Karen Gross-Foster

The ADL Does Not Belong in Our Schools

School districts across the United States are inviting the questionable ADL or Jewish Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith into our taxpayer funded public school systems and into the very midst of our children to push forth its false "tolerance" propaganda. Rather than tolerance among people for one another which is, of course, a noble trait, the ADL's agenda is really an anti-White one.

Like the wolf in sheep's clothing that it is, the ADL has gone into our schools and given its presentations which are resulting in the doing away with traditions such as Washington's/Lincoln's birthdays, Columbus Day, the phrase "one nation under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance, manger scenes during Christmas season and removal of classic literature and other books by White authors from schools and public libraries. Elementary through college-age White children are now forced to endure a month long tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr. in January, Black History Month throughout February and then a month of Latino Appreciation while being encouraged to have disdain for their own amazing European heritage. While we all acknowledge that the demographics of our country are changing and we need to adapt, we must not allow ourselves to be run over roughshod in the process.

EuropeanAmerican or White children are rapidly being reduced to the lowest possible level by being forced to wear school uniforms in the continued effort to equalize everyone so that no one's feelings are hurt and the harmful No Child Left Behind policies designed to bring the brightest minds down to the level of the dullest. This has the obvious effect of stifling achievement and creates dangerous classroom environments where higher thought is impossible and the incompetent and disruptive have full sway. Just talk with youngsters about what is going on in their school day, encourage them to really open up and you might be very surprised!

The ADL is sitting back laughing uproariously about White parents who simply do not care or will not take time out from watching TV or surfing the net to learn what is going on with their own children. Are parents going to continue to tolerate this diminishing of the White race and destroy their children's future in the process? Allowing this to continue will be the undoing of any pride White children should feel about their roots and EuropeanAmerican heritage while other racial groups are encouraged at every turn to celebrate theirs. As Whites rapidly become a minority, this is creating a dangerous future for our children.

Fort Bend Independent School District is in Tom DeLay's district and he has actually been quoted as saying that he was "an Israeli at heart". FBISD openly brags about inviting the ADL into all of its schools to give presentations to children during their school day. Any group of people which sits back and allows such a trend to continue will certainly deserve what comes its way.

The ADL has questionable ties and funding sources and any other group with these types of connections would instantly have assets frozen and be classified as a terrorist organization in today's political climate. The ADL is so firmly entrenched in influential positions within the justice department, homeland security, president's cabinet, Congress and other high levels that it can make certain its organization's questionable activities are not investigated. The city of San Francisco did confront the ADL and much unsavory information turned up which would make most people's skin crawl such as the thousands of extensive files which are kept on individuals in each community and ADL ties to Israeli spy organizations. People of all political persuasions and races are targets of ADL snooping and harassment.

You are now informed so do you really want the ADL pushing its unsavory agenda in our public schools? I urge all of you wherever you may be to contact your local school districts, PTAs and community organizations to inform others and say NO to this outrage. For speaking up you will be called a White supremacist or said to be speaking "hate speech" but this is only their way of trying to intimidate and silence you. Be strong for future generations.

Learn all about the details of this sinister trend and its ancient origins in my book...

© Copyright 2005 Karen Gross-Foster

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