Erik Fortman

Proof of Media Bias:
Israel the only Mid East Country With
Weapons of Mass Destruction

While Amerika has returned to infomercials and an elderly Michael Jordan trying to save his failing B-Ball team, news that should be projected, analyzed, debated, and examined has been diminished to a banner on the TV screen and neatly tucked away in the archives of Syria has been accused, much like Iraq (i.e. no proof whatsoever), of maybe possibly having WMDs. Syria’s Foreign Minister Farouk al-Sharaa volleyed with a telling statement: Israel is the only country with biochemical or nuclear weapons in the area. Why is Sean Hannity not trumpeting the infallibility of the Nazi/Bush regime while Colms volleys with a call for the Old Democratic cautiousness?

On Wednesday, April 16, Syria introduced a resolution to make the Middle East a WMD-free zone. Their U.N. Ambassador stated “We believe such a draft resolution…is a very important factor for the peace process.” The Arab League’s U.N. representative added “We mean all nations without any exceptions.” This is only further proof that our “leaders” are resolved on taking us into the thick of global war. If they wanted peace, all they need do is put these two men on every news broadcast on every television and radio station until the U.N. was forced to pass the resolution. Here we have a supposed rogue nation begging the World to come in and take all weapons of mass destruction out of the area, thus stabilizing the global effect of that areas warfare. Is this not news?

It is my belief that if there were panel discussions on CNN, Fox, and MSNBC, a huge American public outcry for the resolution to pass would be sounded. And whatever America wants, America gets. This would have a profitable net effect, though. Stock market fluctuations due to the constant warfare in the region would be minimized. The shadow of chemical and nuclear attack at least could be taken off the subconscious of the already fear-ridden American. Also, the hatred that Arabs understandably have toward our country would be lessened somewhat.

Therein lies the core of the Illuminati’s desires. They do now want these things to transpire. If the markets did not downturn at the correct times, they would not reap the huge rewards using insider information and their already vast wealth. If we were not to live in fear, they could not so easily apply their brainwashing and mind control techniques. If the Arabs did not hate us, there would have to be a new enemy fabricated, a new terrorist to scapegoat. Just more proof that the Elite are running the show down at the Hearst-influenced corporate news programs.

Erik Fortman is a writer and musician from Texas. Comments welcomed at

Webs of Power
by Erik Fortman


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