That's exactly what the governments
want the public to do

All peace marches and war protests are a waste of time.

Why ?

Because that's exactly what the governments want the public to do.

Why ?

Because it keeps the public's attention focussed on the external manifestation of war.

Why do they want to keep them distracted ?

Because firstly they don't care HOW they keep them distracted and secondly it keeps them distracted from turning WITHIN where they will find THE TRUTH.

As long as protests and peace marches are occurring - everyone is missing the point and playing right into the hands of the Illuminati and off planet malevolent forces that seek to control everyone though the manipulation of mind and emotions. Using war is one of the oldest tricks in the book for doing this successfully.

NESARA is severely misled in this regard - as they are still functioning within a current government system. The Constitution of the United Slaves of America is a farse - always has been - always will be - because it's only intent was to make people THINK they were free - when in fact they actually aren't - and never have been.

Most people assess their freedom on external circumstances.

When they turn within - they will discover they most certainly are not free - but have every chance to become so.

Encouraging them to turn away from these governments - toward the LIGHT WITHIN - is the ONLY WAY to combat any of this - and defeat current malevolent reptilian forces both on and off the planet vying for the control of your minds, hearts and planet from the INSIDE OF YOU.

It is very very serious.

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