Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz

Divine Revelations versus Smallpox Vaccinations

People who put their faith and trust in the Bush administration’s smallpox vaccination program are effectively masochistic suicidal hedonists. Think about this, and the Supreme alternative.

Masses of foolish “sheeple” are currently lining up to receive a 1950s brew of chemically treated, freeze dried, cow pus with mercury. The elixir, scratched into your arm fifteen times, with a crooked needle, is diluted five times from its original questionably effective, admittedly toxic, concentrate. This “immunization” is hoped to deliver physical salvation from modern strains of variola that have been “hyperweaponized” by the world’s leading doctors of death working for the “Evil Axis.”

Spin doctors claim our nation and people can only be saved, made safe and secure, if we do this (initially) to 500,000 of our bravest military morons or heros? Another 500,000 of our most reliable public defenders, they call “front line responders,” come next. Then it’s probably your turn to make a blood, if not human, sacrifice.

Get the picture? The rapidly evolving World War III—a “holy war” against “terrorism”—has cast frightened Americans into a microbial abyss. “White collar terrorists,” allied with pharmaceutical industrialists (the Bible calls them Satanic “sorcerers”), manipulate media moguls for manufactured madness (i.e., managed chaos) from their shadowy Wall Street and White House tombs. Despite the availability of more than two dozen, mostly far more ideal biological weapons accessible to most terrorists, thanks to American’s leading Rockefeller-linked germ suppliers, our saviors focus on anthrax and smallpox and prescribe CIPRO and cow pus. Why not eye of Newt? (Not Gingich’s you dummy!)

How ironic. Here we are. This is the twenty-first century. America is, supposedly, the greatest “superpower” the world has ever seen. We (allegedly) landed men on the moon. We send missile from air and space with precision down tubes the size of toilet vents. We dig up treasures buried for hundreds of years miles beneath the sea. We survey rivers on Mars, people in the streets, store shoppers, and home dwellers with unprecedented ease. Yet, today, our lethal nemesis is the same as it was in 1776 when “the King of Terrors in America” was the smallpox virus. It was never determined whether British or American operators loosed the agent during General Washington’s siege of Quebec City. In either case, the germ, forced the American Army to retreat that year. Later, the successful Anglo-American genocide that decimated the native populations of North America was largely due to smallpox as well. The germ was intentionally presented in Army blankets given as “gifts” to the Indians.

As we sow, we reap. This biological irony is best exemplified by the Rockefeller-linked American Type Culture Collection shipments of dozens of biological weapons, including anthrax and the West Nile Virus, to Iraq during the George H.W. Bush years. Thus, if Saddam Hussein currently has smallpox, as Bush officials contend, it almost certainly came from the American Royal Family’s own benefactors and special interest groups, aligned with global pharmaceutical industrialists that are looking forward to America’s upcoming iatrogenocide.

Where all of this leads is to the realization that we have given our faith and trust over to false gods—hypocritical despicable rhetorical liars who call themselves politicians, and their subordinate medical deities (the MDs). With misplaced faith and trust, no wonder we are sinking in stormy waters.

To extricate yourself from this mess simply requires the redirection of your faith and trust into that which, from the beginning of time, has served to support human evolution towards harmonious homeostasis and Divine balance with nature, germs included.

Consider this, the world’s worst biological weapon, Ebola, kills nine-out-of-ten people within three weeks of infection. Ten percent survive because their immune systems overcome the microbial attack. Pathogenesis always depends on three factors: 1) the number of pathogens that get into your system, 2) the virulence or strength of the strain, and most importantly, 3) “host resistance,” which is a function of immuno-competence. Mostly, what determines this most important factor is your spirituality or connection to the Divine. Don’t’ believe me? Keep reading.

You might be inclined to disagree. Certainly, the majority of people in the world are disinclined to place their full faith and trust into something they can’t see, put in the bank, or place in their medicine cabinets. Then again, the majority of people in this world are arrogantly attached to defending the political ploys of the world’s greatest deceivers. The deceptions I implied above concerning the alleged need for, and efficacy of, smallpox vaccination in service to the global elite’s war on terrorism (and hidden genocidal agendas), pale by comparison to the following far more prevalent, and lethal, deceptions. Most of these deadly falsehoods and debilitating deceptions stem from one core deception. Here it is—the belief that you and I lack kinship with one-another and a single Creator. Is this not the root cause of most wars and political unrest? It certainly seems to be with today’s “Holy War.”

In this case we see the Muslims at odds with the Judeo-Christians. The Vietnam War was fought by people accepting the prevailing prejudice against “slanty-eyed Commie gooks.” Protestants are still fighting the Catholics in Ireland, both Christians. WASPS have historically conflicted with Africans, Indians and the Chinese. Russians are raised to distrust Americans while the latter learns to fear and hate the Soviets. The Jewish minority proudly proclaims its “chosen” spiritual superiority, culturally deprives its offspring of integrative ideologies, then historically bemoans its repeated persecution. These are simply a few examples of lacking kinship breeding contempt, dissonance, and planetary discords predisposing to disease.

Consider the core deceptions within the principle religious groups. It is all the same. Muslims, the Jewish community, and Christians each assert their exclusivity doctrine for eternal salvation is the correct one. Meanwhile, if you study each one with an open heart and mind, and are willing to absorb the monotheistic similarity in each one’s ideology, persistent analyses provide common spiritual identities among all people irregardless of religion, race, color, or socioeconomic persuasion.

You might disagree, or now be able to see how and why properly placed faith and trust in the One Common Creator and the “Brotherhood of Man” (women naturally included here too), would be a natural preventative against the sociopolitical upheaval that has plagued humanity for millennia, followed by pestilence and plagues.

In fact, if you study history, you will find that every great plague has been preceded by major sociopolitical upheaval. Wars and dislocated populations give rise to malnutrition and unhygienic conditions. These have caused populations under siege additional stress predisposing to immunological depletion, exhaustion, and failure. “The germ is nothing, the terrain is everything.” Thus, infectious diseases result.

At the macroscopic level of global politics, properly placed faith and trust not only facilitates synthesis and harmony between otherwise frightened war torn nations and populations, it can prevent the socio-economic and immunological upheaval that predisposes to all infectious diseases.

At the microscopic level, this truth gets even more interesting as your spirituality intimately integrates with your immune-competence and disease defense. How so?

Consider this well. Without properly placed faith and trust in the Great Creator and Rejouvenator, can you have any relationship with our Divine Savior? Can you consider any relationship lasting without faith and trust? No, not really. As I wrote in Healing Celebrations: Miraculous Recoveries Through Ancient Scripture, Natural Medicine and Modern Science (Tetrahedron; 2000; 1-888-508-4787), “Consider a marriage between partners who don’t trust each other. What about business associates who share little or no faith in their contract?” If you want to have miracles manifested from the Heavenly Throne, then you have to first establish an ongoing working relationship. That is why properly placed faith and trust is crucial for deriving the fruits of the relationship including health, if not manifesting miracles.

Now I know you don’t like to hear that the Bible teaches there is nothing missing nor broken in the Kingdom of Heaven. There is no dis-ease, plague or injury in this Holy (whole-y) Place. And when you set your heart and mind on this ultimate destination, you have an ongoing opportunity to bring this sanctuary down to earth, as it is in heaven.

So why not fill your “temple of God”—your physical body, with such a Divine presence, and inspiring anointing, that it increasingly manifests this eternal radiance in your person? Is this not your promised inheritance? This is, after all, everone’s potential and greatest human frontier. So drink up that Spirit. Partake in the awakening process currently unfolding dramatically changing everyone whose hearts are open enough to receive this highest level of love. Everyone who willingly submits, with positive heart-felt intent to grow in this way, and use their increased powers to humbly serve the brotherhood on behalf of our common Creator, gets rapidly rewarded as a co-creator.

Among the greatest, historically hidden, truths is that as a Holy child of Yah, your physical body is a magnificent crystallization of electromagnetic harmonization from a song so sweet that if you heard it you would weep. The Divine power resonating throughout your every pore, cell, and DNA strand, is so strong that, much like the flawless Kingdom of Heaven, illness and disease cannot coexist in this Blissful State. Nor can smallpox survive this most sacred hidden human paradigm.

Recognizing that your immune system, determined to be the quintessential element in determining whether or not you live or die from even battles with Ebola, simply reflects your Divinity, or lack of right-standing (i.e., righteousness), is the last point I’d like you to consider. For what is the immune system? An organization of white blood cell body guards that function to distinguish between self and non-self, elements of your own host cells and tissues as opposed to foreign particles including proteins (i.e., antigens) from bacteria and viruses, foreign RNA, DNA, cancer cells and the like. In this way, your immune system operates as a surveillance center. Esoterically, but more importantly, it reflects metaphorically your self concept, self image, and self esteem. For if you do not know who you are—a Holy child of Yah (not dog spelled backwards), totally capable, worthy, and Divinely inspired to manifest miracles, then how can you expect your immune cells to recognize the difference between who you are, and who you are not? It simply can’t. In essence, it fails for lack of self love and awareness. Indeed, this truth sets people free of disease on all levels.

So now you understand the macroscopic to microscopic, sociopolitical to immunological, and related spiritual, levels of impact ultimately facilitated by properly placed faith and trust.

In conclusion, properly placed faith and trust is both the missing preventative and curative for smallpox and every other ailment that plagues humanity. So as an alternative to toxic vaccinations, apply Divine actualizations for continued health and well-being.

Leonard G. Horowitz, D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H.

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