Proof of a Slavery System

Proof of a Slavery System:

Capitalism: Man Exploits Man.

Socialism: Man Exploits Man
"Robin Hood Sydrome"

Communism: Man Exploits Man
more Overtly.

All this is Fascism
just at varying speeds.

A overview for Industries People are Involved In:   1. The Health Industry
  2. The Education Industry
  3. The Prison Industry
  4. The Tax Industry
  5. The Media Industry
  6. The Legal Industry
  7. The Banking Industry
  8. The Drug and Addiction Industry
  9. The War Industry
10. The Oil Industry
11. The Food Industry
12. The Industry of New Science and Invention
13. The Computer Industry
14. The Insurance Industry
15. The Utilities Industry
~ These are all Control Mechnasims
that keep the Invisible Slavery System in place.

The command hiearchy allowing an unseen entity to do just about anything, anywhere, for any reason, using unaware people and their resources to do their work. Ie. The Illuminati using the Powers of Saturn (Planetery Energy), The Spiral (Evolution), And Cellular Compartments to do their bidding "Esoteric Style" all this is done in the form of a Pyramid so people are unaware how their individual task can paint an ugly picture that does not benefit them or the whole of humanity.

This is further promulgated into the minds of people via mind control and propaganda, Tracking and Indentifyings Systems , and Biological Control to suppress peoples connection to the Invisible Realms " Unreality" where all things are formed before brought into existence. This Prison System is so subtle, influencing the person at an unconscious level, a legal level, a financial level, a health level, and many other capacities. Each of the mentioned industries above work in tandem with each other thus rendering people subservient to the "System".

This invisible slavery system saps an average of 85%-95% of the efforts of the individual in the technologically advanced nations. ie. United States and Britian. Looking at the componets of the system is like looking at the designs of an automobile engine which can take many hours, years of study to bring your level of awareness up to someone that has been studying this for many years. All the individual componets, ind ustries, semantics, prop aganda all work together to create the whole. The "Freedom" scientist has to look at how these individual parts work together to create the "whole".

This Freedom Technology field is so marginalized that its considered "occult" and most people just laugh at its implications, because we have been conditoned for thousands of years not to value freedom. When I speak of freedom, not just replacing one form of tyranny for another, but authentic freedom for everyone in every sense, freedom of thought, speech , action, so long as its not imposed on another individual. We need to do this on a Personal Level, without the imposition of trivial laws that only benefit the Luciferian Principles.

I agree with Pilot Beacon's Assesment that we must unite on the issues we do agree upon and have the free will to pursue extracurricular activies so long as it doesn't interfere with the embassy mission. In business terms, We must create a triangle of : Mission, Team, and Lea dership, and carryout th e task at various levels in the form of a pyramid. Now when I say pyramid, I'm not refering to typical "corporate" military-industrial complex where everyone is subordinate to some external entity.. The forms of pyramids, circles etc would just make the Freedom Mission have a viable vehicle to work within that is effiecient and that would rob the old "Tyranical system of its power".. Just some thoughts to ponder on.

The new society would be collectively self-ruled through advanced intergrated/ information systems, which make the oppressive hiearchies obsolute financially and politically.

When there is no choice about the contract of citizenship, then all notions of freedom, simply add up to more illusions.

A free world: Advanced information systems combined with free market living. ie. Think of this Archetype as Atlantis mixed with the Aschaic records in esoteric terms and bake this at 450*. This would make a new society obsolete the old.

Math Courses for children: Hahaha..

~ Visulasation+ Intent= Outcome,

"You can't approach truth w/o a wllingness to question what you think you already know.

Challenge all your assumptions and meditate. There are 6billion truths out there and we need to unite on the ones that will hold the world together in harmony.

Free flow of money and information is the only way a society can progress.

"Anyone who trades liberty for security deserves niether liberty nor security."

"NO man is good enough to govern another man w/o the other's consent."

~ An eye for an eye makes the world blind.

~ Just Look at us .
Everything is Backwards/upside down.

1. Doctors Destroy Health
2. Lawyers Destroy Justice
3. Universities Destroy Knowledge.
4. Governments Destroy Freedom
5. Major Media Destroy Information
6. Religions Destroy Spirtuality.

Even the semantics we use on a daily basis is slavespeak, ie. The President, The Government, The law...

We sound pathetic in the words we use.

As David Icke states:

"In the 5 sense prison you are denied an infinity of knowledge about the nature of life, so to consider possibility only from the 5sense "Matrix" , not to mention one constantly conditioned and programmed by High Council Illuminati Propaganda is an Exercise in fundamental Self Delusion."

Side Note: Instead of just giving our kids board games like Monopoly, Lets have them Play "Illuminati" a card game by Steve Jackson so that by the time they're in Junior High and High School they're well versed in this information..

Some will say thats more indoctrination, but not so if we show them many vechiles aside from one path and let them be free to choose what path they take.

~Not being told the facts about 9/11 is minimal compared to what you are not told about life itself. ~ David Icke. 1. Who you are
2. Where you come From
3. The nature of reality itself

~ It is imperative that we are in the world, but not of it. As we deconditon our minds from the programming of a lifetime/lifetimes, we start to move our focus from within the 5 sense prison "The Matrix" to beyond it. At this point we are observing the prison from outside the walls.

All freedom Technoloy references are compiled from: Tony At,, Pilot Beacon, and Nicholas J~.

I think music has been prostituted lately in all areas: Rock, Rap, Pop, RandB..

I see a dumbing down process in the mainstream scene and refuse to listen to mainstream music now.

What happened when rock was controversial and the parents had to keep the children away from that "Devil Music", ie. the political messages of Jimi Hendrix, The Doors , etc.

What happened when parents hated rap thanks to : Eazy E, Ice T, Rakim and other pioneers of the High Lyrical Content of yesteryear.

Now you got any kid with no talent being used as propaganda material to dupe the young youth into materialism and bullshit 3rd grader lyrics.. ie. Mtv, Bet Propaganda Machines.

Pop: Well Pop, We had Madonna, Prince, Janet and other nice solo artists groups in the 80's and early 90's..

Now today we have lames that have butchered the game and are glamorized. ie. Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake etc.

All used to condition the youth to be dumber than the previous generation that had high lyrical content.

RandB: Well Rand B, We had good groups/solo artists in the 80's and early 90's.

Rand B was especially big when groups like Parliment Funkadelic and Rick James were popular.

Now we have these Synthetic songs that were thrown together in 2 seconds and a cheesy image with abnoxious choruses for the kiddies to look up to..

Nicholas J~

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