Jim Marrs


Who would believe that 'Chunky Monkey' and 'Rainforest Crunch' could raise the ire of the New World Order?

You will hearing more about the New World Order here. But for now, just understand that NWO men --- few women are included in this 'old boy' network --- are the elite inner circle of modern secret societies such as The Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderbergers.

They represent an world oligarchy intertwined through corporate directorships, marriage, social registers, blood and philosophy. They are unapologetic globalists, whose avowed goal is the destruction of America as a sovereign nation. They view America as merely a non-so-profitable division of a global economy managed by the United Nations and attendant organizations such as the World Trade Organization and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Thanks to their influence over multinational corporations, non-profit foundations and even governments, these New World Order schemers have a multitude of ways of exerting their will.

A recent example involves that all-Americana company, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, well known as a firm with many home-state investors and very active in social, environmental and political issues. For example, 'Rainbow Crunch' ice cream called public attention to the devastation of Brazil’s rain forest.

Ben Cohen, along with partner Jerry Greenfield, owns majority stock in the popular ice cream firm. But he has not been content to join the boys in the snobbish Eastern private clubs grousing about over-paid workers. He has spent bundles of money on full-page advertising and electronic town halls to lobby against the unwarranted expansion of the North Atlantic Treat Organization or NATO. NATO, which lost purpose with the collapse of the Soviet Union, is rapidly being acknowledged as the New World Order’s security force.

Since the WTO debacle in Seattle, the globalists are realizing how effective well-heeled activists like Cohen can be in opposing their agendas. And while his efforts to limit NATO were in vain --- though the movement continues to grow --- he appears to have incurred the wrath of the global elite.

Suddenly, the Vermont-based Ben & Jerry’s has found itself the object of hostile takeovers by companies spanning the globe. Anglo-Dutch Unilever, American Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream, Italy’s Roncadin and even the London-based makers of Haagen-Dazs have been mentioned as possible buyers.

Stockholders were stampeding and Vermont residents were staging demonstrations supporting the local firm. 'This is a Main Street versus Wall Street showdown,' explained Burlington, VT, Mayor Peter Clavelle.

Poor Ben must be wondering what’s happening. He may not realize the global and interconnected relationships at the top of the corporate power pyramid. But he knows when someone is out to get him.

Washington Post columnist Sabastian Mallaby cautiously noted that Cohen’s conduct proved that 'when liberal activism runs afoul of the market, it tends to get flattened.'

Less subtle were messages on the www.savebenjerry.com web site. One which missed the retaliatory aspect of the takeover attempts, saw the issue as one in which

'Gigantic multinational companies…want to skin the company alive and use its gentle lambskin brand identity to fool unsuspecting consumers into purchasing their soulless profit driven products.'

Wealthy businessmen who might be considering following the socially active footsteps of Ben Cohen are undoubtedly watching the fate of Ben & Jerry’s with keen interest.

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