Fighters Dispatched:
After the alarming exchange

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I grew up in Camp Springs, Maryland a couple miles from Andrews AFB in a residential area predominantly for Air Force officers and families. My family, friends and I had several close encounters in and around this area in the early '70s with the same "UFO". My father was a civilian scientist (oceanographer) for the US Naval Oceanographic Office in D.C. and flew in a navy constellation aircraft for 9 months a year. He was familiar with just about everything in the air. He wanted to believe me when I told him about the sighting my friends and I saw and encouraged me to write down everything I could remember in a journal. Then about a week later, my father, mother and I all saw the same "UFO" over Alexandria, Virginia at a distance of about 800 yards. My father could not identify it and stated that its performance was beyond anything he knew of.

Andrews AFB and surrounding areas, including D.C., have long been hot spots for UFO activity. In 1952 there were major sightings with radar confirmation over the Capital. Here is the link:

Quoting from the link above: "Fighters Dispatched: After the alarming exchange, Andrews Air Force Base immediately notified the U.S. Air Force Air Defense Command. Two F-94 night fighter planes were dispatched but due to runway repairs, it was a couple of hours before they could get off the ground.

After the lengthy delay they arrived in the target area only to find vacant skies. Upon finding nothing they returned to base but the objects again began showing up on area radars. This game of cat and mouse continued throughout the night. Several times they had the objects in sight and upon approach the lights would suddenly 'blink out' and disappear. With continual radio contact between the pilots and radar control, it became apparent that when the pilots saw the objects disappear they would also simultaneously disappear from the radar."

I'm about halfway through "Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center Disaster" and just finished the chapter with regards to Andrews AFB.

With the "runway repairs" in 1952 preventing the jets getting off the ground for 2 hours, it would seem that even then D.C. was not very well protected. But this is the 21st Century now for crying out loud! Of course we should have learned our lesson since then and made sure that Andrews was the primary base of responsibility for protecting the air space above our Capital.

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