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W.T. Samsel

The "Aliens" Are Among Us

100,000 - 48,000 BCE - Lemurian/early Atlantic age
48,000 - 28,000 BCE - age of the Atlantic Empire
28,000 - 10,000 BCE - late Atlantic age
10,000 BCE - 2,000 CE - Modern age 2,000 CE - ?

100,000 years ago, the Neanderthal people lived in small numbers, scattered here and there upon the earth. The souls who incarnated within those early forms did so within a physical vehicle that was limited in many ways. It was around that time, when the first examples of modern man appeared on the island of Lemuria. These were the intended "perfected vehicles," the crown of Great Spirit's creation upon the earth. They were quick to learn and develop culture. Over time, they began to explore the earth and so did come to seed the land which would become Atlantis.

The early Atlanteans were a dark-skinned people who displayed features much like the American Indians of our present knowledge. The early Atlanteans lived in accordance with the principles of the Law of One for many thousands of years. They understood the meaning of the circle, the cycles of life and that all is interconnected. They acknowledged the sacred gift of the Creator and so all living things were sacred and had to be honored. They held ceremony and made prayers within the ceremonial circle with the sacred fire at its center. They lived in harmony with the earth and all of nature. They were a tribal people who cooperated through a council form of government much like that of the free Native Americans before white contact. However, the early Atlanteans did come together as a collective under the Law of One as the tribal factions were united under the Great Council. The Native American people are the direct descendants of Lemurians and Atlanteans who had migrated to areas of the Americas as they existed before the first great cataclysm. Modern age Native Americans and other tribal peoples worldwide have best preserved many aspects of the Law of One in their cultural heritage and spirituality.

The "war between the gods" as referred to by ancient Greek and Egyptian mythology, was in actuality, was a battle between the extraterrestrial races over the question of nonintervention or direct contact and manipulation of mankind on the earth. Midway through the early Atlantic age, the extraterrestrial beings made their presence known to Atlantis. It was the humanlike beings who were the emissaries of the space relations. They were very tall, light haired, light skinned, albino-like people. They and their relations were no longer content with nonintervention and simple observation of mankind, as had been adhered to in the past. They did proceed to set up programs of study and research based on direct contact and the controlled manipulation of mankind upon the earth. Their descent from the sky, their technology and physical appearance bade the Atlanteans to regard them as super-humans and gods. Under the Law of One, all are related and so the people of Atlantis welcomed them. Through sexual interaction with the people, they did also begin to alter the genetic makeup of the human race upon Atlantis. Thus, the royal lineage of kings and queens came to rule over Atlantis and plant the seeds which would produce a new cross-race among the Atlantean people.

Soon, within early Atlantic culture, it became desirable to intermarry and produce light-skinned offspring with god-like features. Eventually, their numbers would increase so as to constitute a major portion of the overall population of the city of Poseidon. As there grew political, economic and religious divisions, there also developed social inequality among the peoples. The followers of the Law of One gradually lost control of government, economics, education, religion and the media. The white royal lineage Kings ruled Atlantis then and the Sons of Belial controlled the Temple of the Sun. During this period, many Atlanteans of the red race would migrate west, to what we know today as the Americas, but what were geographically very different then.

The event of the first Cataclysm brought upheaval and destruction to Atlantis, breaking the great continent into several isles that would become Poseidia, Arlyan and Og. The white tribe lost a great number of their people. But as time passed, those followers of the One Law who had gone to live in the West began to return to Atlantis. The people returned to the Law of One and lived in harmony once again, as it was in the beginning. Even so, the seed had been planted and soon would reappear. The karmic cycles had been set in motion. Our space relations would reappear as would the Sun Temple and the Sons of Belial, to continue to pursue their agendas.

The age of the Atlantic Empire would prove to be a free-for-all for the Sons of Belial and the followers of the Temple of the Sun. The dominant white tribe came to rule all aspects of Atlantean society. They disregarded the Law of One, placed their faith in technology and were driven by greed and the lust for power. The arms of the Atlantic Empire came to stretch nearly worldwide. The Americas and Africa, the European countries, the Middle East, India and Tibet came under the control of the Empire. The One Temple was divided and ineffective, the Sun Temple flourished and the Sons of Belial prospered. During that time, One Law priests were leading migrations of the red race west to the Americas and east to Africa. They sought to preserve the Law of One and so they built new circles in the far lands.

The event of the second great cataclysm brought the age of the empire to a disastrous close for Atlantis. Having turned their super weapons upon China in an effort to bring that land and people under their control, they attempted to utilize the earth as a great conductor through which to direct at their adversaries, the full power of the Great Crystal's destructive force. The earth hurled the force back upon them. It was the Atlanteans themselves, who triggered the second great cataclysm. The white Atlanteans were nearly all destroyed as the great islands suffered upheaval and then sank in upon them.

Throughout the history of the earth and mankind, it has been the white tribe that has consistently exhibited the characteristics of their ancestral heritage. It is these who openly display many of the characteristics of other-worldly or "alien beings." They have embraced technology above spirituality and have manipulated spirituality to achieve their own ends. They traditionally display little regard for the earth, nature or other species of living creatures. Throughout recorded history they have sought domination over all others and over the earth itself. They have been highly programmed and conditioned to be exclusive, aggressive and dominating. Presently, these lead humanity towards the New World Order, consciously or unconsciously carrying out the agenda of the Illuminati, hence, the extraterrestrial manipulators.

Modern age history itself testifies to the fact that the white tribe has consistently acted as though they were indeed 'the master race.' The other tribes have most often exhibited the One Law knowledge and beliefs preserved in their cultural and spiritual heritage. We are once again at a critical turning point for the earth and mankind. It is time for the four tribes of mankind to come together.

Thank you,
W. T. Samsel

Today's New Atlantis
by W.T. Samsel

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