Karen Gross-Foster

Bird Flu and "Hate" Laws

The current bird flu scare being broadcast throughout the world is an interesting phenomenon when one studies it closely as it reveals that barbaric people will resort to any behavior to protect themselves and their meat supply. Seeing abused birds grabbed by the legs, carried upside down and thrown into raging fires or gas chambers is a sign to such people that their food supply and lives will be protected. It is because people treat their animal brethren like this and worse that there is always the need for world cleansing in the form of plagues and natural storms.

The masses of humanity getting a peek into the abominable conditions in which innocent birds are forced to live in order that humans can have an endless supply of meat, eggs, feathers, foie gras and pet food may end up having an unexpected positive effect. Though the savages among us will remain untouched, seeing millions of birds crowded into sheds and battery cages for meat and egg production will profoundly effect the sensibilities of those humans ready to advance. The more sensitive members of the world population may at last wake up to see the horrendous cruelty and suffering which is inflicted upon our fellow beings and choose to no longer have any part of it by seeking out and beginning to live the beautiful and harmless vegan lifestyle.

Terrifying millions upon millions of people into thinking a deadly virus is on the way for which there is no prevention or cure, the pharmaceutical companies suddenly have a huge number of willing human research subjects upon whom to test their questionable vaccines and other experimental drugs. Easily manipulated and desperate people willingly roll up their sleeves to be injected with unknown substances and do not understand that such carelessness and disregard for their body now must bring bodily deformity and illness in their next lifetime.

As I predicted in Warning to the Masses and then again in Earth Mastery 666, those of us who speak out on behalf of animal rights are increasingly in danger of being regarded as terrorists because of "hate" and "hate speech" laws. Britain is now considering a law which would cause the immediate arrest of anyone speaking well of animal liberation or animal rescue acts. It is considering passing a law whereby if one makes any statement against animal research facilities and in support of animal rescuers, that person will be arrested, held for three months without charge and then imprisoned seven years for being a terrorist.

Here is an excerpt from the report in the October 25, 2005 edition of the Britain Times Online:

"The new terrorism laws were designed primarily to target the so- called preachers of hate who glorify terrorist attacks. However, the Home Secretary told MPs and peers that animal rights supporters who celebrated militant attacks should also face prosecution. Animal rights activists who glorify militant acts against economic targets and laboratories are to face prosecution under terror laws aimed at al-Qaeda supporters. The move, confirmed last night by Charles Clarke, the Home Secretary, means that extremists convicted under the new legislation could be jailed for seven years and suspects held without charge for up to three months."

I wrote that "hate speech" laws would be expanded to include anything the masses do not want to hear. That is coming true with great rapidity and it is alarming to know that the scummiest of the human race such as those who work at Huntingdon Life Sciences and other animal testing facilities may soon be able to do their dirty work of harming, maiming and killing hundreds of animals each and every day and be shielded by "hate" laws.

I can just see George W. Bush and other world leaders laughing all the way to the bank as they get richer by the minute from their pharmaceutical investments knowing that they have done all within their power to put the world population in its place so it cannot protest or speak out against their actions without fear of imprisonment.

Those of us who sit back and do nothing will be the ones who are forced one day to take vaccinations and be experimented on against our will just as animals are. Let us be fearless in standing up to this corrupt new world order and doing whatever must be done to protect the "least among us", the innocent animal kingdom.

© Copyright 2005 Karen Gross-Foster

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