Jim Marrs

Chemtrails: A history of secret testing

I considered the purpose behind the mysterious spraying of bacilli and molds from the large military aircraft that have been seen in the skies across America over the last two years. In my column, I suggested that the pernicious "chemtrails" might be a covert mass-immunization program or, even worse, a cold-blooded effort to reduce the population.

Here, I'd like to present a third possibility.

In the closing months of World War II, a small task force of U. S. Naval ships maneuvered off the coast of southern California. Their objective was to gain information that military officers hoped would save thousands of American lives. Instead, this little excursion cost a few hundred innocent lives.

The expedition was the result of a fear among both Army and Navy officers that a super-secret Japanese military unit might be preparing to douse the West Coast with deadly bacteria. Ostensibly, a Japanese army "water purification" section situated in Pingfan, Manchuria -- the group known as Unit 731 -- actually was using prisoners, including Americans, as human guinea pigs in an effort to develop deadly toxins to destroy Japan's enemies.

In late 1941, the Japanese experimented with germ warfare by airdropping plague-infested materials over Changde, in China's Hunan Province. Later in the war, they began experimenting with large balloons, capable of carrying an incendiary bomb across the Pacific, by harnessing upper wind currents. The balloons were designed to fall on America, where the loss of gas brought them to Earth. By March 1945, more than 100 such balloons were known to have made their way to America through the jet stream. The balloons landed as far north as White Horse, Alaska, and as far east as Grand Rapids, Michigan. In Oregon, six fishermen were killed when an incendiary-laden balloon exploded as they inspected it. Due to military secrecy, no one was warned of the balloon danger.

Military authorities feared that the worse was yet to come. They worried about the possibility of Unit 731 deploying balloons to release plague or encephalitis germs over America. Such concern led to high-level meetings in March 1945. Military authorities realized that a disaster could be caused by even one balloon releasing deadly biological agents. What these officers needed to know was how fast and in which direction such diseases might travel -- the so-called "vector" of the contagion. Navy ships were dispatched to steam along the coast of southern California, where, utilizing an early-morning mist as cover, sailors opened pressurized tanks filled with influenza virus. The contagion drifted ashore where other military men kept close tabs on both the speed and direction of infection. Hospitals were monitored as far inland as 250 miles. More than 200 persons died in this flu outbreak, but the U. S. military got the information they wanted.

Luckily the war ended before Japan could use their high-flying balloons to deliver deadly toxins to America. But U.S. government-led testing on its own civilian population continued well into the 1950s. No one learned of this secret experimentation for years because of "national security".

Perhaps such testing is continuing today, under the cover of high-flying military jets and their "chemtrails".

It is apparent that federal authorities are very concerned over the possibility of an attack by biological agents such as anthrax. Two years ago, U.S. Army Colonel David Franz told ABC's PrimeTime, "The likelihood of a biological attack on the U.S. is fairly high, probably in the next few years." Even President Bill Clinton has publicly acknowledged this terrifying possibility. Such frankness illustrates the serious concern of public officials, who normally would be loath to say anything that might create panic the general population.

Since it is clear that there is genuine concern about biological attacks by ranking government officials, some have theorized that the mysterious "chemtrails" are nothing less than an effort to determine wind directions and vectors of the contaminants they contain. After all, it's been done before. "Collateral damage" among the general population may seem acceptable to some military experts -- unless, of course, such damage entails your grandmother, grandfather, or infant sister.

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