Karen Gross-Foster

Final Thoughts on Katrina

Following are some final thoughts on Katrina before it becomes yesterday's news. This natural disaster brought to light the very best and the very worst that people can exhibit. Let's look at what was revealed.

The people who took seriously warnings to evacuate lowlying coastal areas, loaded up their human and animal family members and left the danger zones were obviously the ones who were most conscientious and showed the most intelligence. These people who evacuated their loved ones to safety, rented places to stay, bought supplies and did everything at their own expense are the ones who were hit the hardest financially speaking for they dipped into their own assets to pay their way.

I do understand and respect those who felt they needed to stay behind to protect their property from the looters who would inevitably take advantage of a dire situation and steal people blind while houses and businesses were left unguarded. I also respect people who stayed behind to protect their animals because shelters would not accept them for this reveals a true nobility of character.

We saw clearly that the welfare class of two generations ago is the welfare class of today and will be the welfare class of tomorrow if we don't withdraw our handouts. We saw this obnoxious group of people fill the Superdome and the convention center and leave them behind in absolute ruins of violence, carnage, disgusting filth and biohazard. We saw many from among this group loot stores and houses, stealing absent owners blind. We saw this group which does not even carry its own weight abandon animals without second thought leaving them behind on chains or loose on the streets, unneutered and unspayed, of course. We saw this group screaming and demanding that people bail them out of the situation in which the cosmos itself saw fit to place them. I heard many of these people screaming that they were being forced to exist in conditions like that of animals. I personally have never kept animals in crowded, urine soaked, waste covered conditions so likely these people were reaping their consequences of past actions of cruelty to animals!

We then saw huge amounts of our taxpayer dollars rush to their aid as always with transportation out, shelters, supplies, debit cards and government subsidized apartments and housing just waiting to receive them. Yes, the welfare class of yesterday and today will continue to be coddled and supported by unprotesting taxpayers who are willing to bend over backward to accommodate this entitlement crowd and perpetuate its unwillingness to help itself. Now that the storm is past, we as a society need to withdraw our support, demand that these people stand on their own two feet once and for all and finally be responsible for themselves at whatever level they are capable of sustaining.

The goodness of people was shown abundantly by the outpouring of assistance in the form of money, supplies, volunteerism and opening their homes and hearts to those in need be they animal or human. The opportunism and evilness of people was also shown abundantly in the form of those demanding help, criminals who raised funds and then stole the money for personal use and a presidential administration which rushed to New Orleans to seize what business opportunities awaited the likes of Halliburton, Shaw Group, Kellogg Brown & Root and others which were immediately awarded hefty government contracts. New Orleans will become another Las Vegas with eminent domain being claimed and casinos, hotels, restaurants, bars and other decadent and profitable tourist attractions filling the landscape.

An overdependence on government to "save the day" is evident in Americans when what we really need is to rely more on ourselves. When we pay high taxes to support local, state and federal infrastructures, however, we do have the right to expect proper performance or termination of those departments and individuals who do not perform up to the highest standards. Chertoff, who once headed the justice department, is certainly not qualified to head up homeland security and he must be removed from the federal payroll for the good of all.

The bottom line in all of this is that no one, I repeat, no one is born into this world with guarantees of a cushy experience or equality with everyone else. We each personally reap in life what we have sown for ourselves and must learn to deal with our circumstances graciously and with strength of character in order that the future will be brighter. If others wish to show kindness to us, it is truly a beautiful blessing and we should be very, very grateful returning it when we are able but never demanding it, taking it for granted or feeling that we are entitled to it.

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© Copyright 2005 Karen Gross-Foster

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