A Letter on Ideas

Some of what I type here I cannot take credit for (see refs#1).

This document is in no way to be presented professionally. I have bounced all over the place and have left many holes to be filled. My mind has been racing with many thoughts forming an IDEA about the world in which we live. I have a basic education and a love for life and it is starting to bother me that while I have very little, most of us have less.

When I say us or we I mean all of us: The entire populace.

I am not trying to take anything away from anybody, including the elite, I am just asking for the elite to choose some new ideologies for making money and help all of us absolve debt, and turn it into wealth for everyone.

If your afraid everyone will stop working because they have everything, don't. We are a productive and creative people and good education will lure us into the field of providing ourselves with what is needed for everyday living. Heck we could vote in a trading system, exchanging work for education or houses. And the type of work would deem the type of education or house. We could do this, with open agreement only.

Stop making us ask for permission. If the government needs money via taxes, tell us how much. Quit sticking bogus taxes on products or registrations, etc. I won't open a small business under current law because I would need a lawyer and consultants. And I would need loans so people can make interests, just so I could afford to be super busy all of the time, due to lack of manpower cause all my money goes to the lawyers and CPA's to make sure my paperwork is correct so I don't get shut down or fined.

This is an attempt to correlate certain documents (see refs #1 at bottom), with my perception of the histories, and present an ideology to prevent world population decimation and there fore keeping intact a workforce needed to bring in a new dawn of technology for the masses.

Some of us have seen new trends emerging concerning government and control systems. All of us are individualists, some of us in teams. We have the same goals; productivity, gain, security, family, Freedom.

America was a place created by our forefathers to be prosperous for the individual. To create ideas and bring them to fruition. With these freedoms, people gathered with oriented goals and formed corporations. One of these corporations is 'The United States of America'. However due to freedoms, Becoming a 'U.S. Citizen', was marketed as the 'only' way to do things. Doing so provided awards for signing up like the cooperation of business officers, when farmers would have gone under without them.

So I say cut the BULLSHIT. Quit pandering for control, money does not build empires, people do. Whether we want to or not. I think there is enough money on the planet to start introducing new technology (i.e. Energy systems-Tesla).

There can still be a use for oil, but I think If the money officers that own everything (including us by offering us a way to help AmericaCorp. Pay off its bankruptcy) just realize we all want to have fun here. Originally it is my guess that elitists of the world are afraid of not having what they have. So instead of introducing a system where we share duty to help our neighbors prosper, they found a way to make us regulars covet what they had and pay for it too.

Well I think we can get all able bodies in motion if we focus on a paradigm shift as a whole. Start using hemp in mass production for fibers to assist wooden beams for homes, creating farming jobs anew. New manufactures to produce replacement motors for our non-rec. vehicles. I like gas powered motorcycles, jeeps, and other hobbyist uses for oil, but if we keep sucking up the oil in everyday traffic…

We have the capacity to design this shift, some people think its easier to start over. 6 billion people on the planet are hard to manage, I am sure. But as we know the media capability is there. If we change our electrical power format, yes, it would put people out of jobs. I say, great, more expertise to spread across the field. And with increased power capacity we can afford to build better constructs for our populaces. Lets build new cities from the ground up with superior design, recruit workers and reward them with permanent residency and other small favors that help living standard. Or atleast go to areas of the city that need beautification to pull recruits for many various positions at new cities or perhaps helping getting the old areas put better.

We, the basic people of the planet, deserve a piece of the planet to live on without fear, cooperation with friends is stronger than with fear driving the worker. I say we build a better planet get rid of all the bad buildings and move out of the areas that have no relevance for survival. Give people houses of meager accommodation on a bigger scale than habitat for humanity, in exchange for rejoining or helping a new vigor in the workforce. We need a way to pay off the national debt. The creditors don't want us to of course it would be bad for business, but I say they have won, they got the most money. they can own plenty of ways to bring in wealth without our debt paying them constant revenues.

We basically need only Water Shelter Food and recreation, and we should earn it.

I put out a challenge to all thinkers; why is money so important? As a free society we can vote in any system. How about deeds done by people to earn product for survival/recreation. I think the peoples government should disclose what they know and work together with the hidden elite to improve this nation and all others by making everybody a sovereign entity, pay off debts, and figure out new methods of making a lot of money as partners. Nothing wrong with hiring a printing company to make our money so as to standardize a union dollar, unfortunately the bankruptcy allowed the big world banks to buy up the economies of the 1st world. Then lend us cash based on our remaining assets and futures as well. However the banks have more money so they can easily strong-arm us.

Maybe the powers that be are so scared they are suicidal at the bottom line thinking if I can't have it, no one can. Which is stupid. This planet has plenty of resources we have to come up with new systems of management of those resources.

I think there is enough money on this planet to let a lot of to sit and enjoy while the rest of us work on building better thing for all of us. Knowing that generations to come will not have the STRESS we are having to deal with over the basics (food water shelter), I mean, COME ON I cant believe we are still stressing about starvation how stupid are we collectively? Lets fix the situation and move on to bigger issues, like health.

To be continued…Anon. (I am not the best at being secret, so you will probably know or can figure out where this doc came from, and who I am). If you wish to reply…ok. I hide nothing. I am not afraid anymore. I know who I am and why I am here and what is ahead of me.

Refs#1 are the other files attached and numerous others, which I have read at www.davidicke.net

I do not believe in conspiracies, I think its everyday business that has brought us to this point. It's all about perspective. We all do things privately to meet goals. Open your eyes even if you feel scared and frightened.

If this stuff is coming at least know it or be aware of the possibility. Change is always at hand, it can be a tool for creation or destruction.

by ~Illusioned

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