Who benefited from 9/11 ?
"market makers"

Hello David

As someone who is involved in the stock market on a daily basis, I would like to give you an insight in to a method called "shorting".

Basically, the "market makers"(or the "global elite" or the "string pullers") control the world stock market activity.

They decide where the markets are going and they make and break companies on a daily basis. THEY ARE THE BIG BOYS !!!

If you have ever wondered why share prices have risen or fallen, or why the markets have "rallied" or "crashed", they have caused it.

These people or "machines" as they are known in the industry, are bigger than G-d ! (Sorry G-d)

Now, here's the interesting thing.

When the markets have crashed, it means that the market makers have "shorted" their stocks. The definition of shorting is selling.


Now what happens when they sell on a massive scale ? Simple, every company's share price plummets and the markets "take a tumble".

What happened within minutes of 9/11 ? The markets and the companies' share prices plummeted.

What has happened a year on from 9/11 ? The markets and the share prices of all companies have crashed by approximately 75%.

Who benefits ? The market makers of course ! Why ? Because guess what they do when the markets are at their lowest ? Yes you guessed it, BUY BUY BUY ?

As a result, they make trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars/pounds !!!

I have also been watching the demise of United Airlines(America's biggest Airline carrier).

Due to the fall-out of 9/11, they recently went down the road of bankrupcy, but do you realise how much money the market makers have made from this ? Put it this way, it could feed ten starving nations .


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