Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz

Weird Cancers and Contaminated Vaccines

Dr Leonard Horowitz suggests that the widespread incidence of weird cancers and auto-immune illnesses of today is a result of large populations being inoculated with vaccines known by health authorities to be contaminated.

An interview with Leonard G. Horovitz. DMD, MA, MPH
by Roger G Mazlen

Dr Roger G. Mazlen: We have as our guest Dr. Leonard Horowitz, a Harvard graduate, independent investigator and internationally known authority on public health education, who's the author or the best-selling book

Emerging Viruses:AIDS and Ebola

Why are we talking to Dr. Horowitz? Simply chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) patients have a depressed immune system. They have immune deficiency. They have immune suppression. They are sitting ducks for any kind of new viruses, especially those with the ability to destroy the immune system. So, without further ado, welcome to the show Dr. Horowitz.

Dr Leonard G Horowitz: Thank you, Dr Mazlen. It's a great privilege and pleasure to be with you.

Dr Mazlen: Well, we're delighted that we're able to talk to you today. Let me let you start by introducing us to the general scope of your book.

Dr Horowitz: Well, I spent three years investigating a 1970 Department of Defense appropriations request for US $10 million into a five-year study to develop immune-system-ravaging micro-organisms for germ warfare. I didn't believe at first that this was a legitimate document. Ultimately I tracked the money following a paper trail of scientific literature and government documents and I found that the money had gone to an organisation called Litton Bionetics. Did you ever hear of Litton microwave ovens.

Dr Mazlen: Surely.

Dr Horowitz:Well, they're also a subsidiary of a megamilitary weapons contracting firm and they had a medical subsidiary which was called Litton Bionetics. They were sixth on the list with major army biological weapons contractors during the late '60s and early '70s. And they commuted numerous immune-system-ravaging micro-organisms for germ warfare. They were the recipients of over US$2 million a year to develop these types of micro-organisms, not only for biological weapons research and development but also for cancer research and vaccine research and development. So, that's basically the book. Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola goes into who made these types of viruses - the AIDS-like, Ebola-Like viruses - how they made them, virtually every step of the way and why they made them. And then, most incredibly, I found and reprinted in black and white the US Government contracts which show you how much US taxpayers pay to finance these research efforts.

Dr Mazlen: Well, of course, this is a very serious concern to our listening audience - those who have chronic fatigue, or those who suspect they may have, or those who are not sure - because any new virus or any virus which has the ability to suppress immunity constitutes a major threat to these people and to the general public as well.

Now, in your book, and I'm going to quote you, on page 134 you say: "Putting all the facts together I now understood how humanly benign DNA monkey viruses, like SV40.... and other common retrovirus vaccine contaminants like SFV, could have, over the period of a few decades, become RNA retroviruses that, through contaminated vaccines, spread to millions of people around the world". Could you amplify that a little bit for the audience?

Dr Horowtiz: Certainly. The gist of the book and the warning of the book Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola is that we have a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that does not tell health scientists or health professionals or the public the truth about the contaminated vaccines or the methods by which the vaccines are prepared. For example, the oral polio vaccine is still, to this day, being prepared in contaminated monkey kidney tissues which are bringing with it a variety of not only monkey virus contaminants but also the herpes type viruses, such as simian cytomegalovirus, Epstein-Barr and herpes B, which we know are immune-system-suppressing types of viruses.

We know also that the vaccine that most plausibly delivered AIDS and possibly even chronic fatigue to the world - since they both broke out in the same year, 1978 - was the 1974 experimental hepatitis B vaccine that was prepared in Merck, Sharpe & Dohme's laboratories, along with support from the Centers for Disease Control and the Food and Drug Administration. We know that this particular hepatitis B vaccine was partly prepared in contaminated monkeys that were shipped by Litton - again, a biological weapons contracting firm for the Department of Defense. And we know for a fact that the moneys from which these vaccines were produced were contaminated. We even have testimonial by the man who created these vaccines to that effect. His name is Dr Maurice Hilleman, and he was Merck, Sharpe & Dohme's leading vaccine developer.

So they developed these vaccines partly in contaminated animals and then they inoculated them into human beings, and it was therefore an accident waiting to happen that we would have a variety of immune-system-related disorders including weird cancers and weird auto-immune illnesses that we have in epidemic proportions today.

Dr Mazlen:Well that, of course, brings up a lot of issues, but I want to go back to your book again where you quote an interview with Dr Hilleman by Edward Shorter, PhD (Pages 484 -5), where Hilleman said, "there were 40 different viruses in these vaccines anyway that we were inactivating", and Shorter responded, "But you weren't inactivating the ((SV40, simian virus 40)..." And then Hilleman said, "No, that's right." And he even went on to say, "But yellow fever vaccine had leukaemia virus in it, and you know this is in the days of very crude science."

So, here we now learn from the very statements they made that not only were there immune-damaging viruses, there were even viruses that could spread leukaemia virus. You do go into this in the book. You talk about cases of T-cell leukaemia. What about that for example? Is there still some risk of that occurring?

Dr Horowitz: I believe so, Dr Mazlen. I believe that many of these risks still continue to this day. Let me give you an example. Today, the Food and Drug Administration, which we rely upon for both our personal and our children's health and safety, must turn a blind eye to as many as 100 monkey virus contaminants per dose of the oral polio vaccine that we're allegedly by law told we must give our children today. And I say "allegedly" because it's not true. We have spiritual and religious exemptions that you can get, and it is actually voluntary, but they make it seem like you can't go to school or you can't get your children into schools or you can't work in, for example, healthcare settings without getting these vaccine - and that's not the truth.

But you see, the Food and Drug Administration must turn a blind eye to at least 100 of these contaminants per dose because their hands are tied by proprietary laws and non-disclosure agreements place upon them by the pharmaceutical industry. In other words, they're muzzled by the drug makers. So they can't even tell our scientists the true extent of the contaminations and the risks associated with the vaccines. Therefore, the physicians - who get most of their continuing medical education paid for by the pharmaceutical industry as well - never learn the truth; and subsequently, when they look at patients with running eyes and say that these vaccines are "for your own good", or "for your children's own good", they believe it. And they're just basically brainwashed. They're like cult followers, but they don't even know who their cult leaders are in many cases.

Dr Mazlen: Well, we certainly don't get any real information on the process of vaccine-making in medical school. I mean, there really isn't anything in the curriculum. I don't remember anything in the curriculum that applies to that whatsoever; and so, as you say, it's a fait accompli. You are just told to do it. It's good and you do it. This changes the whole picture, because in good conscience you wouldn't be giving something if you knew that it was contaminated with something that's detrimental.

Now we're going to talk a little bit about the work that's been done by W. John Martin and how it fits into this book. Dr W. John Martin, MD, PhD, wrote the foreword to this book and there's a section in it in which Dr Horowitz talks about Martin's experience at the FDA at a time when he was director of the Viral Oncology Branch at the FDA's Bureau of Biologics (now the Center for Biologics, Evaluation and Research) and that he had been informed that there was contamination by simian cytomegalovirus. This is important because Dr Martin has been reporting cases of a stealth virus - a CMV virus, which is in the herpes family - in the Mohave Valley are in Arizona, which has been spreading in every direction and toward the major cities and population centres. I would like it very much if you would comment on this.

Dr Horowitz: Sure, Dr Mazlen, I'd be happy to. Now this basically comes from personal conversations with Dr Martin. Dr Martin, of course, as you mentioned, wrote the foreword to this book, Emerging Viruses, and he talks about his experience as the Bureau of Biologics vaccine tester and actually in charge of testing humans for vaccine contamination between 1976 and 1980. At one point in the book he cites the fact that there's o reason for these vaccines to continue to be contaminated, that the authorities hold the capacity and the technology to clean them up but yet they don't. Well, I go into detail about the social-political background on that, and I'm not going to go into that on your programme today because we don't have time, but let me give you one example.

When Dr Martin found some of these foreign viruses, DNA viruses and RNA viruses in the vaccines, he went to his superior at the FDA bureau and said to him: "You know, we've got a problem with these vaccines." And his boss said to him: "stop worrying about it. Every time you eat an apple, you ingest foreign DNA". That was the response.

Dr Mazlen: That's not too comforting, overall. In fact, it's a comment that leads one to feel a certain sense of insecurity about vaccines, and there have been times when we've had guests on this program who commented about whether or not they should give vaccines to their children or to people with chronic fatigue syndrome. It makes it difficult to counsel them because you're really not sure what's there. Now specifically, Martin also mentions - that the SV40 which was in the oral polio vaccines is actually pretty much carried in the general community and it's spreading.

Dr Horowitz: Right, and as a matter of fact it was, I think, three weeks ago now when the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) carried the first article showing that the simian virus 40, the 40th monkey virus ever discovered, was known in 1961 to be contaminating both Salk and Sabin polio vaccines and that, in fact, those vaccines had been given to well over 100 million people around the world, mostly in Russia.

According to Hilleman - we have him on tape, again being interviewed by Shorter - the joke of the day in 1961 became, sine they had just inoculated mostly Russians with this contaminated vaccine, that the Russian athletes were going to come to the next Olympics with tumours.

Well, you see, they never cleaned them up, not completely, and today, again, we're still getting and we're still giving contaminated monkey viruses to human beings

The article in JAMA discusses specific types of cancers - "unique cancers", they said - and states that the general public should not be concerned. And I beg to differ with them. I think it should be an extreme concern. I think we should literally have a moratorium on US Government-promulgated vaccines until there is a thorough, independent scientific investigation as well as, hopefully, a congressional investigation into all the documented facts. But the JAMA article said that there were now unique cancers associated with SV40.

An earlier article talked about 25 per cent of a very large Italian population carrying these monkey viruses in their bodies, and I suspect that it's a larger percentage here in the United States.

A woman by the name of Bernice Eddy (a doctor of bacteriology)discovered (in 1954, with cancer researcher Sarah Stewart) this particular virus that was first called SE polyoma. She discovered this virus in contaminated polio vaccines, and she took photographs of a dozen monkeys which had keeled over dead and paralysed when she administered the vaccine. Her boss at the NIH confiscated the photos and demoted and defunded her; and then 10 years of crusading later, in 1972, she gets before Congress and she tells the United States Congress people: "If you continue to allow these contaminated vaccines to go out, I guarantee you that over the next 20 years you will have epidemics of cancer unlike the world has ever seen". And that's precisely what we have today.

Dr Mazlen: Certainly, if you include the AIDS virus as part of this, no doubt. In terms of your research - which is extensive in the book, and I certainly think that anyone who reads it will be impressed by the amount of work you have done - you do go into, at length, the fact that the AIDS virus might have come about through synthetic development, blending a number of killer viruses in an effort to make an immune-destroying virus. When did that happen?

Dr Horowtiz: This type of research, wherein simian virus 40 and other monkey viruses were used and then mutated or hybridised with other animal cancer viruses, began in the early 1960s. The contracts that are reprinted in Emerging Viruses show that it was February 12, 1962 that the Special Virus Cancer Program began. That was a largely funded, mostly secret program that resulted after the people on the inside at the National Institutes of Health realised they had just inoculated well over 100 million people around the world with cancer-virus-ridden vaccines.

When they started this, it was kind of like the ground floor of a huge business opportunity at that point, and they began to do extensive research in mutating monkey viruses to see what would produce cancer with them, and then, perhaps, how they might be treated with vaccines and whatever else.

So, it was in the '60s, and particularly by the late'60s, that researchers at Litton Bionetics - Dr Robert Gallo was overseeing them - and researchers at the National Cancer Institute as well, were very adept at taking monkey viruses and recombining them with things like feline leukaemia virus RNA that caused a whole laundry list of symptoms virtually identical to what AIDS patients suffer from. Another favourite one that they used to mutate monkey viruses with, was the chicken leukaemia sarcoma virus RNA that caused wasting, immunosuppression and death. And then the researchers recorded that to get this type of virus to jump species readily - they cultured it in human white blood cells in some studies and human foetal tissue cells in culture in other studies so that it would adapt - the virus would develop what's called the "attachment apparatus". Those are the unique proteins like the gp120-like protein.

Dr Mazlen: A couple of very important things I want to say before we have to close the show for today. One, is it safe for people to donate blood if you're not screening for SV40 and simian CMV virus?

Dr Horowitz: No, I think not. I think that's a very urgent question that should also be addressed by independent scientific investigation and congressional investigation. You see, the blood bankers - the international blood "banksters", as I like to call them - are the people who allowed 10,000 haemophiliacs thoughout the United States to get HIV-contaminated blood. And recently we've been told that if you had a blood transfusion between 1970 and 1990, you'd better go get checked for the cancer ticking-time-bomb virus called hepatitis C. These are the same people who have allowed these types of things. They're very related financially and otherwise to the companies that have been producing the contaminated vaccines. And my concern is that they're making vast fortunes off humanity's suffering through the healthcare system; and people are dying off on this planet. It's interesting that fulfils a very clear and well-articulated, well-documented population reduction agenda. So I'm concerned about those issues.

Dr Mazlen: We're going to have you back at another time to talk about some of this. Because there's going to be a lot of people who are interested in your book and your research, what number can they reach you at about these things?

Dr Horowitz: Well, the materials can be gained by called a toll-free number (in the USA). It's 1 888 508 4787. An easy way to remember that number is 1888-50-virus. And I'm pleased to tell you that despite the fact that, over the last year and a half, all the major chain-store buyers have refused to buy the book - in other words, there has been a boycott against the book. It did become a best seller in hardcover about four months ago with the number of sales, but this week Crown Books finally gave us their first order. You could probably go get the book in Crown bookstores today.

Dr Mazlen: Congratulations on that. I want to ask you, though, are you researching now what's happening with some of these things? The hepatitis B vaccine you implicated might have been contaminated at one point in time. Is it still contaminated?

Dr Horowitz: Yes, it is. As a matter of fact, I came back from France not too long ago, where I met with one of the top virologists in the world - a cancer virologist who used to work with Gallo and Montagnier. His name is Merko Valjenski, and he basically gave me some scientific documents showing that today's hepatitis B vaccine is still carrying a very carcinogenic enzyme that the authorities have not yet removed.

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