The more I read David Icke
the more I remember

Greetings, I have an old friend, Tony, coming over to my house tomorrow night to watch the Alex Jones video. He does not have a VCR so I invited him here. I am having him over because he is willing to be somewhat of a "Paul Revere" albeit a bit of a strange one in some ways. So then I thought of you. You're still not convinced of the need to alert others. It really is critical in the material sense, or as David Icke puts it, in the five sense reality in which we reside. We are witnessing the birth of something very similar to the Third Reich here in America. It can be stopped, but only if enough of the sleeping masses come to be at least partially awake.

I've listened to the Alex Jones radio show quite a few times. He points out that even some of the left wing liberals are realizing the need to preserve the Second Amendment. After all, if the Jews in Europe had been equipped with assault rifles, Anne Frank and many others might still be alive today. We are the Jews in this new Third Reich. That is, the entire civilian population of America is in danger. Even the mainstream media pointed out that FEMA is under orders to have "relocation camps" capable of holding twenty million Americans completed by January.

The more I read David Icke, and the more I remember my own experiences, the more I am convinced that what I've read in some of what is called "Hindu" mythology is mostly accurate. They mention that the world is governed by what they call "Rakshasas" or demons, who amongst other abilities, possess the capacity to shape shift into human form. Their natural form is where we get the legends of devils and demons. These books were written thousands of years ago, and also some of the modern eastern swamis say the same thing. This same idea is borne out by the books of Icke and others. Many of the world leaders, and the people behind the leaders, are multi-dimensional reptilian shape-shifters.

They operate out of a slightly different vibrational frequency, and are therefore beyond the range of our deliberately restricted sense perception. They are the driving force behind the New World Order and behind the wars, terrorist attacks and every other aspect of our world wide imprisonment and suppression. You can laugh if you want to. But if you analyze this world logically and at the same time keep an open mind, I think you will eventually come to the same conclusion. And it will definitely ring true for you if you actually meet some of those entities as I did many years ago. (And hope never to again.) All the religions and mythologies of the world have devils and demons and gods in common. The reason for that is because those creatures exist, though this society makes it a very adamant point to deny that possibility. Yes, Michael. The "Twilight Zone" is less bizarre than the real world!

Alex Jones is a Christian, and the reptilian connection is something he doesn't admit. But as you are aware, his video is a good start to the absolute overwhelming and conclusive evidence that the federal government engineered the September 11 attacks and others. Even worse, there is not the slightest doubt that they are planning much more devastating attacks in the future. Most probably they will use suitcase nuclear weapons, biological weapons or both. In addition they are also planning World War III. There is a good chance that the United States will be the site of a ground war such as Europe was in World Wars I and II. This country may be overrun with Communist Chinese soldiers, or other foreign troops, and it will not be pretty.

From the perspective of this five sense reality it is absolutely imperative that people like you and I, who are at least somewhat awake, begin to warn others. In the spiritual sense it doesn't matter because each of us is God and has unlimited power to create our own peaceful, beautiful reality, or paradise. That is my own opinion. It is also what David Icke talks about. And I also read it and remember it from many years ago in the eastern literatures. Part of the Sanskrit text says, "Om purnam adah purnam idah". Which translates as "The entire universe is present in it's completeness inside every atom." There is nothing in existence except energy. That energy is love. That energy is infinite in every direction and in every sense of the word. That energy is also you and I.

But back to the third dimension. The world is on the verge of a new world war with millions of Americans being murdered by our own government. Some people tell me, "Look. I just want to live my life and mind my own business and not get involved." I tell them, "Hey. There's a very high probability that they are NOT going to allow that to happen! How are you going to mind your own business when you and your family are forced into a relocation camp or shot?"

As I've said before one of the major purposes of the recent terrorist attacks was to pass more restrictive legislation, laws that would gladden the heart of any Gestapo sadist. Even in Nazi Germany, at the height of its' power, they did not have the legal right to do what is now legal in this country. (They did it anyway but it was against their own laws.) Read at least some of the US PATRIOT Act and the Homeland Security Emergency Powers Act. It is now LEGAL to arrest and execute American citizens for misdemeanors in secret without a trial and without a right to see a lawyer. The only criteria is that they be "suspected" terrorists.

It is now LEGAL for the feds to declare the "threat" of a terrorist attack. In that case they can confiscate ALL personal firearms, and enforce mandatory vaccinations. Those vaccinations may have deliberately placed cancer viruses inside. They also may have secret implantable microchips. The microchips are not only for tracking purposes. Their technology is so advanced they can actually issue commands to the people implanted with chips. Timothy McVeigh claimed he was being ordered around by the CIA via a chip inside of him. He was telling the truth.

They also have the right to shoot to kill anyone who refuses to surrender their firearms or refuses to be vaccinated. Sound good? No. Of course not. So what's it going to be, Michael? I mentioned Michael Collins because you told me that you admire the Irish Republican Army, as do I. We are not at the point yet where we actually have to shoot it out with the military and police. The best way to never reach that point is to get the majority of Americans to realize that they are living in a mind controlled Disneyland that is on the verge of turning into a wholesale slaughterhouse.

I hope you decide to take action. The best thing you can do is to make copies of that video and distribute them. The ship is sinking. The house is on fire. It's up to us to sound the alarm. To do nothing is to allow this country and you and I and your wife and children to be subject to possible torture and execution. Buy a DVD player. Make copies of that video. I also hope you order and read the David Icke book, Alice In Wonderland and the World Trade Center Disaster. Get it at

Yours truly, Edward.

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