If the God of the Christians and Jews, (Jehovah), takes away the land of the Arabs and gives it to the Jews, doesn't it make sense that the God of the Arabs, (Allah), is going to get it back.?

We always have a way of justifying our misbehavior don't we. What better way to explain our aggressions against others, "its Gods word", its Gods will.

The Old Testament is filled with admonitions from the God Jehovah to break down the walls of the city, pillage, loot, kill all the men, keep the virgins for yourself and on and on. The amazing thing is that to this very day, people flock to churches and admire the God who ordered the raping, looting, and pillaging. How can this be 7

Thus in actuality we do not have war between Arabs and Jews, we have confrontation between the two war Gods, Jehovah and Allah. The logic is so simple. If your God is going to take land away from me, my God is going to take it back.

That's what happened and that's whats happening. It has never stopped and in all honesty it never will until the war Gods are killed.

So how do we kill the war Gods. In meditation when we rise above thought we rise above the influences of the war Gods. At that point there is only one God and that God is God. That God is love. That God is peace.

Bill Donahue

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