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Webs of Power:
Central Intelligence Agency

In 1947, President Truman signed the National Security Act, and in so doing first created the Central Intelligence Agency, or CIA. is an independent agency responsible to the President through the Director of Central Intelligence (DCI). The CIA mission statement begins with "support the President…" and ends with "…as directed by the President." George John Tenet is the current Director and, in a show of uncommon bipartisanship, was sworn in unanimously in 1997.

It becomes all too clear that the Central Intelligence Agency, owing to the nature of spying, is shrouded in a veil of unknowns. As I will show, the CIA has used and abused this power to destroy the lives of innocent Americans, starting in 1947, the date of its inception. Because of the awesome power that this 'independent' agency holds, allegiance to one man, the President, seems questionable at best. Other groups that were controlled by one man were Hitler's SS and Darth Vader's Storm Troopers. (Both these tyrants had other forces controlling them, too.)

The talk in the Beltway and across America lately has been the amount of blame the CIA should be attributed with concerning two historical events: not having or admitting to prior knowledge about the September 11 attacks; and it's assertion that Iraq indeed had Weapons of Mass Destruction. In both instances, at very least they were inept; at most, they blatantly lied to the American and world public.

The Bush Administration and the CIA's prior knowledge and possible involvement in this tragedy is common knowledge for any that objectively study the facts. An excellent article concerning this issue is "9/11 Redux: Anniversary of Treason" at the Propaganda Matrix website, complete with government and media sources. The CIA knew that a plane attack was likely, and in fact was conducting an exercise wherein a hijacked airliner crashes into it's headquarters. The CIA was warned by Israeli Intelligence of the impending attack. The CIA has even been admonished for not using it's Intelligence, from as far back as the late Clinton years, which would have stifled terrorist cells, including al-Qaeda.

The CIA dutifully came out with it's superior intelligence after the attacks, providing us with a list of all the hijackers. It has since been reported that most of these men were trained to fly, not at rural airports, but by the CIA itself. Furthermore, as many as nine of these suicide-bombers are allegedly alive and claiming innocence. Lastly, most of the hijackers were Saudis, a county with known anti-American terrorist organizations living within its borders. Why then, I often argued, were we 'liberating' Iraq, and not Saudi Arabia?

More currently, the FM airwaves seem clogged with debate over Iraq and the WMDs issue. Colin Powell presented intelligence provided to him by the CIA which listed a plethora of biochemical and chemical weapons sites. It seems that the United Nation's weapons inspectors were in cahoots with Saddam, and that is why they were not reporting the sites. The problem now is that America can't seem to find any sites, just as Hans Blix had been reporting to American ambassadors and hawks. The WMD argument was probably the deciding factor for going to war against the UN's approval.

In both of these cases, there is ample proof that the CIA knew, even helped create these situations. But, let's take things from an optimistic viewpoint and say that the CIA had no clue that al-Qaeda was going to attack. Let us also suppose that the Central Intelligence Agency actually thought Iraq had weapons of mass destruction; they were simply wrong. If this scenario is the actual one, we have a very dangerous state of affairs in our Country. The agency that has the power to do almost anything, the agency that holds fealty only to the President, is obviously an incompetent, misinformed agency.

We Americans are told to depend on the CIA to protect us. They say they are independent, but U.S. taxpayer's say different. When they are funded independently, they become autonomous. Until then, they must do their job which is, in their own words, "providing accurate, evidence-based, comprehensive, and timely foreign intelligence relating to national security. Again, we have another supposedly governmental agency failing to achieve even the most rudimentary segments of their mission statement. For example, the CIA states on their websites that they use personal and organizational integrity while functioning.

Yet, there was no integrity in providing Americans with the possibility of an attack on our Homeland or when falsely claiming that Iraq had "evil" weapons. "Accepting accountability for our actions" is another part of their credo. This will most likely have to be done in a world court due to the Iraqi, American, and other deaths because of their incorrect information pertaining to Hussein's arsenal. Melvin Goodman is a former CIA Soviet analyst and current professor of international studies at the National War College in D.C. reports Jessica Cantelon of CNSNews. He is quoted as opining, "this was not an act of war, this was a terrible criminal act." This in reference to the CIA's prior knowledge and suppression of evidence in the 9-11 incident.

Corruption inside the CIA is evident. This is detailed not only by rogue journalists, but by the testimonials of former CIA agents, themselves. At, there are many researched, corroborated stories revealing wrongdoings inside the Agency. In fact, they go so far as to claim, "Two of the most prominent areas in which the CIA's conduct has had catastrophic consequences for Americans have been it's 50-year history of drug smuggling into the United States, and its role in generating hatred for the United States throughout the World." Now, unsubstantiated, these sentences are libelous and treasonous.

Therefore, one must search for substantiation. It's pretty simple, once studied. The people claiming that the CIA are involved in drug trafficking, assassination, corruption, lies, and generally assaulting our Bill of Rights are current or former members of the United State's plethora of intelligence agencies, including the FBI, CIA, ATF, and DEA. One must make one's own conclusion: believe these educated, morally-conscious men claiming corruption; or those that claim there is no fraud in the organization.

The latter camp is unexplainably silent in answering questions posed by the True Government, we the people. Statistically speaking, it is a proven fact that in almost all instances that the CIA goes into a country to purge it of drug agriculture, the crop yields rise exponentially. Columbia and Afghanistan immediately come to mind. Both had insignificant exportation of drugs. After CIA occupation and armament of favored guerrilla groups, drug growing and production became the dominant industry: cocaine in Columbia, heroin in the Afghanistan. For any who doubt this "proven fact", simply use a search engine for archived articles in reputable journals such as Knight-Ridder, Reuters, Christian Science Monitor, NY Times, etc.

Former President Bush, Sr. is a former Director of Central Intelligence. Bush's appointment was stalled because he had been involved in Watergate. Some have claimed having proof that G.H.W. Bush was involved in the tragic S&L scandal, Iran-Contra and other CIA arms and drug debacles, and in organized crime activities. Finally, questions as to why Osama bin Laden and other leaders were propped up into power during Daddy Bush's administration but deemed "terrorists" by Junior are still not discussed in the mainstream media. These allegations have not been proven in a court of law or in the court of public opinion. These allegations have not been tried in a court of law or in the court of public opinion. Under Clinton, the Intelligence Authorization Act was signed into law. This Act renamed the CIA compound in Langley as the "George Bush Center for Intelligence". George Bush reigned as the CIA's Director for barely one year of it's fifty year history.

In other cases, the Central Intelligence Agency is charged with using its webs of power to provide insider information to Enron and other privileged companies. They have purportedly been involved with jury tampering and vote fraud. The CIA involvement in the JFK assassination is widely believed to be true. John Stockwell is the highest ranking member of the CIA to ever go public. Stockwell worked for 13 years, and was in the upper echelon of the National Security Council under Kissinger and then Director Colby.

He claims: "I testified for days before the Congress…proving specific lies. They were asking if we had to do with Africa, that was fighting in the country. In fact we were coordinating this operation so closely that our airplanes, full of arms from the states, would meet their planes in Kinshasa and they would take our arms into Angola to distribute to our forces for us." In a lesson from history, the CIA was involved in propping up Communist governments to provide a scapegoat to former administrations, much like the current CIA is accused of propping up the after-the-Cold-War "evil doers", the esoteric "terrorists".

Many people and groups have accused the CIA of involvement in child sex scandals. The Stop Child Rape Network pronounces that the problem is endemic and that "the 'core of rape' within our Secret Society run Government Intelligence agencies structure, has been specifically created to sexually abuse and murder our children in their Satanic Black-Occult Rituals." The assertions may or - one would hope - may not be true. And when an American is accused of a crime such as this, he has his case tried before a grand jury.

Many times, Child Protective Services will take children away from families for much lesser charges. It would definitely seem to be great fodder for prime-time television. Why, then, is not the media exposing these accusations being charged against the CIA, the FBI, and other organizations. These accusations bring a chilling sensation when one realizes it was the CIA that charged the Branch Davidian's with still unproven child rape before they raided the private property in a military-style assault in which all the Davidians died, including the children.

Underneath the surface, there is a subculture that believes that prominent American politicians and major government agencies have direct links to secret societies. Most of these societies are linked to Luciferianism, dark occult practices, and have cultures of human sacrifice and manipulation as a means to gain power. Rumors ascribed to the CIA are no different (Bohemian Grove isn't a rumor - ed). This is in addition to documented reports of the CIA and mind control experimentation.

This brief expose not only shows that the CIA is admittedly, and at the very least, an inept group; but additionally have been, and are, allegedly involved in too many fiascos to list. As an American, I want to believe that they are innocent. Also, adhering to the Constitution, they are innocent until proven guilty. However, those who make the charges should at least have evidence examined studied by a grand jury to decide on its relevance and admissibility.

In the past, to circumvent total collapse, when the CIA is taken to court, one or two fall guys are presented. Oliver North and John Poindexter are perfect examples. North is now a media journalist for the Conservative-sanctioned Fox News and Poindexter, a five-time felon, is in charge of the newly created Information Awareness Department. The Patriot Act allows the Information Awareness Department ignore the 4th amendment by "viewing" your Web activities without a warrant, suspicion, or probable cause. There is no D.A. willing to charge these seemingly omnipotent men with crimes of drug trafficking, much less child rape and murder. The CIA is arguably the best training ground for assassins. There are too few media sources willing to even report that allegations have been made. Yet, through law proposed or already legislated, if the CIA was to accuse us of these things they could take our property, put us in jail without charges, disallow our right to council, and hold us indefinitely.

Erik Fortman is a writer and musician from Texas. Comments welcomed at

Webs of Power
by Erik Fortman

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