Karen Gross-Foster

One Less Vampire Starts
with the Person in the Mirror!

To begin to make the world a better place, we must stop being vampires ourselves. When we take the time to seriously examine our own lives, most will find that there are many areas where we consume excessively, knowingly or unknowingly steal from others and make of ourselves vampires which thrive on the life force of others.

The number one area where this occurs is in the use of animals for food, extracts, clothing, experimentation, entertainment, hunting, fishing and a host of other improper and unethical uses. It does not occur to most people that any use of an animal's living body for extracts such as milk, thyroid, bile, eggs, insulin, estrogen, wool or the killing of the animal's body for leather, meat, fur, trophy, silk, pearls or any other purpose makes the end user a vampire who is subsisting off the substance of another. The solution is to adopt a vegan lifestyle as rapidly as is possible.

The number two area where this occurs is in the wanton destruction of the environment with relentless construction and fragmentation of land areas. Not only does this greedy grabbing up of every square inch of land for development result in loss of habitat for animals but further reduces the oxygen supply and cooling effect which ample trees provide. The solution is careful and thoughtful urban planning and restoring people's right to form ideological or racially exclusive communities and schools so they do not have to endlessly sprawl in an effort to escape the problems caused by government mandated integration.

Thirdly, there is sexual exchange where huge imbalances usually exist. Obviously, the solution is in more personal discipline and conscientious use of one's vital forces rather than simply always giving into the temptation of the moment.

Learn how to tread lightly upon the Earth...

© Copyright 2005 Karen Gross-Foster

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