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Food has always been medicine. For thousands of years food and herbs were the only medicines. The Greeks developed a catalogue of medicines that described foods as cures, and listed more than 100 diseases helped by garlic and onions. Even the Bible has references to medicinal uses of food. Jesus used food and herbs as cures. Food is the safest type of medicine to consume and here are a few food tips to keep you healthy.

Spinach is a great hydrating food because it is up to 93% water. Furthermore, it is rich in vitamins and minerals which combat the ill effects of heat. Spinach contains potassium, magnesium, vitamin C, panothenic acid, and vitamin A. When the heat is intolerable, try a spinach salad consisting of spinach and lettuce leaves plus tomatoes and onions. Top with vinegar, olive oil and salt.

If you have a headache, almonds might rid you of the pain. They contain salicyclic Acid, which is essentially natural aspirin. A small handful of almonds contains as much pain killing power as a tablet of aspirin.

Suffering from hair loss? Eat avocados daily. For severe hair loss, especially in women, eat up to three per day. Avocados contain special oils which aid in the regeneration of hair follicles, stimulating the growth of new hair.

Cilantro and coriander help meat digest, largely because they are high in potassium. In addition, coriander is a generalized tonic for the digestive tract. Add one or both to meat dishes. You can sprinkle ground coriander over steak, roast, seafood, or poultry. Garnish the plate with several sprigs of fresh cilantro.

Whenever eating heavy food, such as nuts or meat, eat an organic Kiwi for dessert. The digestive enzymes in the kiwi fruit will greatly aid in the digestion of the protein rich meal.

If you suffer from bloating or gas after eating, use oregano with meals. Since Grecian times, oregano has been administered as an effective remedy for digestive complaints. Use fresh oregano in salads and stir fry, and garnish meat dishes with sprigs of oregano. In addition, take two or three capsules of Oregamax with meals.

Red sweet peppers are a major fatigue fighting vegetable. They help combat fatigue, weakness, exhaustion, and listlessness. If you just can’t seem to achieve the physical or mental drive you need, try eating an entire red sweet pepper daily. The rich vitamin C, potassium, and vitamin A content is invigorating, and it should boost energy immediately.

I hope you enjoy this “new” slant on eating and the tasty relief it can bring.

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