The Human Race is a Fabrication


Editorial by:
CR Pearson

An open letter to whom it may concern

We must assume from the way the facts of history are now unfolding around us that the Human Race itself is a fabrication susceptible to whatever the dominant ruling “element” deems expedient to its mental programming - as in the forms of “public education” - and conditioning - in the forms of “mass media” productions effected to direct the course of “human events” in the accomplishment of an “agenda” - i.e. that which we are currently realizing as a “New World Order“. We can then recognize that strategic “terrorism” and related “genocidal” tactics are instruments of a “New World Order” geopolitical hegemony.

When we use this term “fabrication” we mean precisely that the Human Race was originally “genetically engineered” - with most ancient science and technologies (pre-dating the last glacial epoch) - and “designed” to be and do just what we are now becoming as a race. We should then expect that current Human Race “conditions” are dutifully contingent on who is presently “in-charge” - their goals and purposes, their plans and programming methodologies - and that all of this would account for our “modern” state of affairs as well as “world history” as we have been authoritatively “educated” to think of it.

We could then estimate that the Human Race is “designed” with a “mass mind” or collective mentality that can be “programmed” to bring about a “New Civilization” at the hands of ruling class elitists who covet the “secret” truth of their productions. Those of us who might “resist” being their slaves and subject to their “authority” would necessarily be declared “enemies of state” as in their world this only makes sense!

These “controllers” know indubitably that the Human Race was created to serve its masters and that in order to serve - Human Beings must be educated in what to believe, how to behave, and what they must do. It would follow that those who “resist” their “public education” and its forms of mental programming, mass conditioning, and social engineering - are the “deviants” who would question “authority” figures of the ruling class and as such should be regarded as an “insane” menace to their social order.

Those persons who - for whatever reasons - don’t or can’t “adjust” or be “adjusted” to “mass programming” are at the very least designated “mentally ill” and “treatable” with therapy and drugs designed to modify their “deviant” behavioral characteristics. To the “masters” there is no question about their “place” for they know the secret “truth” within their elitist “secret societies” about the “real” purpose behind Human origins.

This secret “truth” is the core element of such elitist secret societies that have borne from each new generation the heavy “burdens” of unimaginable “wealth and power” (since time immemorial) of their elite ruling class - as those we speak of as the “Blue Bloods” or the “Royal Class”. It is in their very privileged “nature” (megalomania) to rule over mankind through such means and methods so viciously devised as to go beyond the more common man’s credibility in what we call the elitists’ social, economic, and political “sciences”.

In science there is a rule for the examination of natural order and in “creation” that “form follows function” and of which can be applied also to the subject of “Mankind“ for a better understanding of the Human condition and what a Human being (man) is “designed” to be and do. We therefore have this analysis of “mind and body” or more specifically of “mind and hands” in common words that speak to this “purpose” demonstrating clearly what it is about. For example: man (the noun and verb forms), manage, mandate, maneuver, man-handle, manifest, manifold, manipulate, man-made, mannerisms, manor, manpower, man-servant, mansion, manual, manufacture, manuscript, manwise, many, and so on. Form follows function by “intelligent” design!

We are taught to think of the Human Race as a naturally “evolved” species that came about its particular order of social manifestation as some “random”, “accidental”, or “mutational” process of nature that somehow “discovered itself” and its Human potentialities - and then subsequently developed into “modern” man with the “technological” civilization that we have today. But genuine scientific “reasoning” as it applies to any other “subject” of nature would imply, logically and axiomatically, that this is not so!

The famous dialogues of fanatics preaching “Creationism” versus “Evolutionism” are on both sides spuriously ill-conceived arguments in the light of true science. Yes - man was “created” (conceptually) by design, and Yes - “creation” is an “evolutionary” (step by step) sequential process as we know through most everything that we do - all this is logical and axiomatic. This is how we function in a social context, and how anything is “intelligently” accomplished.

So what is the debate? It is what you might call a “deliberate” instrument of mass mind control cloaked in modes of “organized chaos” in the “elitists” science of “political dialectics” which is used to “manipulate the masses” by social and cultural “compartmentalizations” intended to induce spurious “philosophical” conflicts and divisions in society (along with a “pseudo-history” of traditions and precedents) for the purposes and continuity of the elitists’ “oligarchical” control.

Such control, mind you, that not only knows the “truth” of these spurious “issues” but also knows precisely what it is doing (“dividing and conquering”) by strategically and covertly generating, instigating, orchestrating, and manipulating social conflicts, and mass chaos and confusions - to its “intentional” ends.

What we need to ask ourselves in the midst of this present time reality - as it draws from the facts and illusions of a pseudo-history of the past now heading to whatever we might make of it in a mass delusion of a future - is: what does this all mean to the reality of “me” as a common individual in the midst of this massive situation? What of all the “Space Opera“, UFOs, ancient civilizations with such advanced technologies, and the Occult? What of the Earth Changes and of past and pending “cataclysms” where the “slate of civilization” is periodically “wiped clean“ to start all over again, and again, and again - ad infinitum?

It is the reality of “self” in all of this that remains the greatest mystery of all in the quintessential question “Who am I?” What do all of these “happenings” have to do with “me” - personally? What is their “vision” for “my” future? How can there be a better way of life in one’s own estimation?

If the reality of “self” is simply a “composite” illusion - as lets say a “self-reflection” of the senses uniquely reacting upon a “collective mind” that begins with each “new life’s” biological, genetic, and social circumstances, then patterned through mental programming and social conditioning (education), as a “unique” cumulating experience that ends with death - what is there beyond this upon which we might speculate as meaningful in a more “cosmic” sense? To what end could we expect to be “becoming“ as “individuals“?

So many questions with circular logics and expectations. Is this all just the product of a “self-delusionary” kaleidoscopic reality of multi-colored shadow patterns created by some cosmic “space-time warp” in the infinite mind of God? Is there perhaps a way out of this circular logic of “mind-self” entrapment (egotism) locked into sensations of carnal being and suffering with sensory attachments to an imaginary loss of things that never really exist in the first place?

What of all of this?

Perhaps we can only know in death the overall purpose of our life. It has been wisely said that we should prepare for death and our understanding of it as it is the inevitable end and ultimate reality of living - that our significant purpose is to “experience” life, add to the common good, to grow and share in that wisdom until death do us part.

A person might spend their entire lifetime trying to keep up with “evolving” facts. What self-serving purpose would such a life fulfill? There is no end to these “facts” and only an apparent “relativity” of meaning. Affairs of this world have always been subordinated to whatever political leadership dominates the current scene and whoever or whatever that serves. One must then simply make the best of it in their own “self-estimation“.

Religion when genuinely practiced remains the only safe-haven for “self-realization” and “personal integrity“. But not “religion” as we know it today which is but a political tool used by those who would deceive and control us. A true religious practice is certainty of knowing the truth - not in ignorance or superstitious “blind faith“ in paranoid delusions or myths.

There are overwhelmingly powerful forces of mind control in the “geopolitical” environment today. People who are ignorant, confused, deluded, and lost do not know in any sensible way what is happening to them, or around them, and they do not know from whence their feelings and thoughts come or why “others” act the way they do. They live in an utter mystery of life as in a hypnotic trance state in which controlling suggestions are constantly being “implanted” from multiple sources and by which they live in a constant “reaction” to stimulus-response mechanisms of the mind which generate a “dramatization” of living in which they think that “this is the way life is meant to be” because they don’t know of anything else.

If the true spirit of humanity is to survive it must be self-wise and self-disciplined enough to know from whence all experience comes; and to have a sense of self-identity that can distinguish between what is “of oneself” and God (of truth) - and what is not (of self-delusion).

A true religion gives us a frame of reference necessary to discern between what is true and what is false; and what is of God as the essential creative reality and what is of Satan as the artificial reality generated by a mass deception. As it is understood that we are God’s creation - perfect as we must be in our essential form - we understand that it is only when this essence is “tampered with” that degradation sets into the psyche of Human being.

That degradation begins when we lose our true sense of self-identity (reflective of the spiritual truth pre-eminent of God and what God is) through submitting to “something” (materialism) and “someone” (super-egotism) artificially manifested “outside” ourselves as the “being” pre-eminent. This is where “false belief” and personal degradation sets in.

It is only when we are somehow persuaded or coerced into believing that an artificial edifice of wealth and power has jurisdiction over us - that we “lose it“ by becoming spiritually dumb and “inverted“ (or insane); when we become “convinced” (degraded with false beliefs) that there is an “intermediary” between our “self” and God even in the axiomatic fact that God is the very essence of “self-consciousness”, one’s “life” and “sanity” from “within“ as the most intimate relationship and expression of “true love” that can ever be.

It is important that we educate ourselves in the “divine” truth, and practice with a direct personal understanding of what and who we really are. The self-discipline required of this is manifold. We must know the “divine” truth in order to dissolve (purify) evil (falsehoods and misunderstandings). We must be able to recognize the truth to discern what we are experiencing in the world as to what is “good” (of God - truth) from what is “evil” (of Satanic powers of deception). We too must practice (teach) the truth to the community around us in order to ensure “integrity” and “optimum survival“. We must also help others as they seek of us to help themselves overcome evil “conditions” of ignorance and false beliefs, paranoid superstitions, social conflicts and confusions, and personal sufferings.

We must make our most essential goal and purpose a general process of enlightenment for ourselves and the world; and ultimately one of spiritual freedom and liberation from self-delusionary lures, entrapments, and the Satanic powers of deception that bind us to a carnal, “conditional”, and controlled existence.

Actually the “enlightenment” teachings on this subject have been around throughout history. Finding them through recognition, and finding a genuine teacher of wisdom is the greatest of “quests” for the truth, self-identity, and self-fulfillment. It will be the loss of this potential and opportunity alone - so critically endangered today - that will result in a “hell on earth”.

There are evil (megalomanic) beings who would destroy all the “God -truth” symbols left in this world in order to protect their vested “interests“ and conceal their crimes against humanity for which they can never admit or repent. They have no choice but to remain increasingly psychotic. One can see them clearly for who they are and what they represent. And they have developed the technical means to accomplish a Satanic “occultation” over the “masses“ of this world.

The Human gateway to God - truth is rapidly closing as geopolitical “powers that be“ - bent on controlling the future of this world - deploy their “weapons of mass destruction” and mass deception with mind control programming that we witness daily in the “Establishment’s” mass media productions. By these means they are systematically closing doorways and pathways to God - truth. Even now one will be most fortunate to recognize any gateway “in the nick of time” - as it will be a very, very long time before a renewed opportunity to discover the God-essential-truth arises again in the Human mind. Those who make the best use of their time remaining are most wise.

There are some guidelines as to what is most important to this quest. Sensationalism is not useful. One is advised to act within the reality of their own life’s social dynamics, and within the framework of most intimate relationships.

It should be cautioned that the imagined “bigger picture” of the “physical” or “cosmic” reality is in fact a “demonic trap” and one is ill-advised to imagine their future within the context of this “demonic projection” no matter how “technologically” compelling it appears to be - it is an inversion or mirror image of the truth of God. The source of such technology is very far removed from one’s most intimate source of self-consciousness and life itself. Seek ye first the truth of God, not the truth of technological magic and abstractions! To truly know God - truth one must seek beyond the counterfeit artificially fabricated realities of mankind.

May this be of some assistance in finding a way.


CR Pearson

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