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With considerable media fanfare, ABC television news anchor Peter Jennings is promoting his new book, which is co-authored by ABC staff producer Todd Brewster.(1) Entitled 'The Century for Young People", the lavishly-illustrated book, oriented toward children, purports to present a realistic overview of 20th. century history.

In actuality, the book imparts the same misleading political spin on historical events as we have come to expect from our Illuminati overlords, via their London-based command center known as the Royal Institute of International Affairs, whose membership is composed of major media luminaries, bankers, politicians, captains of industry, etc..

Thus, in placing the blame solely on the Japanese for the Pearl Harbor attack, the book, which claims to have been extensively researched, fails to inform the readers of the causal factors which led up to the attack. These included the British-engineered downfall of Prime Minister Okuma and the Rockefeller-instigated expulsion of Japan from her Chinese oilfield concessions. As a congressional hearing chaired by then Senator Harry Truman revealed, the Pearl Harbor attack was planned at the New England office of the Rockefeller-funded Institute of Pacific Relations, not in Japan as is popularly believed. As a British cabinet minister stated before Parliament in 1944: "Japan was provoked into attacking America at Pearl Harbor. It is a travesty on history to say that America was forced into the war."

If the book authors had presented the true facts, perhaps America's next generation would realize that the Pearl Harbor attack was a payback episode for the egregious intervention into Japan's internal affairs of state perpetrated by the Rockefeller oil dynasty and its corrupt puppet Franklin D. Roosevelt.(2)

In a similar manner, the book portrays photographs of Nazi atrocities, yet fails to mention that the Nazi Party was created and funded by the City of London and Wall Street financiers, using George Bush's father as the bagman. It does not comment on the fact that U.S. taxpayers unwittingly funded the establishment of Hitler's military, or that Dr. Josef Mengele, the Auchwitz "Angel of Death" was covertly brought to America at the conclusion of W.W.II in order to implement technologically-advanced mind-control techniques upon many hapless Americans.(3)

Books such as the one written by Jennings and Brewster serve only to foster successive generations of politically ill-informed cannon fodder, who mindlessly engage in wars planned years in advance, fought to enhance the aggrandizement of the illuminati-controlled military-industrial complex.

At the present time NATO "peacekeepers" are active in more than one hundred countries. True peace will not break out globally unless the next generation of children are made aware of the false dogma ranging from geopolitics to the New Age movement, which deliberately has been promulgated by Illuminati social engineers and media personnel. As we are about to enter a new millennium, it is, perhaps, an opportune time to debunk many misconceptions foisted upon us by a controlled media. This article is therefore oriented toward teenagers, not adults, many of whom possess too rigid a belief structure to accept reality. It also will not be viewed favorably by the majority of New Agers, who tend to ignore negative subjects. Such denial is not only a sickness, it can also create negative karma. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi women and children have died because NATO forces destroyed that nation's infrastructure during the contrived Desert Storm war. This war would not have happened if people had learned to become politically aware and to say no to Illuminati political hacks.(4)

The following are some of the subjects which young people need to be informed about:

Social Engineering:

When American evangelist E. Grandison (Charles) Finney (1792-1875) became a minister, his sermons were delivered in a calm, unemotional manner. Unfortunately for the good shepherd, most of his flock abandoned his ministry, never to return.

Realizing that he had to find a way to attract and maintain an enthusiastic congregation, Finney discovered that if normal brain function is disturbed through major fear, shock or emotion, heightened suggestibility and impaired judgment occur temporarily. This facilitates the implanting of a new belief structure. Instead of appealing to the intellect, Finney began to deliver sermons replete with copious amounts of fire and brimstone, spoken in a loud, emotion-filled manner. Cognizant that Finney had discovered a technique which turned previously-rational people into mindless robots, other pastors adopted Finney's evangelical methods, which became known as the Boston Movement - the foundation of today's Fundamentalist Christian Church, exemplified in the hysterical rantings and ravings of television evangelists, more intent upon making a buck than in saving souls.

A classic example of the effectiveness of Finney's behavior-modification techniques was the Children of God Church of the 1960's, The church pamphlets promoted pedophilia and sex between children. A granddaughter of the cult's founder alleges that she was made to have sex with important government officials and had "met presidents from around the world." The cult was protected by powerful political figures, including Chilean dictator Pinochet. The late movie actor River Phoenix revealed that as a child, he had been forced to have sex at the time that his father was an archbishop of the Children of God Church. Shortly after some 170 children were taken into protective following a police raid on a Children of God compound, River Phoenix died from a purported drug overdose on Halloween night. His body bore no needle marks. Was his death accidental, or was this a ritual murder perpetrated in order to prevent him from revealing what he knew?

Finney's method was adopted by the Tavistock Institute. Founded in London in 1922 as a psychological warfare research center, it has developed into the central body responsible for the oversight of a global mind-control network. The Institute realized that by means of repeated psychological shocks, or stressful events, entire populations could be psychologically-controlled. This is achievable by providing a controlled psychological environment.

Through its control of the Army psychiatric directorate, Tavistock effectively controlled the British army during W.W.11. At the conclusion of W.W.11, Tavistock began to establish a global network of psychiatric centers, in order to influence the ideologies of mass populations. This subversive network, which was funded primarily by the Rockefeller Foundation and large corporations, included such establishments as the Stanford Research Institute, the U.S. Office of Naval Research and the Science Policy Research Unit in England, the latter becoming a major force in the development of social manipulation techniques, and has engaged in classified contract studies for NATO. It has become an accepted practice for high level NATO military personnel to be implanted with mind-control programs.

It was JFK's space program which sounded the economic death-knell for the Western nations. Until that time, the geopolitical clout of Western nations primarily had been derived from the profits of the narcotics trade and industrial growth. In 1963, NASA placed a contract with Tavistock to determine the effects of the aerospace industry on Western society. The Institute found that the space program had so ignited the imagination of the public, that the Western world was in danger of becoming a technological society, replete with many free-thinkers. If allowed to continue, this trend would cause the Illuminati to lose its dominance over the populace.

So alarmed were the Illuminati that they convened a conference in France; the conference concluded that in order for the Illuminati movers and shakers to continue their dominion over the masses, the populace of Western nations must be brainwashed into accepting the de-industrialization of their countries. Deindustrialization was accomplished by culturally shocking the masses into accepting the formation of vast environmental agencies staffed with parasitic bureaucrats.

Admittedly, some anti-pollution legislation is necessary, but the mountains of nebulous paper and draconian penalties issuing forth from environmental agencies, has thrust the Western world into a nearly-insolvent post-industrial era. Most of the global pollution arising from transportation and industry readily could be eradicated through the implementation of proven over-unity (free-energy) devices, while polluted rivers can be cleansed through the application of Schauberger vortexian technology. Not surprisingly, environmental bureaucrats have repeatedly blocked the implementation of such devices for fear of losing political clout.

The Tavistock Institute published a report in 1974 which revealed that environmentalist, New Age and religious organizations are, in actuality, all part of a unified, planned social engineering conspiracy. At the request of the Institute's director, Dr. Willis Harmon, key elements of the report were published in book form as The Aquarian Conspiracy by Harmon protégé Marilyn Ferguson. The last thing that the Illuminati wants is a populace which thinks for itself, something most New Agers fail to do, relying instead upon books and lectures promulgated by disinformers and kooks. The recent New Age emphasis on angels, for instance, has only occurred because New Agers have failed to determine the earthly origins of the angel myth.(5)

In short, social engineering is an organized attempt by Illuminati front organizations to brain-wash the global populace into accepting the destruction of national sovereignty, as a precursor to the establishment of a global totalitarian government.

Global warming:

According to the Chicken Little climatologists at the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and various environmental activists, carbon dioxide emissions from industrial sources are causing major global warming, which in turn is causing a massive breakup of the Antarctic ice shelves. To make matters worse, state these doomsayers, the year 2000 will usher in major solar activity, resulting in failure of satellites and leaving cities without electrical power.

These dire predictions are merely another social engineering ploy aimed at further de-industrialization, in order to achieve the Illuminati goal of reducing the global populace to mediaeval serfdom. This is why it is incumbent upon you, dear reader, to conduct your own research, instead of leaving the task to 'experts' whose livelihood is in the hands of their Illuminati overlords.

These doomsayers are primarily basing their claims upon computer models, not upon empirical data. In actuality, carbon dioxide is merely a secondary greenhouse gas - water vapor possessing twice the greenhouse effect, even though it is being ignored in environmental studies. Water vapor and other primary greenhouse gasses such as ozone, cause greenhouse warming when acted upon by solar radiation. Since solar radiation is a variable, so global temperatures vary accordingly. Another variable is the amount of water vapor present in the atmosphere; every minute, approximately 20 ice comets weighing about 100 tons apiece enter the earth's atmosphere and vaporize, continually adding to our planet's water content.

Claims that we are in a global warming period are primarily based upon temperatures recorded by small boxes known as Stevenson Screens; the majority of these are located in cities, where thermal radiation from large expanses of asphalt and concrete result in temperatures higher than those encountered in sparsely-populated areas. The system does not record oceanic temperatures. Since 75% of the planet's surface is covered by water and ice, a false impression is created from such recorded data.

A much more accurate depiction of global temperatures is provided by NOAA weather satellites, which record temperatures of the lower atmosphere in a uniform planetary sweep. Nineteen years of data recorded by NOAA reveals that little, or no global warming has occurred during this time period.

Solar activity occurrs in approximately 11 year cycles. The present cycle began in May, 1996 and is predicted to peak in the year 2000. Contrary to media reports, the present cycle has exhibited far less solar activity than the two previous cycles.

The environmental doomsayers had a field day when a large iceberg broke away from the Antarctic ice shelf and was attributed to global warming. A perusal of The American Navigator, which has recorded iceberg activity since 1799, reveals that that particular iceberg was much smaller than ones sighted in the past. In 1854, an iceberg was observed which was much larger; in 1927, an iceberg covered an area of some 10,000 square miles, while an iceberg spotted in 1956 by an American icebreaker was 208 miles long by 60 miles wide.

The notion that CFC's are responsible for the hole in the ozone layer at the South Pole is ludicrous, since the hole was observed prior to the introduction of CFC's. Moreover, CFC molecules are so heavy that they sink into the soil, where they are consumed by anaerobic bacteria. Studies conducted at China's Changchun University suggest that solar high energy particles consume ozone over the Antarctic. CFC patents held by Dupont were about to expire, which would have permitted third world nations to manufacture their own CFC'S, Dupont accordingly developed the flammable and toxic HCFC as a replacement product and enlisted United Nations aid in imposing a global ban on the more efficient and safe CFC'S, thereby providing Dupont with a new monopoly market and multi-billion dollar windfall profits.


Contrary to public belief, modern witchcraft is not of Celtic derivation, and is not associated with the Old English word 'witan' meaning "to know", or any word meaning "craft of the wise". Wiccan covens are covertly controlled on behalf of the Illuminati by means of a United Nations organization called Women's International Collectives (WICCE); it interfaces with the Russian-directed Women's International League for Peace and Freedom and is associated in America with the Revolutionary Communist Party, which was involved in precursor activities that culminated in the last Los Angeles riot.

The Wicca tradition began with the Khwajagan-associated Bedouin tribe known as the Aniza. The word "coven" is derived from their practice of performing rituals wearing winding sheets known as a Kafan; their meetings were called an Az Zabat, from which we get 'sabat". The cult's sacrificial knife was an Adh-dhamme, which gave rise to the wiccan "athame". Robin is a traditional wiccan name, presumably derived from the name of the Aniza cult leader - Rabbans. The Aniza camel brand later became known as the witches foot (the peace sign). The tribal totem was the goat.

Some of the cult migrated to Spain circa 1460, where some cult members came under the influence of the malevolent Rabbi Isshaq Toledano, who persuaded them to cast spells against his enemies and engage in blood rituals.

The Illuminati:

The Illuminati is a very covert satanic cult which dominates global commerce and the military / industrial complex. It's hierarchy is composed of thirteen bloodline families whose ancestry is traceable back to the Babylonian era. All American presidents are bloodline (George W. Bush and Vice-President Gore are the presidential candidates with the strongest Illuminati bloodlines).

The creature at the apex of the Illuminati pyramidal structure is a French Marquis, who bears the rank Pin d'Ar. He attends two human sacrifices in Orange County, California, each year; heads of state, politicians, celebrities, military and law enforcement personnel have been observed at these rituals. Lesser Illuminati organizational bodies include the Octagon, the Grand Druid Council of Thirteen and the Committee of Three Hundred. At the bottom of the pyramid are satanic lodges and covens, e.g. the British Pickengill coven and the Wessex Lodge, the latter being the directors of the American Skull and Bones Society. An Illuminati sub-group is the Sovereign Order of the Dragon, which controlled the evil Egyptian priesthood and whose later members included Dracul, the father of Vlad the lmpaler (Dracula).

A 19th. century letter which used to be displayed in the British Museum, was written by the Illuminist Albert Pike. It details three world wars planned by the Illuminati. It accurately described the last two World Wars and claims the next one will be initiated by provoking religious differences between Jew and Arab (probably through destruction of the Islamic mosque situated adjacent to Jerusalem's Dome of the Rock). The remaining global powers will choose sides and fight themselves to a standstill, and destroy each other's economic and religious institutions. Out of the chaos will arise a totalitarian New World Order and a new religion which embraces Lucifer (the new global religion is currently being composed under the direction of industrialist Maurice Strong, at a remote retreat in Crestone County, Colorado).

Who killed President Kennedy:

Jennings's book claims that Lee Harvey Oswald was the perpetrator and ignores evidence to the contrary. The person charged with the crime was two inches shorter than the Oswald who went to Russia: he was probably a Latvian Oswald double named Al Hidell. It is not possible to fire a rifle without receiving powder residue on the cheek, yet "Oswald's" paraffin test proved negative - case closed.

The assassination was directed by British Intelligence operative Major Louis Bloomfield, c.e.o. of the Permindex Corporation. Clay Shaw and Roy Cohn were directors of Permindex. The actual assassination was perpetrated by members of the Defense Industrial Security Command (the military / industrial complex security arm) and FBI sharpshooters, the supervisor of the FBI team posing as treasurer of a Pasadena church. According to intelligence sources, Kennedy's head wound was caused by a radio-controlled shaped charge of explosive located under John Connally's jump seat (the explosion was visible in the original uncut version of the Zapruder film). At least one member of a psy-ops team was present in order to momentarily mentally mis-direct the attention of the President's wife away from the blast source, It is a matter of record that the limo's interior was removed and replaced by a new one within 24 hours, presumably in order to dispose of the explosive's firing mechanism.

In a private communication with the writer, a crewmember of Kennedy's Air Force One aircraft claimed that the mortally-wounded president was covertly transported to Bethesda Naval Hospital, and died the following spring. The autopsy photograph's are of slain police officer and Kennedy look-alike J.D. Tippet. Prime motives for the assassination were the president's intent to federalize the Federal Reserve and his planned cessation of the Vietnam war, which would have meant cancellation of an $11 billion contract to the Bechtel Corporation for the construction of a naval base (Lady Byrd Johnson was allegedly a major Bechtel stockholder).

Mind Control:

In its coverage of "Unabomber" Ted Kaczynski, the Jennings's book omits the most important aspect of the case: Kaczynski had been a volunteer for a CIA-funded MK-ULTRA mind-control project at Harvard University. The writer, who has assisted in the de-programming of mind-control survivors, invariably finds that persons charged in bombings or multiple shootings, are victims of mind-control projects.(6)

It has been customary for the offspring of Illuminati initiates to be programmed in order to perpetuate the organization. Mind-control techniques were elevated to a new scientific level during W.W.II by the Auschwitz "Angel of Death" Joseph Mengele, who subjected infants to prolonged intense torture, in order to force the minds of the hapless children to split into several thousand alter personalities. At the conclusion of W.W. II, Mengele was covertly brought to the United States under Operation Paperclip, and established mind-control facilities at various Federal facilities, including China Lake Naval Weapons Facility and later at Area 51.

Typical trauma induced in infants at these facilities included limb dislocation, sexual abuse and forced observation of the execution of "expendable" children. Many mind-control victims are the offspring of multi-generational satanic cult families, while others are the children of military fathers who knowingly permit their children to become mind-control victims in order to further their own careers. Numerous child-care centers are involved in satanic cult and mind-control activity.

Sadly, such evil activity is protected by the Illuminati-controlled media, which declines to expose it, yet highlights the disinformation spewed forth from the False Memory Syndrome Foundation. This insidious foundation was established to discredit claims of ritual sexual abuse and mind control, insisting that such claims are the result of false memories. Significantly, prominent members of this organization have included CIA-funded mind-control researchers such as the late Dr. Jolyon West, and supporters of pedophilia, including self-admitted pedophile Harold Merksey. Foundation member Dr. Ralph Underwager was forced to resign after it was publicly revealed that he advocated sex between adults and children, claiming that it was "An acceptable expression of God's will for love", during an interview with the Danish pedophile magazine Paedika.

Membership of the foundation is interlocked with that of the Committee for the Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP), an organization which debunks the proven free-energy research of such luminaries as Nobel Prize nominee Nikola Tesla. A board member of CSICOP is Professor Paul Kurtz, chairman of Prometheus Books, which publishes books describing pedophile encounters. Its human sexuality editor is CSICOP member Professor Vern Bullough, who is also a board member of Paedika.

Typical media suppression of the truth concerning ritual sexual abuse and mind control (sexual abuse provides the trauma which causes the mind to dissociate) occurred during press coverage of the McMartin Preschool trial. Claims of false memories were highlighted, yet key evidence suggestive that ritual sexual abuse had, indeed occurred, was downplayed or ignored.

One day in 1976, the unconscious body of rape victim Karen Klass was discovered in her Huntington Beach home. She was the ex-wife of Righteous Brothers' vocalist Bill Medley; she died from her injuries five days later. Her young son attended the McMartin Preschool.

Her death was investigated by Hermosa Beach Chief Detective Paul Bynum, whose investigative records later mysteriously disappeared. He later became a private detective. In 1984, members of the McMartin Preschool staff received indictments after a grand jury heard allegations from preschoolers that they had been taken from the school by means of tunnels, sexually molested, then forced to watch as school staff killed turtles and animals, informing the children as they did so that the same fate would happen to them and their families if they spoke about the sexual abuse. Shortly after the indictments had been handed down, Gerald Klass, the husband of the slain Karen Klass, was killed when he drove his car over a cliff. The Hermosa police allegedly made no attempt to determine whether the Klass deaths and the McMartin indictments were interrelated.

The attorney for indicted McMartin staff member Raymond Buckey retained the services of the previously-mentioned Paul Bynum. After viewing the videotaped interviews of the preschoolers, Bynum concluded that the children had indeed been sexually abused at the school. Curiously, when police arrested Buckey, Bynum's missing investigative records were discovered on Buckey's desk.

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