Mr. Kofi Annan, Secretary-General
United Nations Headquarters
First Avenue at 46th Street, New York, NY 10017

Dear Sir:

I am John C. The Engineer Turmel listed in the Guinness Book of Records for having contested more elections than anyone in history and I attended the Millennium Forum as leader of the anti-debt-slavery Abolitionist Party of Canada.

As the world's foremost Professor of Banking Systems Engineering, I have over 35 years experience operating zero- interest pure-service-charge banking systems including being Consulting Engineer of the LETS (Local Employment-Trading System) anti-poverty program. My Advanced Banking Systems Engineering Analysis at: has held sway on matters related to currency and banking in both the sci.engr and sci.econ USENET newsgroups for the past decade.

I was invited to make the presentation on May 22 2000 to the Millennium Forum of 1350 Non-Governmental Organisations on - restructuring the global financial architecture - with a UNILETS usury-free alternative time-based currency which was adopted in Resolution C6 to governments of the

C. The Forum urges The United Nations:

6. To make serious commitments to restructure the global financial architecture based on principles of equity, transparency, accountability, and democracy, and to balance, with the participation of civil society organizations, the monetary means to favor human endeavor and ecology, such as an alternative time-based currency.

Globalization Declaration Themes

Section 5: What the UN must do.

h) Another area of study should be the UNILETS (United Nations International Local Employment-Trading System).

i) Local Exchange, Trade and currency practices should be developed further and examined for international application. The abolition of debts and the eradication of usury are essential components in pursuing sustainable human development.

j) The UN should convene a conference similar to the Bretton Woods conference of 1944 to discuss what sort of new financiala rchitecture is needed for our rapidly globalising world. The adoption of the time standard of money and abolition of usury rates are both ideas worthy of consideration.

The UNILETS resolution was also adopted by the Students of the Millennium Cyberschoolbus Conference held at the United Nations in New York on Dec. 6-8 2000.

The LETS social currency movement has since spread to over 54 nations around the world. There were two major international conferences, one in Germany in August and the other at the University of Quebec at Montreal just this last November reporting on major developments in Japan. The International Timedollar Congress takes place this year in Toronto in August. The use of usury-free time-truequing social-credits to save Argentine economy was the hit of the 2003 World Social Forum and should be the hit of this 2004 World Social Forum where I will be seeking their singular attention and support for the UNILETS Resolution C6 of the Millennium Declaration.

LETSystems have been established in Israel for Arabs and Jews in both Haifa and Jerusalem and are the only instance of cooperation to date. As LETS is leading to peaceful and prosperous trading relations in Israel, UNILETS will make peaceful and prosperous trading relations possible around the whole world.

I am further known for my demand for ASA, Global Aspirin: Amnesty for all financially-induced crime, Security with a UNILETS usury-free credit-card and Anonymity by name- change for all who so desire.

On 2003 Dec 20, Hank Ketchum's Dennis the Menace at told the department store Santa hearing his Christmas wish list:

Just bring me a credit card and I'll take care of the rest.

The Secretary-General's Report on the Implementation of the Millennium Declaration 2003 fails to mention any implementation of the Section C6 UNILETS resolution. The Time Standard of Money must be adopted by the UN to deliver on the promise to restructure the global financial architecture with an upgraded UNILETS usury-free time- based credit card and let the world's children take care of the rest themselves.

I request and require that this demand be added to the agenda of the United Nations General Assembly and that the Assembly invite me, at its pleasure, to plead it before the members. You are obliged to bring the matter to the attention of the General Assembly, which alone can consent to my appearance -- as it did to the appearance of Yasser Arafat. I expect you to respond by strict adherence to protocol and refer the matter to the heads of delegations to the General Assembly who will advise their respective governments and seek instruction.

I am a slave to their debt system who shall never tire of fighting for my freedom. The greatest revolution of slaves of yore was lost by Spartacus challenging Rome when he should have marched on the true oppressors, Rome's creditors in Babylon.

I am, my dear Secretary-General, with profound respect,

Spartacus At Babylon

JCT: Now, if the World Social Forum can drop all their resolutions condemning all the bad things and just adopt one resolution promoting the one necessary good thing, maybe it can make the UN deliver UNILETS as promised. Or the next Timedollar Congress. Or the next...

Abolitionist Slave Leader John C.The Banking Systems Engineer Turmel for UNILETS usury-free time-based currency in U.N. resolution C6 to Governments in the

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