Stand up and be counted

When are we going to realise that this is OUR WORLD TOO?!! and not just the domain of a couple of little megalomaniacs who think they can pull all the strings and get away with it. People - wake up!!! There are multitudes of us who are dissatisfied with what's going on here - why don't we band together and do something about it?!

Are we just going to let our beautiful earth be destroyed by cold-hearted reptiles who couldn't care less if we lived or died. Our capacity to care is what makes us human. We come from a place of love. We hurt so much because this love has been taken away from us by various means. Heal the wounds that society has inflicted on you - and then try to fix it. You KNOW there is a dream in your heart of a perfect world. FIGHT for it, but fight peacefully. Stand up and be counted. We can do this. We can't afford to lose our home!!!

We have the potential to be more powerful than them. If you love yourself or anyone or anything, please try. Send thoughts of healing to those out there who are hurting or misunderstood. Believe in the power of love to heal. Imagine your world as you would like in, even in the midst of all this fear and anger. Let love flow from you and through you, and feel it making a difference. Have enough compassion in your hearts to forgive those who have wronged you and wronged your fellow man.

STOP the war by using LOVE!!!

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