face a fearful experience, imagine that tree with its unfurling canopy. The proof you are powerful is all already here. They have been trying to seal their agenda for thousands of years, but subconsciously we have thwarted their attempts by acclimatizing to their FEAR at every turn. It is now time to manifest our skills of turning FEAR into joy and love on a conscious level. FEAR is the KEY and turning the key is the most easiest and basic of exercises.

by anonymous


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