Erik Fortman

Kerry Dupes Democrats

Gotcha, Democrats! That is what you get for not listening to the patriots. Tell me that Skull & Bones is just a harmless fraternity. Did you ever wonder how Kerry pulled ahead from nowhere in the primaries? Who actually voted for him - over Gephardt? Dean? EDWARDS? John Edwards was talking such good game, using rousing populist rhetoric, that I wanted to vote for him, and I'm Libertarian! Honestly, has anyone rounded up the delegates, and really asked them who they wanted to vote for; who they were supposed to vote for? I know that several times these people have been manipulated.

John Kerry is the man you Donkeys are being told your delegates voted for. Maybe, maybe not. If you would keep an open mind, you will see why the Neo-conservatives selected a brother, John Kerry, to run against his cousin, George Bush. Oh, yeah, that should have been your first warning label. How do men that are related to each other vie for the Championship of the World? We go back to the 'coincidental' vs. 'conspiratorial' view of history. If it were only family relations as evidence that Kerry is a war hawk plant, I would still subscribe to the latter.

Bush and Kerry are 9th cousins, twice removed. There is a familial tie. This status was upgraded since February 2004, at which time MSNBC claimed they were only known to be 16th cousins. So they may be closer than 9th, but no less. Additionally, they are both related to all sorts of important and royal figures. Both are related to Charlemagne, Walt Disney, MacArthur, and FDR, all Illuminists. They are both related to, tellingly, Benedict Arnold and John Hinckley, Jr. Finally, to go along with those elite sex slavery rumors, the 9th cousins are both 9th cousins with Hugh Hefner, also a royal. Let me see if I have this straight. Charlemagne was crowned the first Germanic Holy Roman Emperor, staged in a bizarre occult ceremony, according to Baigent, Leigh, and Lincoln's 'Holy Blood, Holy Grail.' From here, the line goes out, until some famous, blue-blood Plymouth Rocker gets to America to help spread the English empire. This would be Kerry and Bush's common ancestor, 11 generations ago. Then we have one of the supposed 13 Illuminati bloodlines, Walt Disney, according to Fritz Springmeier. MacArthur's military escapades are still debated, with much of the real information hidden or missing. Oh, I forgot the English traitor, Benedict Arnold. Is it any wonder both Bush and Kerry stand behind England. Finally, family-relation, John Hinckley, Jr., attempted to assassinate Reagan, a man who was against everything Bush, Sr. was for - until after the attempt. Now Bush and Kerry, relations to all those men, and related to each other, are 'locked in a struggle for power.' Come on!

I guess it is good that Bush and Kerry went to the elite secret society/fraternity a few years apart. I guess the atmosphere went from one ideological spectrum to another. Had they been together, they would have been at each others throat…or, maybe they would have plotted how to take over the two parties and stage an election which would allow the war hawk to win, thus keeping both the lineal businesses flowing with capital.

Seriously, though, the Skull & Bones connection has been glossed over too many times by otherwise intelligent Americans. If you didn't know that they were cousins, and both related to prominent Illuminati members, the S&B connection would still be enough to give the entire ordeal a conspiratorial edge. Yes, Skull & Bones was started with Nazi, drug, and slave money. Yes, there are strange rituals that happen inside their lodge, dubbed 'The Tomb.' 'Oh, it's just a college frat,' some say. It is a fraternity that is so tight, the week after Bush was elected he had a meeting in the White House with his Bonesmen alma mater. When asked about the group (and they have only been asked once or twice), both Kerry and Bush said the same thing, almost verbatim. We can't talk about it. Is this how you, Democrat or Republican, want your government to operate?

This is my theory. I may be wrong, and I am only guessing. 2004 will be a Skull & Bones, Charlemagne election regardless. Bones are very dominate in the Bilderberg group, which I chronicled in 'Webs of Power: Government Agencies, Secret Societies, and Elite Legacies.' Not only did Bush just so happen to be in Italy the same weekend that the Bilderberg conference was held there in 2004; John Edwards attended with fellow Neo-cons and Global Socialists alike. Next thing you know, Kerry has a running mate.

Alright, so it appears that Skull & Bones, and other Illuminati factions, anointed Edwards. Kerry's primary win was a farce. You see, Kerry hasn't voted for three-quarters of his votes. He has a shadier Vietnam history than Bush, no saint himself. He can't make up his mind. His wife calls the American people idiots (which they might be, but you don't say it out loud. Plus, their ignorance is her gain). Kerry totally chokes the Democratic Convention. He can't put together a cohesive message. Yet, he's supposed to be one of the greatest statesmen that the Dems have to offer?

This is a set up. The Middle East needs to be rearranged a bit more before good cops (Dems, U.N., World Socialists) come in. Plus, they would rather good cop be Edwards and Clinton, with the Billy Clinton heading up NATO or the U.N. That is, after Bush and Co. rough up the Arabs. Whatever the U.N. and the Democrats give them in 2008 will be ice-cream in Summer after seven years of Republican beatings, bombings, and sanctions.

A world hoax is being perpetrated. The news media is involved. We spent two weeks on hurricanes, two weeks on Kerry's record, and now two weeks on Dan Rather. We still haven't talked about the fact that Bush is a Socialist and Kerry is planning on at least four more years of Iraq!

Bush will have four more years! Kerry is a plant in the Democratic Party. Bush will win this election!

I can only leave you with a line from the infamous Pink Floyd.

'Hello, hello, hello.
Is there anybody in there?
Just nod if you can hear me.
Is there anyone at all?

Webs of Power
by Erik Fortman


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