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December 14th marks what appears to be a glorious day in the world's (ahem, let me rephrase that) the U.S.A's war on Terrorism. It is the day that millions have been patriotically praying for. What is it you ask? It is of course the capture of what is commonly known as the world's bad boy Dictator, Saddam Hussein.

This is the ultimate Christmas gift to the people of Iraq and of the citizens of the USA as well as many others world wide. For this is one of the big reasons the U.S.A. went to Iraq. To end the brutal Dictatorship of Saddam Hussein's Hellacious Empire, as well as to root out the weapons of Mass Destruction which we are told that the Hussein Regime has/had. (Which have yet to be found, but of course I bet soon Mr. Hussein will probably convienently tell us where they are)

Taken at face value this appears to be a truly great day in the fight against terrorism. The only problem being, is it is only if it is looked at through rose colored glasses does the face the U.S.A is painting about this supposed glorious day, look so wonderful.

I mean what a wonderful and timely capture this is, just 11 days before x-mas. What better gift to give to the people than the capturing of Saddam Hussein. It's just what Dr. Satan, I mean Santa ordered. As with holiday sales I would think being down, due to the economy not exactly at an all time high,(this is of course my personal opinion, couldn't find any statistical proof for or against this...if you have some please let me know so I can make the correction) that you will see people extremely happy and and overjoyed, especially the tens of thousands of military families who will I am sure be expecting there ever so brave(and boy are they brave) children to be coming home soon, that they will flood the stores and buy all these great lavish things to celebrate the great "Victory"

This will of course please all the corporate war mongers, for it will fill their pockets with even more money. As well as by them more time to execute their "liberation" plan. Which really has nothing to do with the Liberation of the people at all. Just look at some of the other countries the U.S has liberated. Most recently Afghanistan comes to mind. Just look at how liberated they are, you see a raise in crime, the selling of drugs as well as pure and simple anarchy. Man, with liberation and friends like that, who needs enemies.

Or look at Vietnam, what a great and noble idea that was. I mean it only cost what a couple million lives to change what? Oh yeah...nothing. Or how about Cuba, oh wait that didn't work either, at least to the people of these countries. These though did fill the war mongers pockets with literally Billions of Dollars. Which was I am sure all used to do what? Nothing but make them fat, rich, and obscenly egotistical, and to tighten the noose of the common people to bring them to their all powerful will. Ugh..

Now it is these same men that were behind all the lies, and smoke screens of the briefly mentiond schemes above, that is proclaiming a great victory. So I am sure that they have all learned thier lessons and have grown to be great, honest and honorable people with the common people's best intereset on their minds. No really, I am positive of this. Just ask them, they will back me up 100% I am sure. (Excuse me while I puke, I just got a sudden dose of nausea)

Looking at this whole fiasco, I am truly baffled by how many people world over can still take what the Elite's media tells them. We know that it is the same men that fund the glorious gov't mob who are destroying the values the Great Nation that the U.S.A had its roots on, as well as other great"free and democratic" gov'ts that are allied with the U.S. The same men who have repeatedly lied to us but than say it is only in our interest that they do so, tell us this, so it of course makes it ok to accept their lies.

Now maybe it is ok to the droidish like it is simply not ok to those who cherish truth and the peoples rights to freedom. An old proverb says (and I forget who says this but...) " The only way to predict the future is to look at the past" Since this is what the US. and its Allies tend to do seemingly, for example look at the thousands of people detained as terrorists based on ridiculous notions, I will use this method.

By taking the above statements I have said about the US Gov't and looking at the "facts" of this so called "Glorious" capture the conclusion my mind tells me ever so clearly is, they are once again guilty of being the world's most productive liars.

Lets look at this Saddam figure they caught. This guy is amazingly gross looking, they find him buried in a little hole on a farm just outside of his hometown Tikrit with no bodyguards, a mere pistol and $750,000. Not only that, the man who declared Jihad and to fight to the death, bows down with out firing a single shot. You have got to be kidding me. What would the world's most wanted man be doing without his loyal bodyguards? Or without fighting to the bitter end? Or at least firing a couple shots? It simply does not make any sense, not that the US makes sense why should this be any different...

Or how about a few short months ago he was on "live" TV clean shaven. I suppose though that with all his money,but I suppose he made like a chia pet and watered himself to grow such a fantastic beard to disguise himself so fast. Ugh I feel that nausea feeling starting to creep on me again...

According to an article on they claimed he was captured at 8:30 PM in Adwar, 15 KM outside of his hometown Tikrit. Using this time I have erected the Astrological Chart of this "glorious" event. The chart has some interesting insights, that further back the whole chirade.

For you Astrological skeptics which I am sure there are many, just remember the US President Reagan consulted his Astrological Advisor regularly, and who was his assistant at the time? Oh yeah GWB's Father. I am sure though that they don't use such methods now right? If it is good for them, it is good for me to see what the would see, and why they would choose such a time to have this "glorious" event go down.

Firstly we have a 5th house Sagitarrius Sun, which is the ruler of the Charts Leo Ascendant. The Ascendant is the face in which tey are giving to the oter world. How fitting that it would be the "Royal" sign Leo than. This 5th house sun also trines the first house moon. Which "indicates a harmonious interaction betwen the conscious expression of the natives will and power potential, and their automatic responses, hereditary influences and habit tendencies." Hmm...thir habitual tendencies eh...well they are habitual liars that is for sure. This seems pretty fitting seeing as millions world over believe the face they are showing to be as good as gold....

Next we have the sun squaring the 9th house ruler Mars which is incedentally also the planet which governs war in the 8th house. the 9th house is associated with foreign affairs, laws and things of that nature. Th 8th house is known as the House of "death" and is associated with Pluto "Lord Of The Underworld", but is also co ruled by Mars. Pluto happens to be conjunct the Sun, showing an Underworld type will. "The 8th house matters deal with corporate money inherited money, or property insurance and taxes, money that results from combined effort or money belonging to the marriage or business partner." How fitting we should find Mars and its aspects it has here, as the corporate mobsters are going to be inheriting the wealth of their business partner Hussein...(just look back to the current Defence Secretary indulging in dinners with Mr. Hussein in the 80 Iraq-Iran Contra affairs. The Square indicates them "trying to achieve their desires by force." Well they did just that they used war to capture him, as well as are now forcing us to believe in their atrocious story about how they have captured this so called enemy.

Further more we have the sun squaring 2nd house Jupiter. 2nd house governing matters pertaining to "material resources required by selfhood to sustain itself".. Interesting seeing as the war mongers "Need" Saddam Hussein to continue their fledgling campaign. As with the amount of billions they spent the people demand some solid proof the money is going to good use..."Sun square jupiter is a sign that their self image can be unrealistic, and exaggerated" Wow...the USA's image exagerrated...never...ugh...."As well as likely to be indiscriminately generous but frequently with ulterior motives." Hmm the U.S having ulterior motives? That is unheard of! (oh my, their it is again, that nauseous feeling)

My what a picture this is painting eh? yet we have only scratched the surface, so lets see what else is in this little rabbit hole...

I am backtracking abit to the Ascendant again, for how fitting should we find the planet that rules Deception, lies and illusions, Neptune, directly oppose it from the 7th house. "This house concerns all direct close personal relationships with others and reveals the nature of others reactions to our actions." Well lets see the people seem to be buying the words the face is telling them, but than when you add the opposition between Neptune and the Ascendant you see the veil crack and the light starting to shine through. "Confused situations in which one party deceives the other or the deception is mutual". Hmm The US deceive its people....what blasphemy! (ugh this feeling will it ever go away?) "Natives may deliberately deceive others, and/or their partners may be deceptive, unreliable and psychologically deformed" Wow how amazingly perceptive that is, I mean look at their "Partner Saddam Hussein", he is not an unreliable or "Psychologically deformed" character....ok you are right, maybe just a little....

Now looking at the MidHeaven, the house which "deals with the individuals base of operation with respect to society, and of carrying out its responsibilities before the world and concerns professional and public reputation, honor or dishonor, career and one's relationship to political and business power structures". The chart has this house governed by Venus which is in the 6th house. 6th house governs "the hard work and detailed methodology neccessary to bring fruition to that which was creatively envisioned in the 5th house. As well as revealing much about the natives attitude toward work and service, their ability to perform useful tasks. Hmm...5th house Vision eh, well lets see the 5th house we find the Ascendant ruler conjoined Pluto squaring mars, as mentioned above...hmm...noticing a pattern here?

This Venus is one of the best aspected planets in the chart, funny how it so fits the above mentioned analysis of what it is showing in the chart. I mean The US's Political agenda as well as business power structures are going to get a great boost here. More so when you realize that the Venus is trining the great "benefactor" Jupiter, as "the major virtue of this aspect is the ability to spread joy to others." Well they surely are spreading joy world over because of this "glorious" capture."....but goes further "can be a saving grace giving a sense of joy in living despite hardships." The last sentence relates only to afflicted horoscopes, and this seems pretty afflicted to me. Especially since considering the amount of lies the "capture" is, this is certainly helping it win the minds of the masses over.

Quite the picture that this paints. All seems to back up what was said about mine an dmany others guilty verdict. Sure it is just coincedence though right? Ugh...that feeling...

So you ask why would they lie about this? Well the Bush Administration(add Mr. Blair here too) has yet to find the WMD they have said was there(other than the WMD they sold them of course). With this upcoming election, the Bush Admin really needs some credibility if they hope to get re-elected, and since the govt has been making a mockery of the US and its Economy, and the amount of US casualties in this war, they needed a smoking gun to save some face. This is the big whopper (As Michael Moore would say) that gives them the credibility that they crave. As now Bush and his admin go from goat to gloat.

Obviously Mr Hussein, will eventually tell the US exactly what they want, that is of course where the WMD that he has hidden. So the U.S. and its allies again appear to be great liberators, and advocators of Freedom. Just like they have always in the past done for a short period of time till the truth comes out. By that time of course noone cares because it is old news, and than believe the "democratically elected" leaders have learned and corrected there corrupt ways. I can only hope that this helps paint the picture of the truth and not add to the deception game in which they the Elite seem to love to play.

Although I do think that this is all a bunch of lies regarding the Saddam Hussein capture, I do not discredit the fact that this could all be of course true and that they really did capture Saddam. This is of course what I would ideally like to believe along with the rest of the world, but in all likelyhood looking at the few facts that are presented here, and looking at all the other unfolding stories about it all, it just does not seem liekly, and that is the sad truth.

What is next? I almost don't want to know.

The Enigmatic Soul
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Nick Pierson

The astrological quotes are from "The Astrologers handbook" By Francse Sakoian and Louis S. Acker

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