William Henry


A lot of wild speculation in metaphysical circles these days concerns the possible return of Planet X, a mysterious roaming planet that swings to the far side of our solar system, and is expected to return to our part of the solar system soon. In Sumerian mythology, Planet X is called “The Lord” and is the home of a group of beings that the bible calls Shining Ones.

According to my interpretation of Sumerian myths presented in my book Ark of the Christos: Thee Mythology, Symbolism and Prophecy of the Return of Planet X and the Age of Terror, these wise beings, the ‘angels’ of the Old Testament, wielded enormously advanced technology. They operated a (star) gateway linking Heaven and Earth. They genetically altered the human body as a “resurrection machine” of “soul flow-er” to operate in conjunction with this gateway. They possessed the secret science of alchemy, the transmutation of the elements, through which they could create weapons of mass destruction and advanced human beings.

The Shining Ones of Planet X were last here in 3760 B.C., which is the time of Anu’s, the ruler of Planet X’s, last visit.

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