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Is God a Transsexual?

Now, at first glance, that question looks very blasphemous to the pious "religious" person. The so-called religious person thinks he or she is religious for the reason that he or she believes in a male god that has purportedly been described and recorded in one particular book or another which the religious individual is taught to believe was also somehow written by that very god person himself. The fact that simply following a book or its priests around or merely believing in an anthropomorphic god does not make a person religious is not the subject of this particular treatise, but this does need to be pointed out here, because so-called religious people erroneously believe that sheepishly and blindly going along with a prescribed faith and not questioning "authority" IS a religious experience, while those who are doubters and nonfollowers are considered either irreligious or atheistic.

Believers are No More Religious than Nonbelievers

It is not true that individuals who believe in a specific description of God are religious while those who do not believe are not religious. A person who does not believe in a god can be and often is more religious than an individual who does, as many nonbelievers have frequently done outstanding humanitarian work. In the meantime, throughout history there have been innumerable actions taken by "religious" people that could only be considered horrendous and atrocious criminal behavior. It is quite apparent to anyone who studies this issue that few people have ever waged a war in the name of atheism. Most wars have been fought in the name of one god or another. Tens of millions of people have been murdered by "good Christians" and the like. Even if the war has not necessarily been declared a "religious" one, one can be certain that the leaders and the troops all believe that they are fighting a "just cause" with God on their side.

Now, the above is just to establish that simply believing in a particular god does not make one religious and not believing in a god does not make one irreligious. Questioning the beliefs of others and being a scientist also does not make one irreligious. It is the right of every individual to question any dogma or doctrine regarding what is held to be a very important issue, i.e. religion and the nature of God. It is incumbent upon every individual to determine the truth and not blindly believe in others' opinions in this matter - in fact, this is what determines religiosity.

So, in asking the question "is God a transsexual?" one is not being irreligious at all. In reality, it takes a very religious person, i.e., one who is extremely dedicated to uncovering the truth about spiritual matters, to even come up with such a question. What is meant by that statement is that if a person is really interested in knowing what is the Ultimate Truth - that which we could call "God" - one needs to fervently study this subject and not just accept dogma as a matter of "faith." In studying this subject, then, one will discover that for the past 2,500 years or so the predominant depiction of the Ineffable has been as a male, but if one religiously delves further into the issue, one will discover that over the millennia humanity has created a plethora of portrayals of God, including a very long period when God was viewed as being female.

When God was a Woman

The fact is that during the greater part of human existence God was viewed as a woman. This means that before the advent of a monotheistic male god, much of the world recognized and worshipped a female version for tens of thousands of years - much longer than society has acknowledged the male version. The male interpretation of God is not new but its emphasis and totality is relatively new. Most people are taught that the ancient world was totally confused, unenlightened and ignorant to the existence of the male god now presented in the so-called sacred scriptures, until a particular prophet or "son of God" came along to enlighten all these stupid and perplexed people. While this version of reality has been extraordinarily profitable for those who have perpetuated it, it is absolutely not true. The ancient people had an excellent grip on reality and had divined most if not all of what is now contained in the seemingly recent "revelation" called the "Bible" long before these prophets and sons of God ever reportedly appeared on the planet. They had their male gods and sons, and they have their female goddesses and daughters. What is new is the domination of the male.

Nothing New Under the Sun

Most if not all of the "great" sayings attributed to many of the esteemed "religious" thinkers or prophets, whether Jewish, Moslem, Christian or Buddhist, were already in existence well before these characters supposedly said them. In reality, numerous cultures had recorded nearly the identical "divine" concepts thousands of years earlier in various places around the world. In other words, there is nothing new or revelatory at all in the Judeo-Christian bible or its offshoot scriptures developed later in Near Eastern countries.

For thousands of years intelligent and aware peoples around the globe recognized and worshipped a female version of God, the Goddess, and their belief in and acknowledgement of this goddess were just as divinely-inspired and truthful as the belief in and acknowledgment of the presently accepted version of God. The people who acknowledged this female deity were not a bunch of ignorant and illiterate cavemen who simply did not know better. As stated, these people had recorded the same "sublime" ideas that can be found in the later scriptures; therefore, they were obviously no less illuminated. The worshippers of the Goddess were every bit as evolved and intelligent as the newcomer creators of the male God and "his Word." Indeed, in many parts of the world, the Goddess-worshipping cultures were more civilized and enlightened than their successors and conquerors, those of the warrior God-worshipping cultures.

No Proof that "Great Spirit" is a Man

To ancient believers, the Goddess was just as concrete a reality as the male god is to the believers of today, and they would be just as able to intelligently argue the case for the existence of the Goddess as are the proponents of the male god able to debate this issue today. Indeed, the only "intelligent" argument the male God-believers can throw up to those who question their interpretation of the nature of God is that, "The Bible says so." In other words, if you ask a believer in the currently accepted depiction of God how he or she knows that God is a male or that the angels are all male, he or she will say, "Because the Bible says so." Well, needless to say, to an nonbeliever in the Judeo-Christian biblical view of reality, that is like saying, "I believe that Elvis is alive because the tabloids say so." A book that seeks to prove its own premises by stating that they are true because the book itself says so, is not a great reference to use. Every criminal is also innocent because he says so - are we to act strictly on his word? Obviously, blind belief is hardly a scientific endeavor.

So, since there is no proof that God is a male, and since millions of intelligent people over the millennia have also believed in the Goddess, it would seem that this matter is open to question. And if the overwhelmingly accepted interpretation of the Creator of the Universe was, for thousands of years preceding the advent of the male version, a female, then that would leave one to wonder if God has had a sex-change operation. God was once Goddess. When the Goddess reigned, she was every bit as real as the God is today. Since the Goddess was real before the God existed, we have to wonder if God is a transsexual. What else could it be?

While this question is really just tongue in cheek, the issues raised here are significant. It is important that every individual who is blindly willing to go marching off to kill other people because the leaders have deemed the cause just - whether for reasons of "religion" or "democracy" or some other such thing - know the facts before he or she makes the decision to murder his or her fellow man and woman. Those people who believe in things other than what is in your so-called holy scriptures or than the presently accepted rendition of God are not evil beings who deserve to die. They are every bit as human as you are, and you have no right or cause to end their lives simply because they do not accept your interpretation of morality or the nature of God as dictated by your "scriptures." Do not listen to your political and religious leaders as they foam at the mouth telling you that this group of people is evil and needs to be corrected simply because their god or goddess has a different face than yours. Explore this issue. Become educated to the fact that "God" has taken on numerous forms and shapes, including female ones, for thousands upon thousands of years. The nature of the Divine is completely open to interpretation, and no priest or politician has the total picture or the right to act in God's name. And there is also the concept of "No God," i.e., that there is no such creature, separate and apart from creation.

Holy War is Not Holy

No religious war is just. All are attempts to force others' opinions of the Divine on "infidels" and "pagans." The wars are always justified to be in the name of God or some political system with God at the helm, but the real motives are always purely economical or bloodlust. Do not be a part of this, no matter how much someone exhorts you. See through their game that the nature of the Divine is that It cannot be described or contained in a single book, whether it is Jewish-biased, Christian-biased, Arab-biased or Chinese-biased. Do not kill anyone because they do not share your own ethnocentric and egocentric biases.


Murdering someone in the name of your particular interpretation of God is NOT religious and will absolutely, positively NOT get you into Heaven. On the contrary, when you eventually become enlightened and develop a conscience, your actions will propel you into a "mind hell" of your own creation. You will have to live with your actions and replay them over and over again in your mind. Your actions will come back to haunt and torture you. You will have to find a way to reconcile yourself to the fact that you may have murdered a completely innocent person or persons - all because someone else convinced you that you were acting justly in vindication of some utterly arbitrary interpretation of God or a political regime. You do not want to live with that on your conscience. Do not go along with this type of behavior. Remember that God and religion are subjective and whimsical. Nothing that has form, whether male or female, black or white, is the ultimate truth. To fight for the real "God" would be to fight for the absolute truth, which in turn is to not fight at all.

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