How far we would go to bring the
"Law Of One"
back into existence
History of Social Movements

The Drug Culture Of the 60's and 70's as everyone that is familiar with more accurate history was an experimentation by the Illuminati/CIA Branch to see how far people with go with pursuing freedom and conscious expanding material. Throughout the 60's and 70s you had groups like the hippies, civil rights movements, black panthers, Chicago 7, and other endless organizations and ism's that were similarly a reflection of what were currently trying to do with The Freedom Technology Movement...

Think of it as a continuation of the progress we were making before our efforts got shutdown via "Neutralization Processes" . ON the mirror side of that it was also extermination for us to see how far we would go to bring the "Law Of One" back into existence...

Now people are wondering if the Movements of the 60's and 70's were so influential to even generations thereafter, how did the process become neutralized to begin with?? Well, I don't have complete information on all the sub-movements, but I will share some information on one particular movement that people might be familiar with..

History of the Black Panthers/CointelPro/
& The Crip Machine

As most people know from documentation, The Black Panthers started there first generation in the early 60s'. This first Generation was more like an AfroCentric Movement with the Dashiki's that were trying to expand the consciousness of young black men. Similar to what the Nation Of Islam does... Now, they started a good foundation, but the problem with them was that they were too much mist and not enough fist. The Other Extreme of this came about in 1969 with adequate fist but not enough mist to balance out the individuals that were easily impressionable by infiltration, corruption, get rich schemes.

That the CointelPro used head by J.Edgar Hoover "Illuminati Puppet" to Neutralize any efforts of Good that The Black Panther Movement was diligently representing... The CIA accomplished this by giving certain individuals within the movement financial kickbacks and other various rewards for "selling out their brothers" to the Illuminati Agenda.

This was further Promulgated in the 70's and 8O's by infesting the poverty stricken neighborhoods with Crack, Arms, and organizational ideas of Radicals that would further destroy the Panther Movement. They effectively did this by helping create the "Crip Machine"

.. Now the Crip Machine first started out by some individuals named: Stanley Tookie Williams, And Raymond Washington ..

There whole goal was to emulate their older brothers, cousins, and sisters of the 2nd Generation of Panthers. They further emulated this style by their beret hats, and their favorite style of dress, Black Leather Jackets.. Raymond and Stanley wanted to create a 3rd Generation of Quasi-Political Groups within their neighborhood.... Their Group was called the "Avenue Cribs". Because of their youth and immaturity they were quickly outnumbered by youths that wanted to spread this idea but simply get into trouble via, robbing people, killing people for material goods and the like...

The FBI/CointelPro/Media quickly caught onto this 3rd generation of quasi-political youths and started promoting the Crib Machine in their Image.. The way the word Crib got transferred to Crip, happened in this fashion..

There would be agents that would whisper things into these youths years about how they should organize better...

They accomplished this by using "Double Coat" crips that weren't of the Highest Good"

The kids terrorizing the neighborhood aided by the CIA Infiltration of arms, drugs and the like.. This Caused a Split in the 3rdgeneration Panthers/ Cribs..

So now you had two Factions of the Cribs warring with each other.

The media/CIA/cointelpro/FBI furthered this manipulations by starting calling the Cribs , CRips '' Due to their violent nature, infighting, and secret society nature....

The FBI further infiltrated the "Crip Machine" by planting seeds in these youths ideas about how they should change their name from Crib to Crips.. ..

In Watts, C.R.I.P. stood for Community restoration of projects, so the FBI got the idea from the community project and conveniently used it to change the name of the Cribs.. The further promulgated this idea by telling youths to change the name by saying hey" you got an organization here, call it Community , Revolution in Progress. They youths ate this up big time and then on the flip side of the coin the FBI Broadbushed the whole Crip Movement by stating how insane they were crippling people in news reports on TV and throughout the newspapers..

They further destroyed anything Good Coming out of the Crips Movement by subtly influencing it to destroy its quasi-political ties and become a street gang... This was perfect for the FBI/CIA and they loved this.... They gave them mystery school ideas such as : Stars, numerology, pyramids, crescent moons, canes, alphabets, prayers, handshakes, secret words, rituals very synonymous to mystery school traditions..

They also planted seeds to start wearing colors such as Blue.. This type of Freedom Movement- Street Gang Infiltration has worked Numerous times..

Then once they saw that the mystery school/street gang infiltration worked they moved this onto other nations such as the Bloods, Folks, Peoples, ad infinitum..

This simply gives people an overview of a Freedom Movement/ and how the government uses infiltration, divide and conquer, problem reaction solution, and stepping stones to take anything that has an ounce of good and use with their advanced political/media/financial/mystery school means to destroy Freedom Movements that are in Progress..

It is my Hope That The Freedom Technology Movement.... does not get infiltrated by their sick tactics.. Ritual and Symbolism is not bad in itself, We just have to smell these people a mile away when they try to infiltrate ...

Submitted by Nicolation

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