Taking the SPIN out of Original Sin

When the Romans (as in Roman Catholic Church) taught that "Original Sin is DISOBEDIENCE" they told a HALF-TRUTH that hid God's WARNING behind a "wall of fear". In fact, the whole teaching became fear-based.

We were so "hell bent" on "obeying God" that we couldn't see WHAT we were supposed to "obey".

If you examing God's WARNING to Adam and Eve, you should observe that it was to not "eat... the knowledge of good and evil."

When analyzing the phrase "knowledge of good and evil" it should be noted that "good" and "evil" are often proclaimed by individuals and groups but are not always ABSOLUTE.

More importantly, the "knowledge of good and evil" can be interpreted as "JUDGEMENT".


I've always kind of known this "in the back of my mind" but it wasn't until I saw GWB and OBL calling each other "evil" that it really hit me how utterly important God's warning really is!

I also realized that the truth was hidden in a parable and behind a "wall of fear" so we could learn the lesson of unconditional love through direct experiences. Lessons of the heart simply cannot be taught by repeating words or phrases.

In other words,

God couldn't simply COMMAND us to LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY.
It had to be something we did of our own choosing.


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