Karen Gross-Foster

Vampires in Our Midst

Vampirism is very prevalent in today's dark force politicians and very often a trait of those who adopt children, those involved in foster care situations, pediatricians and other healthcare workers, teachers, those obsessed with reading to young children and other activities bringing one in close contact with other people's children. Vampires usually do not vampirize their own flesh and blood children but seek out the children of others whose fumes they thrive on in their extreme negative current. Sexual abuse, murder or sacrifice of young children is a great possibility in such circumstances as vampires feed upon the ethers emanating from the creative force of their young victims which is plentiful in their blood. Be reminded that this is certainly not always the case as many, many sincere people work with children and have their best interests at heart. Only the positive Seer can know for certain.

Some vampires are able to directly access from the inner realms their negatively rotating victims by either possessing their bodies or taking in the fumes of their creative forces thus leaving the vampire invigorated amd the victim devitalized and sickly. Their choice of victim would be mediums, those under hypnosis, those under the influence of intoxicating substances, those in states of sexual lust, those tampering with black magic, those consuming meat and other such ones in a negative and receptive state. Other vampires exist in the form of negatively rotating, selfseeking people here on the visible plane who get the forces they desire through immediate access to the physical body of a victim such as in a sexual encounter. This is often seen in older men who routinely seek out very young women/very young men with whom there is nothing in common except shared sexual acts, the fumes of which invigorate and energize the older man and the dark force entities which are attracted to the scene and swarm in abundance around lascivious ones, pedophiles and perverts of every stripe. I have seen vampires who suck the creative force right out of people as they merely approach from as far away as a hundred feet depleting all susceptible ones within their realm.

Only the positively rotating Seer can study any situation or interaction and determine if the motives are honorable or if the relationship is vampiric with one stealing the creative force from another. In vampirism, the rapid movement of the invisible creative force from the victim to the vampire is visible to the Seer and looks something like smoke being suctioned or drawn in a whirling vortice from one person to another. When motives are sincere, honorable and in harmony with the laws of nature, the flow of energy between two people is evenly distributed. I am giving you this warning not to alarm you needlessly but so you will get active to stop this destruction and nightmare toward which you are headed as the vampire trend accelerates with our young people as its victims. Most of the current leaders are vampires and the No Child Left Behind Act and unprovoked aggression in the Middle East where our young people's blood is being spilled are clear indicators of this ominous trend which must be stopped dead in its tracks by a newly enlightened and responsible citizenry.

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