November 20 2002

The following dialogue has been submitted in the hope it will reach a required number of individuals for the purpose of upliftment. The focus of this messages , as stated , originates here in Australia , & the chaos & continual propagation being embedded into the psyche of Australian citizens & alike , especially in light of the Bali terrorist attacks & now the media spin being posted that Australia is on a "high" security alert & the likelihood of a terrorist attack on home soil is seemingly imminent. This is merely the dark & malevolent factions announcing their intent in advance. It has all to do with rallying Australia towards more intensive totalitarian measures & empowering ASIO [Australian Security Intelligence Organization] with broader powers , which will result in children as young as 14 being detained for 48 hours without any right [rite] to representation.

The focus rests on humanity empowering itself from within to uplift & transcend this current experience to a whole new paradigm of experience.

I Am , Ashley
- Australia -


This message is written from the perspective of individual experience & the scope is intended to trigger the awareness of self-actualization providing it resonates with it's intended recipients.

The origin of this message & it's focus of experience is Australia & the chaos it has allowed itself to become embedded in , through the propagation & manipulation of it's current power & control structures , for the most part , oblivious to the people outside of the said nation. Details at the present moment are unnecessary , but will be further discussed in future messages , to reinforce awareness & to further the onset of transcendence & upliftment.

What is the observer mode & role? Firstly , a transcendence is required. Don't play the victim & entrench yourself in the fear that is propagated in the illusion that is called reality. Transcend from victim to victor. Self-awareness & self-contemplation is pivotal. Solutions lie within; your inner self. Self-empowerment is imperative in making the transition from victim to victor. Placing faith , individual power & compromising freewill for external control structures results in regressive downward spirals , as energy , focus & intent is placed on an external source & control form. Not empowering self only attracts the mentality of the victim consciousness.

Through upliftment & the required transcendence from victim to victor comes the enhanced observer mode harnessed by the light worker whose objective is one of upliftment & in empowering humanity in totality through the chaos , to a whole new experience of manifestation.

With a greater understanding comes an appreciation of the planetary & universal wholeness the individual experience is a composite of. The enhanced observer mode sees past & through the chaos each finds going on around them. Through the observational process whilst experiencing the chaos , each composite allows themselves to be in a place of safety , not hiding , but in movement within the chaos. An observer is pro-active , not passive & not entrenched in the chaos being propagated by the dark & distorted faction. The observer mode , incorporated into the progressive light worker flows through the experience whose reality is expansive & not confined to the consensus.

Upliftment requires that the individual through self-empowerment , awareness & contemplation rise above the consciousness of victimhood to live outside the proverbial box of confinement. Existing within total faith & allowance to attract necessary experiences which are empowering self further to progress in an expansive mode of encompassing creational energies , has a rippling effect on those within the extension of your consciousness & ultimately serves as an example to trigger the latent awareness & expansive abilities of humanity as a whole.

Through triggering latent awareness , observer roles for the purpose of transcendence & upliftment incorporated into the light worker can & will proliferate. It must be noted , that the distorted & disharmonious plans of the enslavers , accomplished through primarily fear , can in fact be a tool of advantage , as shock can trigger total awareness into those who remain under the effects of the sleeping tablets. It is also a reflection of attitude.

What is required is focus , intent & a mindset which has encompassed self-empowerment & upliftment as it's source of expansion into a whole new experience of manifestation.

Discernment is an essential ingredient. Subtle energy is powerful & the most powerful energy is subtle.

It shall be individual inner change that shall conquer the outer forces that plan to control your very essence of self-awareness.

Knowledge is to be lived into wisdom.

November 2002

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