Dialogue of the Gods?

Observation of socialized fear not withstanding is not simply accepting a dysfunction as being part of "normalized reality" a dysfunction in and of itself?

This is my "complaint" about Ken Wilber who simply states the problem very well however that is like him reporting on and documenting the obvious. What is not obvious is "the solution." If someone is "wise" then would it not make sense for them to speak to the solution issue?

Perhaps the "human realm" is the human realm because it is a dysfunctional situation and there are NO solutions in that realm because the human realm is based upon a faulty premise with the human brain based upon faulty programming?

Attempting to be a leader in the human realm would appear to be a no-win situation.

I bring all this up as a means of attempting to address some of Bohm's frustrations and give words to the process of an attempt at solutions. Captain Kirk did not appreciate the idea of the "no-win scenario" of the Kobayashi Maru computer simulation so he reprogrammed the computer. Even though his instructors and fellow students noticed that he had "cheated" he figured that what sense did it make to be "tricked" into thinking that there was such a thing as a no-win situation in the first place and that there is ALWAYS a solution?

This is the situation that I believe that we are in today. Some one person or group is playing God and they are "expecting" that no one will notice how bad their "acting" is not to mention their faulty logic (non-logic). What sense does it make to "permit" such people to continue doing such ludicrous things?

True power has to do with the ability to "verbalize" an alternative in a language that can be understood by someone who has physically destructive power. It is fearful people who deem it necessary to have physically destructive weapons in the first place. When will "we" begin speaking the solutions into existence as I am doing now? Complaints are useless.

"In the beginning was the WORD." God "spoke" the world into existence in six days and on the seventh day he rested. He "created" the "idea" of a week having seven days, a small enough set of days that a "human being" (simple-minded person) could work with or handle in small chunks like eating an entire elephant one bite at a time.

In other words, God in the form of a man created or designed a "scenario" where people would not "need" to "think and reason" very much such that they could be "made" to do things that the gods wanted them to do. In still other words, at the time of the original telling of the story and then the writing of the Bible God had created institutionalized slavery which is spoken about profusely in the form of the metaphor of "the sheep and the shepherd tending his flock."

Of course it was not the "universe" or the Earth that was created in seven days, it was the "human world" or the artificial "contextualization" of what a "human" is that was "created." Basically it was the "downgrading" of "fellow gods" who were not gods at all until something "less" was imagined by one of them. So God may have created man in his own image but he gave him less brain programming by "forcing" a "teaching" on him. God "dumbed down" his own children or the children of another tribe by telling stories of a "contrived" reality that effectively prohibited the children from learning intuitively on their own.

The "God in human form" made it look like people behind the scenes like himself were responsible for the chaordic organization of matter and energy that had evolved into a natural balance and thereby he gained "psychological" power over the people whom he "deprived" of having "natural" intuitive abilities (true power).

This is why the process of Dialogue needs "some" form of leadership or perhaps directorship or guidance counselor person of sorts to insure that there is a consistent awareness of the need to think in terms of a solution orientation as opposed to a complaint orientation with questions like, "If you were to imagine a solution to the problem that YOU are communicating what might that solution be?" Otherwise the "attempt" at Dialogue deteriorates into argumentative rhetoric and soon leads to the end of the Dialogue. No actual solutions need be verbalized during the Dialogue nor do any specific decisions need to be made. There is no Dialogue as long as there is "only" complaints being verbalized. Dialogue takes place when when people reach a higher level of awareness as the result of listening to a point of view other than their own.

Remember, there are really no problems at all. The "solution" is not in the "human" realm as it is the realization that there is an error in the initial premise of the imagined problem. So, the "Dialogue Facilitator" needs to be aware of this and "guide" the Dialogue toward this realization by paying very close attention to the dysfunctional aspects of the languaging of the people who are participating in the Dialogue and without making anyone "wrong" inquire into alternative ways of thinking or looking at the issue in question.

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