Fight Back with Kindness

For the last week, I've been struggling to see beyond the perspective of all out war. All over Britain and, I presume, the world, people are turning in checkout queues, to ask the person behind them, if it's the end of the world. It is a mire that's very tempting to wallow in.

Then, suddenly, I saw it. The Americans stance, quite rightly, is that they have been dealt a body blow. This is the reason they are using as a sanction to wage war, with the potential to kill so many, that the the death toll last week will not even register on the scale. This course has been played out many times over, and still we stand, at this hour of history, turn our fears upon each other.

I would like to ask everyone who reads this how immediate this fear is, and is it your own? Did you see the enemy in the photos and archive footage of Afghanistan? I saw people in the grips of crisis to rival Ethiopia. Constant war for the right to rule has devastated the lives of the Afghani people, and been followed,in time honoured fashion,by drought. Normally, when I see this on a "news" bulletin, it is coupled with statements from premiers, promising that our military machine is bringing aid to these poor, suffering people as we speak.

"Ah," I hear the retort, "but the Taliban have rebuffed all attempts to provide it. "Whether aid has been offered to a state that is not recognised as such by western governments, or not, the might of their military machine is definitely available now.

Cry out to your friends, to your political leaders. Let us use our Democratic Freedom to choose how to respond, as free members of the human race,to put this emotion to good work.We will not end this tragedy by kill more people, even if it is just one,nor will we,if we walk away, leaving them to starve, and their offspring to hate the greedy, decadent West.

I cast my vote that we use our forces to bring the help these people need, this very day, go not to change, merely to help, then start talking, see where it leads.I hope that you will cast your vote in the same way,a nd allow your spirit to make it happen.

The world is full of friends we haven't met yet,and I'd like to get the opportunity to meet you all, before I shuffle off this mortal coil.

I hope we do. Big step? Nah,just a small one.


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