Erik Fortman

United States Rebukes
Syrian Proposal to Rid Mid East of WMD’s

Two weeks ago, I wrote that Syria had proposed a resolution to the United Nations practically begging that agency and the United States Government to rid the Middle East WMD’s. Little was heard of this interesting and potentially World-changing story in the mainstream news media. With one Arab country voluntarily opening its door to end the proliferation of bio, chemical, and nuclear weapons, we have the opportunity to stabilize the region.

This could bring more Arab nations to join this momentous proposal and would have positive global repercussions.

There’s only one small problem. Israel is the only country known to positively possess weapons of mass destruction.

Could that be why our current lying, corrupt administration has rejected the offer before it has even been debated or voted on? Colin Powell has publicly and officially rejected the Syrian proposal. The Secretary of State’s position is that Syria is pursuing WMD’s and harboring terrorists. We can safely assume that this position is to be the policy of our Federal Government. Although the Bush administration asserts being in favor of a WMD-free Middle East, Powell was recently quoted as saying “I think it’s a goal we have to pursue over time.” Unfortunately, the dead American soldiers were not allowed to give this same ‘time’ to Hans Blitx and other U.N. weapons inspectors in Iraq.

Presently, even the most devout Neo-Conservatives can’t refute that we have been unable to find, or even plant, Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. In a speech shown on Fox News, the forerunner of the Administration’s propaganda agencies, Bush stated that he is still hopeful that we will find these weapons. Isn’t that nice? Might Syria be given the same fate as Iraq? As reported by America’s ABC News, Syria’s official newspaper printed, “Peace and security are achieved by respecting laws and international resolutions and tackling all the causes that led to the new reality.”

This was obviously alluding to the fact that the U.S. War Machine is prepared to kill Arabs indiscriminately, including women and children, with information based on rumors and innuendo. It is altogether plausible that if we attacked Syria, took over their natural resources, killed their people and overthrew their government, we would find that we just can’t seem to find the weapons. Israel, however, are allowed to possess such weapons, though Israel’s human rights record is far from exemplary. In fact, the international consensus is that Israel is one of the top ten terrorist nations.

It seems obvious the Bush Corporation is really not concerned about WMD’s. Current government agencies - including the D.O.D., the C.I.A. - define these weapons as biological, chemical, and nuclear, though this may expand to include radiological, and others (rumors are coming from the Beltway that Information may one day fit the criteria). Fox News reported that America no longer expects N. Korea to give up it’s nuclear arsenal, only to report the weapons and discontinue manufacturing.

This of course was on a banner in small letters while the main picture emanating from the television was happy U.S. Navy personnel reuniting with their families and loved ones. This, along with the rejection of the Syrian proposal makes it apparent that WMD’s are to be a part of the World Landscape for the foreseeable future. That is, until one country launches one, and then another country retaliates with another, etc., etc. Not a happy picture, and one that could be circumvented if only the Bush Cabinet were serious about stopping their use. So far, the administration has only used the rhetoric of weapons of mass destruction to further their agenda, including the pillaging of Afghanistan and the taking over of oil in Iraq.

So, once again our current administration is offered the torch of peace. That torch, however, is not the flame that beckons the Illuminati.

Erik Fortman is a writer and musician from Texas. Comments welcomed at

Webs of Power
by Erik Fortman


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