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Webs of Power:
The Pentagon

The Pentagon, The Federal Reserve Bank, CIA, FBI, and The United Nations are only a few of the super powerful “governmental” organizations that control our lives. My own investigation for truth has given me many sleepless nights of research. Inevitably, hours of reading - articles, books, documents - have made me more aware of these vastly encompassing entities. Answers bring about more questions. Who is in charge? What American President and Congress created or accepted these organizations?

What amount of our tax dollars go to them, and what is it used for?

These are extremely important queries. It becomes apparent that Americans and the world are able to do little without the consent and blessings of these ruling bodies. Because these agencies have untold power over the public, should not we be required to learn about them in public schools, both K-12 and college? Yet, this data is absent from textbooks. Of course, private schools do touch on this information; in universities, such as Harvard and Yale, there are intensive studies dedicated to many of these government departments.

One day, the Fed may allow more than a blurb pertaining to our power structure in the state-sanctioned History books. The following series of articles was written to give the reader a brief overview of groups such as the CFR, Trilateral Commission, and The Supreme Court. This is not an in depth study, merely an overview that will bring the reader to do further research. Hopefully, this will bring knowledge, which is power. For some these articles may only give a fact or two previously unknown. For others, revelations may ensue, thus leading to new searches for truth.

There are webs of power that overlap. It is difficult to know the beginning of the network, especially when you are a commoner enmeshed in sticky strands. The Pentagon is a shadowy venue that has its place somewhere very close to the center of that web. I asked ten people from different races and income levels what they thought the Pentagon actually was. Though not a “scientific survey”, (I often wonder who is asked the questions for the major cable news networks‘ polls. I have never been queried), it is evident that the river of ignorance/disinformation runs deep. Answers ranged from “It’s where the President lives” to “I have no idea.”

The Pentagon - “The Pentagon, headquarters of the Department of Defense, is one of the world’s largest office buildings.” Thus begins the text for the one and only Pentagon information page at the D.O.D.’s official website. The six paragraphs contained on the page touts the size of the building with several different measurements and distances. It gives such information as the amount of restrooms, square footage of the building, acreage of the whole complex, and makes us aware of the “six snack bars, and an outside snack bar.” We are told that “200,000 phone calls” are made per day. It is also presented that the building had an “approximate cost of $83 million” in 1943 and “returned its investment within seven years.” What is painfully obvious after perusing the text is that many details are glaringly absent, such as what is done inside this complex, to whom even one of the 200,000 phone calls is made, and why a government building is being used as a private investment. We are privy to this, the last sentence and paragraph: “We hope this information will serve to eliminate some of the myths surrounding the Pentagon and give an appreciation of the size of the building.” Now how many millions worth of taxpayers’ dollars (i.e. returned investment) did it take to allow us such worthless drivel.

For significant facts such as the origin, functions, personnel, leadership, and funding of the Pentagon, it is necessary to visit other, unofficial links. The conundrum expands when using a search engine to find these links. Many sites are commercials for merchandise that the Pentagon sells; lapel pins, war videos, etc. The first three independent sites that looked as though they may have had true info were somehow not working at the time of this writing. My high speed internet link crashed twice. After almost an hour of searching I found the following data. From, I was able to glean that the Pentagon is the building that is home to the Department of Defense and the five military branches (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard). This site claims that the Pentagon is the largest office building under one roof, though the government’s official site only says it is ‘one’ of the largest offices. A one page summation on the functions and offices inside the Pentagon seems impossible to find, and it is my opinion, unsubstantiated, that some sites have been purged from the World Wide Web.

It seems that one must visit the multitude of “special interest” sites to begin understanding some of the tasks of America’s “defensive” headquarters. A hot topic seems to be the addition of the Total Information Awareness program. TIA is headed by the G.W. Bush appointee and felon, Admiral John Poindexter. The ACLU’s page on Total Information Awareness proposes “TIA is the closest thing to a ’Big Brother’ program” that America has ever attempted. The ACLU goes on to state that Total Information Awareness is actually headed by Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), which is itself a branch of the D.O.D. The Web of Power in interwoven, intricate, and labyrinthine.

All roads seem to lead back to the Department of Defense. At the D.O.D. official site, there are many links to espousals by governmental leaders, including Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz, two devout NeoCons. On the home page, we are told that the Smallpox Immunization Program was a “real success” (despite the deaths attributed to it). There is even an article link under the “Breaking News” section entitled “The Faces Behind The Faces On The ’Most Wanted Deck’. They must want to make sure we know the “evil” men that we’ll be playing solitaire with for the next six months. Very important thing to know.

Delving deeper, we begin to pick up hints of occult symbolism pertaining to the Pentagon. David Icke’s pages say that the building is in the form of the Satanic Pentagram, much like other centers of power across the globe. There is more information that uncovers the symbolic meaning of the pentagram and the parallels to Freemasonry, a semi-secret society purported to worship Lucifer. Many of our most renowned leaders in the highest offices have been Freemasons.

While the Pentagon is touted as simply a giant office building, I have learned that George W. Bush wants to exempt it (The Pentagon) from environmental regulations. How one can exempt a structure, I am not sure, nor does the article say. Also, The Rendon Group seems to have been awarded a no-bid contract to disseminate information to Arab nations which would make them friendlier to “our” views and way of life by the Who handed out this primo contract. The Pentagon, an edifice. It seems there are a plethora of Pentagon members being charged with bribery, fraud, and other criminal acts while on the public dole.

And, what of these “Pentagon Officials” so factually and frequently referred. I could not find out who these officials were after two hours of research. Yet, they are often quoted and seem to be the ones guiding our foreign and - increasingly - our domestic policies.

Again, I reiterate that this is only a passing analysis of the Pentagon. It seems that pertinent information is obsolete, at least on the surface. Please send any relevant information about the Pentagon to I hope to update this article for the general public.

Erik Fortman is a writer and musician from Texas. Comments welcomed at

Webs of Power
by Erik Fortman


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