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Bush’s Socialism:
New Definition for Obesity, Conservatism

George W. Bush, the 43rd President of the United States of America, is a Socialist. Bush, dubbed a conservative by many, has allowed his Health and Human Services Department to redefine obesity. In so doing, he has subtly, quietly redefined conservatism.

Many in America, and throughout the world deem Fox News a conservative media outlet. On July 16, 2004, they ran a report entitled “Medicare Recognizes Obesity as Disease.” Charles Krauthammer, speaking on Fox’s Weekend Live, admitted that this new definition would have one good effect and three bad ones. The good: fat people, by U.S. standards, have no role in their obesity. Because it is now considered a disease, fat people will receive money from the tax coffers, through Medicare. They will possibly be eligible for such necessary medical treatments as liposuction, weight-loss programs, and tummy tucks.

Krauthammer went on to explain that this would devastate the already ailing American health care industry. First, Medicare taxation levels must rise to accommodate the chubbies. Second, insurance costs will rise, to accommodate the chubbies. And third, the U.S. court system, already in shambles, will become further clogged with lawsuits by chubbies who blame food producers for their “disease.”

What is Bush thinking? How is this happening under a conservative administration? I contend that this is just a further advancement of the New World Order’s plan to socialize every country on the planet. Still, how is the Bush Presidency a conservative affair? President G.W. Bush has brought in a whole slew of socialist programs that would have made Bill Clinton blush. Furthermore, had Clinton’s team backed such proposals, Republicans would have bleated like the ignorant sheep that they are. Bush signed the Farm Bill of 2002 into law, subsidizing already wealthy mega-farms with $190 billion in taxpayer dollars. Socialized farming, plain and simple. Republicans bleated when Hillary tried to implement a socialized health plan. Yet, Bush was lauded, or at least no one bleated, when he allowed $400 billion of our future earnings to be used for a socialized prescription drug plan!

Even crazier than that, Bush raised the amount of spending to the arts by $18 million. The Republicans obviously want the State to sanction art with tax dollars, even more of those dollars than the Democrats want to spend. CNN, on July 17, 2004, said Bush spent a new $25 million to drug test our kids, treating them guilty until proven innocent. He spent a new $23 million to promote good character in your child. Who decides what good character is? Now that obesity will be thrown into the New American Socialism mix, it seems, for Bush, good character is taking money away from people who work hard and eat healthy and give it to artists, farming conglomerates, rich old people, government schools, and now, overeaters.

This sleight-of-hand by liberal Republicans sporting conservative sheep’s wool has historically pulled the wool over the eyes of their grassroots constituency. Gary Allen’s 1971 classic, None Dare Call It Conspiracy, is, perhaps, the easiest book to understand concerning the international bankers’ and Communist’s branches of the New World Order. Nixon is considered one of the most staunchly conservative Republicans to have ever held office.

After his defeat by JFK, and a second defeat by Pat Brown, in the California gubernatorial race, Nixon took residence by and worked for Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller. After adding exponentially to his bank account, Nixon was put into office by Rockefeller. He ran on a platform of smaller government. Allen writes, “During the first year of his Administration Mr. Nixon announced his ‘New Federalism.’” It would, for the first time, “provide a Guaranteed Annual Income…double the number on welfare…increase tremendously the power of the executive branch.” Nixon even passed the anti-States’ rights “revenue sharing with the states.” He claimed this would give power to the States. History shows that the Fed has wielded this scheme to strong-arm the States into passing a dizzying array of Federal laws and programs.

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines ‘Socialism’ as “a system of society in which the means of production are controlled by the State.” From Fox News and HHS director, Tommy Thompson: “Treating obesity-related illnesses results in billions of dollars of health care costs, Thompson said.” It is obvious that production in America is controlled by the U.S. Government. The methods of controls are many; taxes, regulations, lawsuits, laws, surveillance, databases, to name only a handful. Any businessman knows that you will have to dance through several hoops to start any business. Even a sole proprietor with only one product working from home will have to do the dance. Even more so, as home-based businesses are heavily watched by the IRS.

There was a time when Republicans and/or conservatives would never have put up with such bleeding-heart liberal policies. These policies are borderline Communist, and possibly treasonous. To make matters worse, and more complicated, George W. Bush is following in a long line of Presidents who cede American sovereignty to the United Nations. Furthermore, he has kowtowed to the European Union, imposing more hardship on our manufacturing and farming industries.

G. Edward Griffin exposes in his book, Fearful Master, the Communist and Globalists’ creation of the United Nations. Robert Welch, founder of the John Birch Society, confirms this information in his book, The Politician. The United Nations has publicly announced endorsement of anti-American, anti-Bill of Rights world laws. They seek the disarmament of the entire Earth. They want global taxation. Through the U.N., American money is handed out freely to corrupt regimes of 3rd World Countries.

In so doing, the U.S. is indirectly advocating World Socialism. To add insult to injuries, the U.N has been implicated in stealing U.S. taxpayer donated dollars for personal gain in the ongoing Oil-for-Food fiasco. An American whose political identity is defined by the terms of true conservatism would be against the United Nations and World Socialism. There is such conservative in Congressman Ron Paul. Since he came into office in 1997, Congressman Paul has proposed annual bills that would completely remove America from the United Nations, their un-American legislation, its entangling treaties, and its call for the destruction of our country. Obviously, liberal Clinton never supported the measures. Since Bush was elected in 2000, a Republican-controlled legislative and executive branch might have seen Paul’s vision come to fruition. This has not been the case. Bush has consistently gone on record stating that, while the U.S. doesn’t have to abide by U.N. rules pertaining preemptive war, he advocates the continued presence of the world government.

The European Union certainly does not have U.S. interests at heart, and neither do we fund them like we do the U.N. Bush has paraded himself as a tough guy in the foreign arena. However, on July 15, 2004, the Centre For Media Alternatives-Quebec paints a softer, weaker man. Nicholas Khulish states in his article, “Euro Brash: Why George Bush Takes Orders from Pascal Lamy,” that The E.U. President demanded that Bush eliminate tax break for American businesses importing to Europe. Bush did just that. Many Republicans point to the abysmal job growth as proof that Bush’s plans are working. What they don’t tell you is that a large percentage of those jobs are GOVERNMENT JOBS, paid for by, you guessed it, the public.

It should be noted that Merriam-Webster has a second definition for Socialism. It is this: “a stage of Society in Marxist theory transitional between capitalism and communism and distinguished by unequal proportion of goods and pay according to work done.” Bush’s new definition of obesity, as reported by Fox News, is just that. By taking goods and pay away from healthy, working people, and giving it to fat and unemployed people, the President is setting a new stage in American society. This comes at a cost. By endorsing socialist programs in a march toward communism and world government; by redefining obesity; President George W. Bush has redefined conservatism.

Conservatism, as practiced by the Bush White House, and as voted for by Republicans, is nothing less than socialism.

Erik Fortman is a writer and musician from Texas. Comments welcomed at

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