2006 Dragon's Head and Tail Predictions

08/02/2005 - Scientists puzzle over oddities along Pacific coast - Dead birds, fewer fish, drop in plankton cause concern-


Do not worry about anything you may hear on CNN and most of all do not fall for the "Apocalyptic" times promised by religious lunatics and/or your own religious poisoning. The dragon's Head in Pisces (oceans) has his own way to RE-structure sea life and protect marine life, mother nature is much more powerful than humans destructive habits and its technology.

The same applies for the year 2012 predictions and earth changes lunatics, DO NOT FALL for fear and have faith. God did not put us on earth to die of a terrible death, there is much more behind your education, comprehension and those of those baffled ignorant scientists would they be from the psychiatric, psychology well known institutions or NASA' scientists including the FBI and Oceanography study departments to name a few.

Sad enough your tax dollars is going to those well-established governmental institutions while my valuable research and my obvious findings (and predictions) are not taken seriously or even endorsed. Well I am well ahead of time and of those scientists (and accredited schools) and that is the price I have to pay.

I am not completely done with those predictions and much more, including your personal Dragon impact by sign and house will be offered to you when the new 2006 Moon Power comes out in November 2005. You may download the 2005 Moon Power for free at http://www.drturi.com/moonpoweroffer.php and investigate my work then get the new version when it comes out.

Once more HELP me to pass those predictions to all the people and websites you know. Please help me in my pledge to educate the world and bring hope to mankind. "life is a constant process of changes" help me to pass on those changes through my predictions and in the process educate the God fearing masses.

Love and light

Dr. Turi

2006 Dragon's Head and Tail Predictions
(Date of prediction 7/15/05)

The Dragon stay about two years in one sign and forces the soul towards his future by imposing world wide karmic work. The Dragon's Head in Aries The Dragon's Head entered the sign of Aries on Sunday December 26, 2004 and will stay in the Aries/Libra axis until Thursday June 22nd, 2006. Again knowledge is power and ignorance is evil. Raise your cosmic consciousness and lead a more productive life, this is why God gave us the stars." To be used as signs and lead us to a more productive life". A progressive or full life 90 MN taped reading would give you all very important information as how the Dragon's Head or Tail will affect your entire life in 2006. Call me at 602-265-7667 for more information.

Thursday June 22nd, 2006 The Dragon's Head will enter the sign of Pisces

Important Change of guard! True New Year for the world.

The news Dragon in Pisces will force a total restructure of the pharmaceutical companies the FDA and the oil industry. Pisces rules the Middle East and will bring more attacks by terrorists worldwide. Neptune (ruler of Pisces) rules also chemicals and poison and could bring about disaster at sea and on the American and allied soils. Serious decision pertaining to the war in the Middle East will have to be taken by the US and British government. The entire region will ally against the west and will force the US into a much-needed adjustment. Expect more devastating attacks in both the US and the UK and parts of Asia that could lead to a secret nuclear debate in due time. This general threat will bring more fears into god-fearing people and will increase the churches humongous wealth and its leaders in the last breath of the dying Pisces age. Certain laws will be passed to stop the proliferations of religious buildings disfiguring Indian lands and cities blocks zonings while many protestors from different holy background will set them on fire. New laws will be established for the shipping industry to avoid a way for terrorists to bring deadly weaponry and chemicals to the US. A full restructure of the shipping industry will also be imposed by the US Homeland security to avoid such possible disasters. Secret business sale of gas masks will be uncovered and coastline cities public dancing places, Sea world and US exotic islands including Australia will become new targets for the terrorists.

Neptune rules also the oceans and the Dragon's Head in Pisces will start its restructuring power as to fight man's pollution and adapt to its destructive habits. Many "educated" scientist will scratch their empty head wondering why the ocean is "dying". Expect also negative news from exotic places with drugs activity and disappearing people such a Natalee Holloway dilemma will become public. The cinematographic industry will also see a serious restructure while activists will work very hard to save the remaining of the rain forest and stop oil companies to ruin our coastlines. A new infectious disease and a very high suicide numbers of people because of abuse and nefarious addictive medical prescriptions will reach the media. Expect some serious legal battle against drugs companies that will be forces a full restructure of the FDA. New pharmaceutical companies will merge under new corporate names to avoid legal battles and future bankruptcy. Accident/terrorism/oil at sea is to be expected while the hurricane / tornadoes season will bring devastating flooding. Neptune rules also oil companies and will impose a serious re-structures and merging of oil giants. Gas price will be skyrocketing forcing the population to ask lawmakers to stop the constant rise of oil price. Expect a wet year with serious floorings and a series of super hurricanes and tornadoes that will destroy costliness and some islands worldwide. The fishing and boating industry will also be restructured while nerve gas and warfare chemical agents will become a serious threat against many countries allied with the US.

Expect disturbing news coming from natural reservoirs, lakes and rivers. Expect also naval accidents involving ships and nuclear submarines during 2006 Supernova windows. The dragon head and tail in Pisces Virgo axis will also bring the highest numbers of incarcerations including serious unrest and riots in jails leading to many death and suicides. Expect many prison riots where deadly force will be used forcing a re-structure of the correctional system. A new drug ring will be uncovered and lead many people to die and to jail. Expect food or water poisoning on cruise lines. The fishing industry will suffer drastically due to over fishing and poisoned oceans. DO NOT TRAVEL AFTER THE FULL MOON especially during a supernova window. Save your life, educate yourself.

Pisces (religions) is ruled by Neptune (deception/illusion) and this planet control the entire Middle East (a region totally poisoned with the three deadliest and youngest religions (Christianity/Muslims/Judaism) created by mankind's folly and manipulative governments of the past. Over the centuries myths became accepted as reality by the uneducated fearful working class and sprayed like a cancer to the masses worldwide. Expect the entire region to ally and support the hidden terrorist (religious) war. Expect the worse of the dragon Head and Tail to impact the world in March and/or September 2006 especially during the 2006 Super Nova Windows. Expect difficult or re-structure disturbing news involving Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Jackson " Neverland", Ex-President Bush and Clinton, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, actors and singers born under the sign of Pisces and Virgo.

Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth by means of his will is a magus and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom -Paracelsus-

Dr. Louis Turi

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