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Republicans Love Red China

Yes, I said it. The Republicans love Communist China. It was Nixon who turned public opinion in support of their terroristic, Communist regime. In modern times, the Bush Pentagon’s new “world map” indicates that China is our military ally! What the heck is going on here? I understand that Bush is better than Kerry. In this case, lesser-evilism still wreaks mucho evil.

It was a Democrat who took us to fight China’s onslaught into Vietnam, and a Republican who retreated. It was a Republican, Barry Goldwater, who advocated true victory there, by putting in a million men. Goldwater, way back when, advocated chasing the enemy into Cambodia and even to China, the motherland. If China counter-attacked? Nuke ‘em! The Republican Party turned their back on Goldwater, and gave Kennedy his martyrdom. In the end, both parties took us to Cambodia, but without proper support, so that we couldn’t even hold South Vietnam.

The Generals who advocated 500,000 men, and the same in billions of dollars were “retired” - in Vietnam by Nixon, in Iraq by President Bush. As of September 20, 2004, we are losing in Saddam’s home with less than 200,000 men in Iraq, and close to $200 billion spent. It is also only fair to relate that over 1,000 men are dead; and, the American Military has been caught sponsoring torture. Without WMD’s or a link to al-Qae! da, Saddam’s torture was the only excuse for toppling his dictatorship. Who will topple ours? All this, as Bush seems to have seceded Taiwan to China, breaking a long-held, firmly-believed promise of loyalty.

On December 9, 2003, Fox News ran a story that glaringly portrayed Bush’s Red China leanings. Taiwan claimed independence from China. The U.S. has said that we stand behind that sovereignty, a democratic bastion in the middle of an industrial commune. Yet, “I believe in a One China,” Bush said. This goes against everything that we are supposed to be about. Taiwan is the underdog, democratic, pro-U.S., loyal, proud, and our friend. Yet, Bush doesn’t even want them to hold their referendum.

The referendum asks the people of Taiwan whether or not they want to be independent. Wow, what a concept. Ask the people. Yet, Bush falls in line with China, and has Taiwan stand down. CNN reported on September 20, 2004 the words of Taiwan’s President Chen. His speech has the pure ring of true patriotism. Sadly, the statement shows that Taiwan can’t count on their old friend, America. Chen stated, “We cannot harbor any illusions, nor can we have unreasonably high expecta! tions. The security of our country is in our own hands. We cannot unrealistically hope for the enemy’s good will, or the aid of external forces.”

Sad, sad, sad. I believe that I would personally go to Taiwan and help them, in armed combat if need be. I certainly believe that China is much more of a threat than Saddam Hussein, or even ‘lil Kim from North Korea. Many people complain that Patrick J. Buchanan is a Republican spoiler. Whereas Congressman Ron Paul has remained the voice of libertarianism, Buchanan has certainly been the last bastion of the Elephant’s conservatism.

Buchanan warns against the Bush administration’s lavish spending at the taxpayers‘ expense. Bush goes to war with Iraq, Buchanan advocates chasing actual terrorist cells, and they are many, that are duplicating and proliferating throughout the world, even in our own country. Buchanan is, perhaps, the leading conservative authority on foreign affairs and history. He detailed a segment of infiltration by the Communists into America, by way of the Frankfurt School and Marcuse, in his book Death of the West. Ol’ Pat predicts th! at Russia and America will lose land from prior empire, while China will grow and grow. In America, there are already several movements, gaining support, that endorse various breakaway republics, in the style of de-Sovietized Russia. The League of the South is putting forth compelling evidence that the South should again leave the New World Order-infested U.S.A. Several Hispanic groups are advocating the re-secession of the American Southwest to Mexico, or as an independent state. African-Americans still have a viable argument for gaining reparations equivalent to 40 acres and a mule.

Even as American economic growth wanes, China’s waxes ecstatic.

In 1972, through a series of secret initiatives, President Nixon stunned the world by traveling to China. This was Mao’s green light, after decades of civil and human rights violations, torture, mass executions, genocides. Nixon did this only three years after my father came home from Vietnam in a full body cast, with abysmal VA Hospital hospitality, bed-ridden for an entire year. The government doctors told him he’d never walk again.

Three years later, he surprised them all by walking, working, even running. To thank my father for fighting the Reds, Nixon shook hands with war criminal Mao. Instead of accepting a veteran’s government dole, Dad went to finish college and worked sixty plus hours a week. We don’t talk about his emotional episodes (PTSD) or the constant drugging due to constant pain. PBS ran a documentary about Nixon’s acknowledgment of China, stating it was “the climax of a secret White House initiative headed by Henry Kissinger, the diplomatic breakthrough shocked both America’s allies and its enemies.” In actual fact, all three men were war criminals: Mao, Nixon, and Kissinger. To doubt the Illuminati’s use of Kissinger, Communism, and Nixon, is to overlook history. They used my Dad for their NWO war games. Then they winked and nudged, and shook hands. I must hold back the feelings I have for the Illuminati, specifically the American traitors…and especially the Republican traitors, because they say they are for State’s rights and smaller government. They are not. They are pro-China!

Reagan swept into power chanting an anti-Communist war cry. He would have sent any military support, so his rhetoric suggested, to help Taiwan. They were independent, in his view. Reagan almost openly despised the Red Chinese. This didn’t last long. In my book, Webs of Power: Government Agencies, Secret Societies, & Elite Legacies, I link then Vice President George H.W. Bush to Reagan’s assassination attempt. You either believe this, or you don’t. But, facts are this. Bush tried to defeat Reagan during the ‘79 nominations. John Hinckley, Jr.’s father backed Bush. Then, in the final stages, John Hinckley, Jr.’s uncle and Bush both contributed to Conally’s unsuccessful last run against Reagan. The Hinckley’s have been involved in mind control operations, especially through World Vision*. Even as Reagan recovered, Bush policy began to dominate the White House. Reagan’s aversion to China demurred. Unfortunately, we had witnessed a military coup de tat! by Bush/Conally/Hinckley/Baker. In reality, these men ruled for about ten years.

* World Vision uses 3rd World countries as breeding grounds for mind control experimentations. World Vision also produced the man who killed Lennon. It was rumored that Lennon had broken through his own programming and was trying to leave his handler, Yoko. Yoko is from a Japanese Illuminati family. His obvious Oedipus complex was certainly utilized by Yoko, even as John referred to her as “Mommy.” Of course, nothing is certain in the world of psy-ops, or psychological operations. Propaganda Matrix and others ran a story in October. New documents are going to be presented through the Freedom of Information concerning Lennon.

Need more on Daddy Bush? Well, his whole world is one, big, thousand-points-of-light psychological operation. He was the Director of the CIA for a year, and he has been linked to Kennedy‘s assassination, too. There are many people claiming to have been a part of mind control and sex slavery that involved the senior Bush. It is telling that many of these people are being harassed and suppressed. I wouldn’t even mention any of it if not for one simple fact.

Spy Daddy Republican Bush was the U.S. Ambassador to China.

Because of Bush’s lie, “no new taxes,” we were witness to a new Socialization of America under U.N.-lover William Jefferson Clinton. The spooks use such strange ploys; I’m wondering what Bush’s vomitous situation in the Orient was really about. Perhaps, by showing disrespect for a growing giant, Bush allowed Americans to feel empathy toward them, even as they were stealing our manufacturing jobs. Our American elite does not care who the slave labor is, but they will have it. We have imposed unreasonable wages and regulations on companies, even as we claim to be a free market. However, by Republicans even suggesting that China is a friend, they endorse a way of living that is anathema to Americanism.

From Nixon’s acceptance, to Bush’s ambassadorship, to Bush Jr.’s treason toward Taiwan, Republicans love China.

Even as I thought I was done…it is September 20, 2004. The National Press Club is on C-SPAN. They are throwing softballs at Bush lackey, Treasury Secretary John Snow. He is sitting there defending the Neo-con position of, “and China makes G8.” Republican President G.W. Bush wants Communist China to joint the G7.

Yes, you Republicans do love Red China.

Erik Fortman is a writer and musician from Texas. Comments welcomed at

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