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Inside 2004-2012 Solar Window

In an article published in AR, early in 2004, I presented the case that we are in the final leg of a solar cycle. I called the 8-year period from 2004 to 2012, 'The Portal'. That article presented the results of 27 years of research into the Mayan calendar system, which led to investigations into the sunspot cycle, the transit of Venus and the their respective relationships to natural disasters.

The last pieces of the puzzle did not fall into place until 2002. That year, I finally realized that the 2012 end date of the Mayan calendar was also the peak of the next solar maximum and the second leg of the Venus Transit. Extensive research into the sunspot cycle had shown me that the 11-year solar maximums had multiple effects on the earth and on human beings. I found that everything from wars and natural disasters to fluctuations in the stock market move in tandem with the sunspot cycle.

Many other independent investigators had already reached similar conclusions. However, nobody that I was aware of had linked the Maya calendar and the 2012 forecast with the sunspot cycle and Venus Transit. The connection gave me a new insight into what the term 'Solar Priest' really meant and what the basis of the ancient science actually was. In fact, the Maya made their science very clear. It revolved around a cyclical passage of ages they called 'Suns' - a time period of about 5125 years- and according to their system of reckoning we are near the end of the Fifth Sun.

When I fit the transit of Venus into the calendar system I was struck by the fact that the ancient priests were aware of a periodic, astronomical event that western science only discovered 300 years ago. Was it an accident that they selected the exact year (2012) when a number of important cycles converge to end their Long Count (5125-year) calendar? No, that seemed too improbable a coincidence to chalk up to chance. But like any serious investigator I wanted proof. So I went back and examined the historical record to see if there was any association between the Venus Transit and natural disasters.

What I found startled me. The findings also solved a mystery that had puzzled all investigators including myself. I was intrigued to discover that a transit of Venus had occurred on 1518-1526. Those dates were the bookmarks of the Conquest of Mexico by a handful of Spaniards led by Hernan Cortez. I had long scratched my head over just how 300 conquistadors managed to mount a military campaign against the extremely militaristic and successful Aztec Empire.

The key seemed to lie in the mysterious prophecy that the priests had made concerning the return of the god Quetzacoatl in the year 1 Reed (1518).

The god was associated with Venus and he was said to be a bearded, white man who had come to ancient Mexico bringing the gift of civilization. That may sound like a colorful myth to us but it had the potency of the apocalypse to the Aztecs when they learned that a strange vessel had arrived on the shores of the Yucatan. The warrior-emperor Montezuma was plunged into spiritual confusion and political paralysis.

The mystical side of this fascinating history never quite made sense to me. However, the strange fact is the Aztecs could have easily crushed the conquistadors if it were not for this prophecy.

As I dug ever more deeply into the history I learned that the Aztecs were rattled because other strange signs had already preceded Cortez's arrival including the eruption of Mount Popocateptyl. In addition, a number of paranormal events had also occurred including UFO sightings and inexplicable flooding of their capitol city. The Aztec priests had forecast a dire end to their civilization at this time and, in fact, Cortez brought an end to the last pyramid-building civilization by the second leg of the transit of Venus in 1526.

The 2012 prophecy took on an entirely new meaning after I concluded this line of research. The next 8-year Venus Transit cycle took place in 1631-'39. I was astounded to find that, immediately following this transit, sunspots disappeared for 70 years. The period is known as the 'little ice age' the sunspot cycle resumed in 1720 and the levels of solar activity have increased since then with a sunspot peak in the 1960 solar maximum.

Now, here is where things begin to take a dramatic turn. If the Mayan priests were right, I reasoned that they were forecasting a solar 'blow off' that would culminate in 2012 with the converging sunspot cycle peak and the transit of Venus. At this point I turned to the record of natural disasters from 1900 to present. I must admit that what I found alarmed me. The number, frequency and magnitude of natural disasters from earthquakes and volcanic eruptions to severe storms increased dramatically after 1960.

Scientists try to hide this information from the public by focusing on the 'averages' instead of on the major and potentially catastrophic events. In other words, they use statistical averages, which are skewed by the large swarms of minor events, to conceal the upward trend of major volcanic events, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc., which have been rising for the past 45 years. We can only surmise that their reason for fudging the numbers - to obscure the increasing dynamism and instability of the planet - is to avoid alarming the general public.

In fact, we don't care about the large number of small, non-threatening events, which has not changed much on the whole. We do care about the potentially catastrophic major events that my research revealed have increased dramatically. My contention is that the Maya priests accurately forecast that, as the sun reached this point in its long-term cycle, natural disasters would rise. After all the sun is the electromagnetic dynamo that drives the earth's biosphere so we should not be surprised that when its output fluctuates we experience changes on the planet.

Now let's compare some revealing data. There were only 2119 earthquakes recorded in the entire 19th century. A recent U.S.G.S report shows that there were 4,139 in 1970 alone. Does that not sound like a powerful upsurge? The largest earthquakes on record have all occurred since 1960, with the biggest taking place in Chile that year. We find that this trend is echoed by the increasing frequency of large-scale volcanic eruptions, severe storms, hurricanes and typhoons.

In fact, Mount Popocatpetyl began erupting in the 1990s after being dormant for centuries, as have other volcanoes in Mexico. There were very few volcanic eruptions in the first half of last century. Then after 1960 many dormant volcanoes began coming to life and the activity over the past decade and a half has been extraordinarily intense. Take a look at the tornado chart below


1950's                                       4796 
1960's                                       6813
1970's                                       8580
1980's                                       8196
1990 to date                               10,000+

The decade and even year by year increase in the number of 'killer' tornadoes is even more significant. There were 13 in 1996 and 28 in 1998. According to a report released on September 17, 2004 by UN-ISDR - the United Nations disaster reduction agency - there has been a global spike in worldwide natural and manmade catastrophes. The report said that more than 254 million people were affected by "natural disasters" in 2003. This is an almost three-fold jump from 1990.

According to statistics from the Center for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters at the University of Louvain in Belgium, "The long-term trend over the past decade shows a steady rise in victims." This concurs with statements made by the head of Zurich Re, the world's largest reinsurance company that I quoted in my earlier piece. He summed up the situation by saying that 'natural disasters have been a growth industry since 1960'.

Our scientists are discovering what the ancients seemed to have known long ago, the earth goes through periodic cycles when natural disasters rise dramatically.

What they have not yet learned is that these cycles are tied to the short and long term fluctuations in solar output. I believe that this is the essence of the ancient solar science that I have re-discovered. Do not get me wrong, I have not invented anything and I am not making any claims or insinuating that I created this predictive science.

This system was developed long ago, of that I am sure. Be that as it may, the accumulated evidence and ongoing events ought to command our attention. We are counting down to 2012 and the earth is rocking, rolling, spewing clouds of ash, fuming hot gases, and sending molten lava streaking down the sides of mountains.

In my earlier article I made a number of predictions and I asked to be held accountable. That is the only way to publicly establish the validity of my findings. I said that we would start to experience an acceleration of natural disasters after the first leg of the June 2004 transit of Venus. That would be the point of entry into the portal era; we are in it now. So what does the record show?

There has been an absolutely staggering increase in volcanic activity. It began on June 22, the day after the transit when the Ijen volcano in Java, Indonesia became active. That was followed on June 29 by an eruption of the Bezymianny volcano in Russia.
July brought eruptions to 8 volcanoes spread around the world from Japan and Central America to Indonesia. August saw eruptions taking place in the Southern Atlantic Ocean, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. Do not be fooled, this is not a normal level of activity over such a short time span. The increased frequency of volcanism continued with activity greatly intensifying in September. An alarming 15 volcanoes showed increased levels of activity from swarms of tremors to small and medium size eruptions.

In this month alone, Mt Aetna in Italy, Mauna Loa in Hawaii and Mt. Kiki in Japan sprang to life along with volcanoes in Columbia, Alaska, Indonesia, the Congo and Russia. The trend has continued into October. As I write, Mount St. Helens is roaring back to life and Mt. Rainer is displaying more activity. On October 5, an astonishing TEN volcanoes became active on the same day that Mt. St. Helens quaked, smoked and spewed ash. At present 11 volcanoes around the globe have ongoing volcanic and seismic activity including St. Helens. Large and major earthquakes show a similar upward trend as the following figures show.

Earthquake Activity (June-Oct 8, 2004) June 10 -- Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia - 6.9M June 28 -- Illinois -- 4.2M June 28 -- Southeastern Alaska -- 6.8M July 01 -- Eastern Turkey -- 5.2M July 24 -- Southern Sumatra Indonesia -- 7.3M September 05 -- Near the South Coast of Western Honshu, Japan -- 7.2M September 05 -- Near the South Coast of Honshu, Japan -- 7.4M September 28 -- Central California -- 6.0M October 08 -- Solomon Islands -- 6.8M October 08 -- Mindoro, Philippines -- 6.5M October 09 -- Near the Coast of Nicaragua -- 6.

In addition, we have just gone through one of the worst hurricane seasons on record. If we were to go back five and six decades we would find levels of significant volcanic and seismic activity far below the above. This points up the fact that the intensity and frequency of major events have been increasing steadily every decade since 1960.

This increased activity conforms to the predictions made by the Mayan priests. It should culminate between 2010 and 2012. Does this mean that the world is going to end and all life will be wiped out? The 2012 prophecy does not say that life comes to an end, only that the age that we have been living in for 5,000 years ends. We have already been witnessing rapid changes around the globe.

The old USSR collapsed and religious fundamentalism is on the rise, not just in Moslem countries the Religious Right in the United States already controls the Republican Party. Our environment is deteriorating and we seem to be coming up short in terms of finding solutions to our mounting crises. According to my research the period from the end of this decade until 2012 we be one of increasing social unrest and international conflict.

The point of all this is not to create an atmosphere of anxiety. We need to use this knowledge and these predictions to prepare for the approaching chaotic era. The signs are in place and the handwriting is on the wall. In fact, if you have been paying attention, our scientists have been studying, monitoring and trying to formulate models that accurately predict volcanoes, earthquakes and other natural disasters over the past decade. There is an urgency animating geologists that the general public is not aware of.

They know that something is going on. Solar physicists were also stunned a year ago when the sun suddenly burst into a brief period of super-intense flares and storms.

It was not supposed happen because we just went through a sunspot cycle from 1999-2001 and the sun should be calming down as it moves toward the solar minimum (2005-'06). This too shows that we are in an unpredictable era because the sun is shifting its output as the ancient solar priest's forecast it would at this time…

[PS- Update: On Dec. 26, 2004 one of the four largest earthquakes on record a 9.0 caused a tsunami in the Indian Ocean. Earthquake and volcanic activity remain high]

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