Pass the Information On

Like so many people in this country that have experienced the horrors inflicted on the innocent by the powers in place that are suppose to protect and serve, we are shocked but not surprised at the lengths they would go to move forward in their evil agenda.

We have been following, with interest, the information placed on your site and wonder what we could do to help get the truth out to so many that are unaware of you and others like you fighting for freedom all over the world.

What we have decided to do, is to print out copies of the information and place them in car washes, laundrymats, bus stations, and anywhere else we can think of that would be considered high traffic areas. Hopefully, they will pass the information on to others with questions about what is being spewed out as "real" news from "official" sources. We've been up since 4 printing. I've run out of paper and have to wait til the stationery store opens and then we'll be printing more!

Working together we can move mountains. Our thoughts and prayers are with those in pain and those that are speaking out against the monsters that want to imprison us in a world of hate and fear.

Love, Suzen

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