“Make no mistake about it . . .

this is good versus evil.   . . .

We are at war –

a war we’re going to win."

George W. Bush


Indeed it is –

and when will people wake up

 and see this Truth

for what it really is?


The battle currently being waged is for the complete domination and subjugation of the minds and souls of all people on this planet.  The repetitive babble that serves as news, identically repeated from channel to channel, newspaper to newspaper, is designed to brainwash the masses into believing that “there is no other choice.”  Detach your mind and Spirit from this emotional black hole, stay focused and aware, and practice discernment of Truth at all times.  Align yourself with the highest energies of the Universe for help and guidance.  This is a “psychic war” designed to break down the defenses of the mind, to scramble any clarity of thought, to suck everyone possible into the black hole of fear, lies, and disinformation.  We fight with the Universal Army of Light and Truth – combating lies with Truth, uniting our Spirits in love, and defining our highest principals by our choice of whom we serve.


The Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood

And Little Red Riding Hood exclaimed, “Grandma, What big teeth you have!”  And the Wolf (disguised as Grandma said), “Why, the better to eat to you with, my dear!”


The Lie: In order to stop terrorism, we must have National I.D. cards.


The Truth: The easier to track you and destroy all vestiges of privacy, which according to Oracle CEO Larry Ellison who has offered the software to accomplish this to the government for “free,” is an illusion at best.  (And how would he know this?)


The Lie: In order to stop terrorism, we must install digital face scanning equipment at all airports (and soon on every street corner.)


The Truth: The better to monitor your travel movements and activities – never mind the billions in cost to install! 


(Isn’t it simply amazing how much money can be “found” and spent at this time?) 


The Lie: In order to stop terrorism, we must turn over the security of airports to the federal government (because the FAA has proven far too incompetent to handle it.)


The Truth: The better to install the police state.  Absolute federal military control is mandatory to stop, search, detain, arrest, hold, and question anyone.  Accustom everyone, everywhere to see armed guards, soldiers, military vehicles as part of daily life.


The Lie: In order to stop terrorism, we must be able to tap and monitor all phone calls and read all email correspondence – with impunity.


The Truth: The easier to instill fear, to pit people one against another, to do away with free speech, and collect those who dare disagree with the draconian measures the government is enacting.


The Lie: In order to stop terrorism, we must be able to hold or detain certain people – but that includes anyone – “indefinitely.”


The Truth: The easier it will be in the very near future to hold or detain anyone, at any time, for any reason or “suspicion.” 


The Lie: In order to stop terrorism, the people must be “protected” at all costs – even to the extent of “sacrificing” and giving up their “freedoms” for security from the many radical terrorists hidden away all over the world.


The Truth: The easier to herd, manage, control, track and fence the sheeple into their pens.  Security means: raid, arrest, harass, detain, spy upon, eavesdrop, and descend on private homes and property and circumvent due process of law, which now no longer exists.


The Lie: In order to stop terrorism, the U.S. government must “forgive” the many debts owed it by countries such as Pakistan and others (as well as pay off their debt to the United Nations while they are at it.)


The Truth: The better to bribe, buy, train, control, and arm the former “enemy terrorist states” that have now “pledged” their support to the U.S. and install the one world fascist dictatorship. 


The Lie: In order to stop terrorism, we must wage a war against one man that will go on indefinitely, that must be conducted in secret, that must kill thousands upon thousands.  This is the sacrifice you must make.  We’ll let you know when it’s over.


The Truth: This is the beginning of the end.


The following quote says it better than anything does:


Nothing will diminish my will

 and my determination . . . Nothing.

George W. Bush, Dictator of the United States


What other acts of “terrorism” will be committed in order to justify the need for these and other measures?  This particular mind programming and brainwashing has been going on steadily since September 11 and has reached critical mass in just 2 short weeks.


The wheat is being separated from the chaff.  The battle lines are being drawn.


Our energies and thoughts must be focused, disciplined, and channeled towards the goal in a constructive, positive manner.  We are the hidden warriors of Light and Truth who are battling for the minds and souls of humanity.  Channeled properly and with discipline, our collective energy and thoughts can and will defeat this insidious attempt at absolute control and shift the balance of energy from one of Service to Self to Service to All.


To rephrase a wonderful David Icke quote,

“And a few people can’t change the world?”


We can and we will.

Light, truth, justice, freedom, and love

will prevail!


Blessings and light to all,


A Friend


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