Erik Fortman

Non-Violent Alternatives to Combat
the New World Order

"What can you do about it?" This is often the final judgment I hear, after weeks or months of debate which, if I am fortunate and the contester is open-minded, sometimes ends with a persuasion to reason. Once one has realized that our government is, has always been, and will be for the foreseeable future, an illusion, one must always ask this question. "What can you do about it?" As David Icke says, we are living in a "prison without bars." It therefore needs to be answered by those of us who are prepared to take the next logical step after enlightenment. That is, the desire to disseminate information and educate the public. Only the marriage of a diminutive, localized collectivism to a responsible individualism will bring about human equality. It is a brotherhood of compatriots, the ilk that risk public persecution and the hauntingly empty FEMA internment caps. We write; about the inherent dangers in a New World Order; the fraudulent proclamation of some (most) (all?!) American Wars; the strategic, nearly decisive rewriting of History; and our secret society power structure.

"So, what CAN we do?" First, I would like to define to whom I am speaking. It must be assumed that the question asked was queried because of elucidation. We are lovers of freedom, privacy, defense, family, and justice. Despite or because of this "New Freedom Philosophy", there is one urgent quandary. I have opined on several occasions that individuals whose highest principle is responsible individual sovereignty are an intelligent, unique, creative lot. This conglomeration of ideas and stories, lives and cultures inevitably becomes enmeshed in differences of opinions about almost everything. Democrats, Libertarians, Anarchists, and other groups from both sides of the intentionally coined and purposefully divisive term "aisle" have somehow found themselves fighting on the same team. A dictate, or common stance must be proposed and adopted unanimously if we are to be victorious. In fact, our own survival may depend on it.

There is one thing that must be agreed upon by all in order to keep alive the Spirit and mandates of liberty. The tyrannical New World Order must be stopped from ripening to fruition.

The first thing one can do once one decides to oppose the Globalist's agenda is to join the ranks of the exponentially growing number of information warriors. This begins by becoming extremely knowledgeable about Conspiracy Facts, Government Organizations*, leaders of as many countries as possible, and especially one's own State and Federal politicians. It is unwise to ever speak from emotion; logic is the better choice. Propaganda may be more effective than truth, but only for the short term. Truth has a way of rising from it's own supposed ashes, a phoenix that must soar afire in it's certainty.

A good place to begin practicing speaking skills is with anyone who seems interested in debating. This serves a twofold purpose: debate techniques are honed and mistakes are minimized due to the smaller audience. Because neo-con "news" that permeates our society is stated as logic, it is sometimes difficult to force a point. The Elite are not stupid. In fact, they are highly educated. How does one prove, without a computer or library handy, that the Iraq debacle is a Skull & Bones operation funded by the CFR's select membership. How does one prove that to a person that is brainwashed by Rush-speak. These lies are reinforced by the 24-hour disinformation distributed by the corporate cable news programs. Letters to the editors of journals will help to apply and gauge writing proficiency. Once the Truth is known, it is almost impossible to NOT speak and write out against the War on the Individual and all who support it. Always suggest the reading of websites like,, and other fact based pages.

It may be grandiose, but I liken Prison Planet and other scholars and writers of freedom to Samuel Adams in the early days, before official "revolution" was declared. Samuel was able to do what he wanted and work in the print media industry. Still, taxation was keeping him in servitude to King George's central government of a few royal families. This is similar to what America and Europe still have as government today. The British military had the authority to search any person or place without discretion, as does ours. Of course, they did not do this to very many people, so most of the population didn't care. Ditto, presently. Adams knew that the mere ability to impose fascism would inevitably lead to a domineering centralized government imposing military rule with evermore oppressive tones. It was 50 years before the Constitution was penned (1740s) that Samuel Adams wrote essays based on his newly formed ideology based on the writings of John Locke, Voltaire, and other aristocrats. Yes, they were wealthy, distant cousins of aristocracy - and many were Freemasons.

Taken in social context these men, too, were lovers of freedom. They sought to break free from the crushing power of the Catholic Church and the whimsical nature of their kings and queens. Of course, the British Empire had no desire to see Samuel's words and ideas reach the public. Their tenuous hold on other colonies was very disconcerting. It was therefore necessary for Samuel Adams to take his pamphlets and his oratories to the pubs, and the mercantile unions, and especially to the agricultural co-ops. Farmers have long been supporters of freedom. I believe that this is why our government has allowed gargantuan conglomerates to take over agriculture, imposing strict regulations and heavy taxes on independents. There 100 year attempt to end the family farm has all but succeeded.* So, Samuel Adams made friends with people of all types of religions and ideologies, philosophies and industries. That is what we must do, if we are to overthrow the current regime by nonviolent means.

There are things that should be despised about the Elite and their methods. Outright lying to defraud a person or entity is never acceptable, no matter your race, religion (or lack thereof), gender, etc., etc. However, there are certain strategies we would be wise to embrace. The upper echelon braying the NWO battle call - I have seen numbers purporting they are as few as ten families ruling the globe; but, they probably number approximately 2,000 - are so effective because of their extremely centralized power. Can we agree that the ultimate goal is the dismantling of all organizations, by peaceful means, that would implement a one world government? If we can agree to take this as our guiding principle, we will have effectively created a common ground which streamlines our efficiency. At this point, getting enmeshed in bickering over environmental issues, abortion, and religion will only play into the hands of our opponents.

Another technique being implemented increasingly in our society and throughout the world is video monitoring and recording. We have tried to combat this by opposing legislation that allows for it. Ultimately, the lobbying strategy has failed. I suggest this: use available, legal technology AGAINST them. CBS Evening News reported, "From intense scrutiny at airports to expanded government authority to track internet use, federal agents now watch American citizens more closely than ever." This is our reality. Therefore, we might combat fascism by reversing this surveillance.

Alex Jones has stated that his program now has 2 million listeners. Might we all go out and buy a $500 dollar digital video recorder and begin monitoring misdeeds against our clans and other American citizens. Imagine if every local, state, and federal officer knew that it was possible they were being monitored and recorded. The next home they entered without a warrant, which is legal though controversial, they would have to wonder if microchip-sized recording devices, easily acquired at the local "spy" shop, were making duplicate copies of the agents' actions and words; every important nuance. Might then things start to change, even a little? A good example of what may be incidentally acquired is the "Secret Police" scene recorded by Mr. Jones, himself. He was able to bring the reality of a police state to TV screens, which is a much more powerful medium than oration.

Monitoring the thousands of searches performed at airports "to protect us from terrorists" would bring corruption into focus, thus staunching its ugly wound. Keeping the skies safe by frisking, embarrassing, and harassing American citizens, including the obviously handicapped and the very aged, must be halted. We must record tens of thousands of official arrests to make sure all laws are followed by all parties. This might also be our reality.

Another advantage would be to show certain groups that the ones they follow are not of their own ilk. Many Christians hope that George W. Bush is a devout man (I hope so, too); but there is a gnawing in their gut that screams something is wrong. Would printed documentation proving that certain leaders are members of pagan and Satanist societies lead these Christian victims to a Search for Answers, also? A formal list of members of the Bohemian Grove and proof of their "harmless" ritual sacrifice of a human, purported to be in effigy might make them raise an eyebrow.

Their robed worship of Molech may also begin the process. Membership lists and the true ideologies of Free Masons, Skull ∧ Bones, and other secret societies would speak volumes concisely and honestly. In the First Commandment, God says "You shall have no other gods before me". True Christians will have no option but to discontinue being led by one who goes against God's primary law. There are other organizations that might be brought to our side. Minorities already mistrust government. This is most understandable as they have historically been lied to, abused, raped and slaughtered by those in power (white, European elites) for centuries. Will a new cleansing of America be any different for them. Even now, Asians, Arabs, Latinos, and Blacks - both immigrants and legal citizens - are quietly being subjected to authoritarian rule. It would behoove us to make this clearly evident, not only to individual members of these groups, but to their leaders and the boards of their organizations.

The most influencing media in information dissemination is the Television. The Elite have an extreme advantage over us, for they own the news channels that the majority of the population watch. Someday soon it may be necessary to start a true Freedom Channel. First and foremost, this channel would have to be entertaining. This network would be primarily a news source, but we are dealing with the general public. How many people out there jump from Fox to CNN to MSNBC trying to find a unique and relevant documentary? Most times, the major news channels are playing the same stories…all day…ALL WEEK…until the next news story miraculously explodes on the screen and scene only to be covered simultaneously and with no end by all the stations once again. Like Bush's wish for American hegemony worldwide, the television news landscape is unexciting and similar. A different story would give a Freedom Network a definite entrepreneurial advantage.

When Fox News really achieved success, with shows like O'Reilly and Hannity and Colms, they were rewarded with monetary and critical acclaim. Truth be told, practically the only 24-hour news source prior to 2000 was CNN. CNN had become very leftist, and Fox used the smokescreen of our two-party system to gain control of the news media. This forced CNN to assimilate conservative rhetoric even as Fox became more liberal. It also allowed the Nixon/Reagan/Bush/Bush Jr. regime currently in office an advantageous disinformation outlet. Just by being the first pro-Constitution, anti-Establishment channel, we can be assured that the major media will have to take notice, even if they abhor doing so. I can't wait to hear all the screaming about anti-Americanism from a channel that is more for freedom than any other.

A unique, TRUTHFUL program could not help but to attract viewers. And advertisers, as a whole, will put their dollars where the most eyes can see their ads. Rerunning syndications of shows like "That 70's show", or the epitome of social satire, "The Simpsons" could not fail but to attract viewers. Of course, the advertisement breaks would be filled with pertinent public items, such as hemp products and information, gun advertisements, and other legal marketing. This will make the channel money, sell products we believe in by providing an outlet for retailers that are currently shunned, and sensitize the public to the advantages of owning a gun, using industrial hemp, and living in a truly free America and World.

For Generation X and Y, there could be network features akin to HBO's "Sex And The City" and "Six Feet Under". A diverse group of individualists will naturally have a diverse palate for entertainment, both it's creation and viewing. Music groups with Libertarian-leanings and political commentary, such as "The Dixie Chics" and "Audio Slave", should have segments for promotion. This will attract the MTV generations, (plural). This would get out the truth, providing jobs in a failing economy, creating outlets for other industries, and promoting political agendas and politicians adhering to the policies of Freedom. While this idea is certainly not feasible currently, it is an idea to ponder and bandy about.

There is one reason why a nonviolent victory against the Super State and police enforced collectivism needs to be pacifistic in nature.

Speaking from a strictly theoretical standpoint, the opportunity to win freedom though armed resistance has all but past. As of now, the best weapons a militia can utilize are some descent rifles and small handguns. In a metaphoric sense, it is akin to a social David and Goliath. Goliath was huge and fierce, and had the highest reputation amongst warriors, though even soldiers were aghast at some of his methods. David had only a sling and a dagger in which to take on his mighty foe's awesome spear and deadly broadsword, his superior strength and experience. Unfortunately, the fable being likened to our present day situation is just that: a fable, told by Israelites for their own people. Like most of the Old Testament stories, they are not true constructs. They are anecdotes for living in an ancient society.

In reality, David would have most likely died in armed combat with Goliath. David and his people found a much better way to defeat the enemy. They rewrote history and vaulted their members into positions of power across the globe. They were ingenious, and in so being were able to become arguably the most powerful people - and most persecuted - on the planet. And that is how it must be with us. We must use their method, only the history we are leaving behind, in books and on the Internet, is honest and real. Through this can we be successful.

Musicians must sing about freedom and the fight against oppression. Artists must create pieces that reflect their philosophy and, too, the times as they are now so that they can be documented from one of the truest perspectives: an artist's. Writers must write and speakers must speak. We are turning the tide. Because Goliath was a military force, the Jews were at war even before they picked up a weapon in retaliation. Once Goliath had admonished David with servitude or extermination via the use of force, it became a military war. Yet, many of the most important triumphs have been accomplished using guile, the pen, and diplomacy. Let us not forget that presently a majority of our brother-peasants in Europe agree with the minority in the U.S., and are against war. Many are against social regulations, which is some common ground we can stand on, together .

In my largest leap, I propose the term Neo Activist and its definition for consideration. When the revolutions of the late 17 and early 1800's occurred, the writers and leaders were still members of the aristocracy. To gain freedom for themselves, they had to at least appear to want it for everyone (well, all white upper-class males, anyway). A very small percentage of the population, namely said aristocracy, were literate.

As the succeeding generations of elites were born, they gained power and thus, because power breeds corruption, have become just as or more dictatorial than the preceding monarchies.* It is time for the new breed, the new revolutionaries, to use every nonviolent mean at their disposal to tear away the reigns of power. These numbers will not have people from Yale or Harvard in them. The ranks of this new organization will not be bloodlines dating back to some aristocracy or other. Our schools were public, or the School of Hard Knocks, and that brings as more real life experience to the table than the Bushes, Clintons, Rockefellers, or the others will ever have. The majority of our country are working class, making $24,000 - $100,000 per year. We are told that the middle-class had risen to power. That is false propaganda.

We are, or can be, equally intellectually. We are already harder working and much more creative. My next proposal seems like an insurmountable task, but I believe that it is the only way to preserve our true culture. First, we must not waiver when faced with the choices of our predecessors. We must devote ourselves to 100% equality. Any and all who love freedom must be accepted. Brilliant men and women must come together to form a global society of believers in freedom, responsibility, and tolerance. It is understandable that many are afraid of societies, as individualists.

That is why our true intent must be never be hidden. We must scream it to the mountaintops. The ultimate goal is to place members in positions of power in business, politics, media, and education. Everywhere that there is a Skull & Bones or CFR or Bilderberg member, there must be a greater number of this new group of diverse individualists. We must own the nonprofit groups that rewrite the public school history books. We must own all of the news channels. Misinformation must be abolished.

We must brainwash the people back into Truth. It seems hypocritical, yet because we are not ready to take up arms, in which case we would win in an extended guerrilla warfare campaign, we must form a Federation of Neo Activists. This must be done by recruiting a centralized group of men and women, with an outer circle of generals, and on and on. Yes, it is the same method employed by Freemasons and other groups. But it works, and that can't be disputed. It would be prudent to have a council of x number of people, x representing the number of leaders, one each from any viable group that opposes oppressiveness wherever it rears its ugly head.

Voluntary donations and private savings will be needed to fund this project. Private schools should be formed, home schooling promoted, and scholarships given to motivated individuals who believe in the individual. Eventually, these men and women will become lawyers, and doctors, and politicians. We are fighting to save not only the bodies of our children's children: we strive to defend their minds. The only true possibility of achieving our unifying goal is to begin a nonviolent hostile takeover of the world's power structure.

From the easily performed person-to-person debate to the materialization of a dominantly middle class, nonviolent (except in defense) unconcealed society legislating and enforcing the rule of law, we must stop the onslaught of the Global Elite. We are in the midst of war. If everyone does their part, we may be able to start the pendulum on it's opposite path. We must all become an Information Warrior.

Erik Fortman is a writer and musician from Texas. Comments welcomed at

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