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Atlantis as Relates to the
World Situation Today

I do not expect that you will believe everything that I am about to tell you. At this critical point in time, it is extremely important, that we be highly discerning of ALL the information which is placed before us. Never the less, I ask you to open your minds to the message I am about to present, and then weigh it for truth, within your hearts. If the message rings true in both your minds and your hearts, then carry it with you, walk with it, share it with others. Such, is the Law of One. I therefore submit to you, what I have come to believe, is the truth about Atlantis and the truth about her relevance to the current state of American and world affairs.

Over the last decade, I have come to trust the source of this information as being one of truth. I would not be engaged in my present work and would not actively promote this information if I thought it to be otherwise. The work I do there involves facilitating personal ritual and fire ceremony within the ceremonial circle - and I also conduct deep, soul-level akashic readings - utilizing an early Atlantean crystal technique. I refer to myself as a spiritual activist -in that the purpose of my work is to help to activate people spiritually, to help them on the inward journey. This is of the utmost importance now - at this critical turning point for the Earth and mankind.

When you hear Atlantis mentioned today, what images does it bring to mind? How do you describe Atlantis? How about, an ancient, prehistorical civilization, which possessed a level of knowledge and technology, far superior to that of our own, modern-day society? We think of magnificent pyramid temples, great airships powered by crystal and anti-gravity technology, miraculous healing with sound and light. We think about ancient visitors from space, cities under the oceans, and the "great crystal."

These are some of the things we read about - and hear about Atlantis. Most of these things, not all of them, did exist during the age of the Atlantic Empire. However, I focus upon who these people were, where they came from, their traditions and spirituality, BEFORE they developed all the science and technology. I focus upon the first age of mankind, the Lemurian or early Atlantic age. I then lead the reader into the age of the empire - up to the birth of the empire - the establishment of Amillius as the first Emperor. I point out the contrast between the early Atlanteans, and their later descendants, showing the contrast between the followers of the Law of One - and the followers of the Sons of Belial and the Temple of the Sun. Spirituality without science leaves man questioning in many areas - but that science without spirituality leads ultimately, to degeneration for mankind, rather than progression!

Modern man first appeared on this Earth, 80,000 years ago in the land of Lemuria. 70,000 years ago, he appeared in what would be Atlantis. Creator had taken from the animal kingdom, and caused to develop, what Tiagorrah refers to as the "perfected vehicle" - this, for souls to inhabit, so they can experience existence in the Earth plane - for the purpose of their karmic progression. Mankind has gone through four ages of experience upon the earth, and has survived three great, "global" cataclysms.

The first age of man's experience upon the Earth, from 80,000 to 48,000 B.C.E., was that of the Lemurian or, early Atlantic age. This was brought to a close by the event of the "first great cataclysm" . . . a shifting of the Earth upon its axis. The next age, from 48,000 to 28,000 B.C.E., was that of the Atlantic Empire. During this age, Atlantean influence and control stretched nearly worldwide. This, is the technological super- society which through greed and corruption, destroyed themselves. After that second great cataclysm, from 28,000 to 12,000 B.C.E., we have the "lesser Atlantic age," for she never did reclaim her wealth, power, or technology . . . although she did try. 12,000 years ago, there occurred the third great cataclysm, another tilting of the Earth upon its axis. This is referred to in the Bible, as "the great flood," and this brings us to this present age, our own "modern age." As this lost history of mankind and the cycles of humanity unfolds, so can our understanding of what is happening to our civilization, to our people, to our mother Earth, in the here and now.

Let's begin with the Lemurian- early Atlantic age. Who were these early Atlanteans? They were a tribal people. They exhibited all of the characteristics which we today, ascribe to "primitive" tribal peoples. They were a very spiritually advanced people, having inherited this from their Lemurian ancestors. The earlier Lemurians were a people who were, quite literally "plugged into" the spirit world. It was of little or no effort for them to communicate with all of nature, the spirit world and the Creator. The early Atlanteans traditions, spirituality and society, evolved from Lemurian influence.

The early Atlanteans were divided into four main tribal groups, and these were composed of many smaller subgroups. They shared a common holy ground, or sacred land. Here, they came together for their social and spiritual gatherings and ceremonials. The circle, being the oldest religious symbol in the world, in the universe. The early Atlanteans created ceremonial circles, within which they made prayers, sang songs, and placed offerings of sweet herbs and grasses into the central fire. Our people did live in peace within a natural environment of abundance. All lived under the Law of One then.

Under the Law of One, all Life is sacred. Life is the sacred and wonderful gift of the Creator. That which shares of the sacred gift of the Creator, is therefore related. Everything that lives is related to all else which has Life. When early Atlanteans set out to hunt, there had to be spiritual preparation, they had to undertake the proper rituals and prayers. They were acknowledging the sources of their sustenance, and they were asking permission of the spirit world, to perform the sacred act.

Actually, there was so much preparation for a hunt, that it was certainly not an everyday occurrence. Early Atlanteans were primarily vegetarians.

Those who farmed were actual priests. Again, the proper prayers, rituals and acknowledgments were strictly adhered to. Everything had to be done in a manner consistent with One Law principle, in order for the end product to be acceptable, for Creator, and for the people to consume. The preparation of food was considered a sacred act. As food is prepared, prayers are said, songs are sung, in thanks and acknowledgment. What a dark contrast to that which we are familiar today! Today, we find it all neatly packaged, waiting for us at the local supermarket. We go to Denny's, Taco Bell and McDonald's. We don't think twice about where it came from or what we are doing.

Under the Law of One, that which belongs to the Creator, is not for man to own unto himself. Such things may be utilized by man, but only when done so in a manner consistent with One Law principle. The Earth was considered quite sacred, a living, breathing thing. Our mother. She who gives us everything we need to sustain our lives, and so, we have to acknowledge this and give thanks for this. There was an order of priests and priestesses who were known as "Earth keepers." These held ultimate authority over human activity upon the land. If the people wished to settle, farm or build, an Earth Keeper must be consulted. The Earth Keepers had the ability to go out from the physical body and bond with the Life-forces of a particular natural environment. They left behind the physical shell, becoming not only one with place, but one with all living things in that place. Upon return to their physical bodies, they would render their determinations. Either the land was receptive to the needs of the people, or the land had to be honored and left unaltered. There was no argument. Under the Law of One, there must be adequate habitats, for all our relations to flourish, as do we. The Earth is sacred and so, must be protected from those who would do her harm. These were the functions of the Earth Keepers.

The Atlanteans were a telepathic people. They could communicate with each other without the use of spoken words. When Atlantean youth reached a certain age, or state of development, they were taken away from Temple by their Educators, in order to undergo the "ritual of enlightenment" or what was referred to as the "nature walk" experience. The youth was placed alone, in a secluded place of natural environment, where they would remain for from 4 to 7 days. They spent this time in fasting, in prayer and meditation, and most importantly, telepathic communication with all of the natural world around them.

Native American traditions speak of a time long ago, when the animals talked to the people and taught them many things. This is very true. What did they teach us? They teach us about the interconnection of all things, about our relationship to all things. They teach about the cycles of Life, about relationship, reproduction, raising our young. They show us miracles and wonders and speak about many of Life's secrets and lessons. They teach us about Love. When a young person returned from his initial Nature Walk experience, there was an understanding of his place within the cosmic scheme of creation. Herded like sheep through today's educational system, young people are simply programed to take part in, and to help support our societal system, AS IT IS! . . . to become little more than workers and consumers . . . not to become enlightened and responsible adults.

Midway through the early Atlantic age, our relations from the stars made their presence known to us. Actually, they had been here since before the appearance of modern man in Lemuria. From such far off star systems as Sirius, Orion, Arcturus and the Pleiades, these and many others, gathered to witness the first steps of infant humanity upon the Earth. This was for the purpose of furthering their understanding of themselves, the universe and the All that Is. These beings had focused upon Lemuria, for the perfected vehicle did appear in that land, before the Atlantean. These relations viewed the Lemurians as the advanced race, of greater spiritual awareness and understanding, of a higher vibration than their "younger" Atlantean relatives.

There were elements among them who became interested in human development on Atlantis, and who eventually, wanted to shift the focus of study from Lemuria to Atlantis. And so there developed a "dispute," between these star-relations, over whether or not to include Atlantis in their studies. There were those of our star relations, who wanted to initiate, what I refer to as the "direct contact" program . . . whereby, the subject of study is directly influenced, or manipulated in various ways, in order to observe and study the resultant effects. The dispute between these relations, over this question, escalated into open conflict. Both Greek and Egyptian mythology speak of this "war between the gods," that Zeus and his relations defeated Cronus and the Titans, and they went on to "rule" over mankind.

As a result of this conflict between our star relations, Zeus assumed authority among them and then Atlantis, and her people, became the primary focus of their observations and studies. Zeus appointed Poseidon as Director of Atlantean affairs. Poseidon initiated the direct contact program with the Atlantean people. Poseidon was one of our relations from the Pleiades. He would come to be known, by Atlantean free thinkers of the time, as "the great manipulator". His version of the direct contact program, went far beyond the limits of his authority. He proceeded to alter the face of the Atlantean's sacred land, encircling it with walls and harbors, he began the development, which would become the great city of Poseidon. He took an Atlantean priestess as his wife and produced offspring. Through his political manipulations, he became king and his offspring, ruled in succession over Atlantis thereafter. It was Poseidon's will that his influence over Atlantis, be remembered forever in Atlantean history.

Moving ahead in that history, I would describe another Atlantean king who not only had a great impact on Atlantis at the time. . . but to this day, his influence and organization, has a direct relation to the problems we currently face. Atlan and Belial were sons of a powerful Atlantean king who ruled about a thousand years before the first great cataclysm. Atlan, being the eldest of the two, stood to inherit power from his father. Belial did not see that as a good thing. He resultantly rejects the teachings of the One Law. Belial believed in intellect, manipulation and technology, like his hero, Poseidon. Belial believed that man, having intellect, creativity and free will, rightly inherits dominion over his own, and the Earth's destiny. He believed that man's will to progress and evolve, would continually accelerate. He believed in unlimited prosperity for Atlantis and her people. Belial proceeded to force his brother Atlan, from power and then assumed kingship of Atlantis. The following are some of the "famous words" which he spoke upon his "ascension" to the throne.

"Those of the Pleiades, Orion, Sirius, and others, may appear to be superior beings, they may appear to command superior technology. . . but there will come a time, when they shall see, that we of Atlantis are the master race! We are, within ourselves, gods! Not only through our royal lineage, but through our own intelligence and device! When all work together towards the one goal, then no achievement is too great and no obstacle insurmountable! Not today, or tomorrow, but in an age yet to come. . . the arms of the Atlantean empire shall reach out to the stars."

When he came into power, Belial put together an organization which was in fact, the first "secret society" or "mystery school," that which all other such organizations have emulated, throughout human history. This is the Sons of Belial, through which, his philosophy and ultimate goals would be "perpetuated to realization." Through time and many incarnations, has this one sought to perpetuate the ancient goals. Belial returned to the Earth plane during the second Atlantean age as Amillius, bringing about the birth of the Empire and reigning as the first Emperor.

During our own modern age, he has appeared several times. One of this beings most notale incarnations was as Lord Chancellor of England, Sir Francis Bacon. Considered a genius in his time, he is credited as being the editor of the King James version of the Bible and strong evidence indicates that he may well be the true author of the Shakespeare works. He was a Grand Commander of the Brotherhood order of the Rosicrucians and was active in the traditions of the Knights Templar. He was the founder of the Lodge of the Freemasons. He was a great promoter of the scientific revolution of the seventeenth century, calling for "the total reconstruction of science" in order to "restore man to mastery over nature." Most people are unaware of the work he performed to further his dream, the establishment of a new Atlantean Empire!

Bacon wrote a book entitled, "New Atlantis." In this book, he describes the discovery of a new continent by shipwrecked sailors. They find a previously unknown civilization, ruled by an elite secretive society, the "Temple of Solomon." These possess secret esoteric knowledge, handed down to them from ages past and out of which they have re-created a new Atlantis. The shipwrecked sailors inevitably conclude that all the world would benefit from their example and guidance. In this book, Bacon is literally setting out his vision for the new continent which would become the United States of America. Just as Belial organized the original Sons of Belial ages ago, so too did he organize the Lodge of the Free and Speculative Masons, as Francis Bacon.

I would point to the mid-eighteenth century and a man born Amshell Moses Bauer. Here is another of Belial's influential incarnations. Bauer changed his name to Rothschild. In the German language, Rothschildmeans red shield. Know, that this is an old Atlantean symbol of base chakra consciousness and the Temple the sun. Mayer Rothschild founded the greatest financial empire in recorded history. The purpose being the centralization of economic power and the control and manipulation of nations in order to progress the ancient agenda. Today, the Rothschild banking empire controls the economies of the most powerful nations worldwide and is a driving force towards globalization! Taking a look back at American history, it is rather evident, that the "founding fathers" of this nation, envisioned a new empire from the very start. From its discovery, to colonization, to declaration of independence, the development of America was manipulated by a handful of very wealthy and influential "high priests." As they have in the past, they continue to be controlled by the "illuminated ones," the Sons of Belial! Belial envisioned Atlantis as a global empire reaching out into space. Look around you this day and see humanity approaching the realization of Belial's vision. If you are in search of Atlantis, then look around you and realize that you are in fact, living in Atlantis, for she has come full circle. We expend extreme amounts of energy searching for the remains of "old" Atlantis and yet fail to recognize her, in her present incarnation. The United States of America is the new Atlantis of our modern age. It is the Eagle landing on the moon and Atlantis rising from the Cape. Yet, it is not only our present level of technological development and capability, it is what we take for granted as normality in the collective around us. It is now time for the American people to awaken to that which is taking place within their government, their society and in the world around them. Elements within both political parties, supported by their corporate overlords and the mass media, controlled by the global Illuminati, make sure and steady progress toward their ultimate goal. . . global empire! This is what we face in the present situation. Whether we are willing to acknowledge it or not, we are faced with the imminent rebirth of a global economic and military empire.

The Sons of Belial have transcended time and space. . . they are alive and well this day and are actively progressing their ancient goals. Know that they gather collectively as the Bilderburg Group. These have been meeting annually since the early 1950's. Their affiliates in the United States include the Counsel on Foreign Relations and the Tri-lateral Commission. Their membership reads like a who's who list of world leaders.

Included, have been Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Henry Kissinger, Margaret Thatcher, Madeline Albright, Tony Blair, Helmut Kohl, Bill Clinton, Bill Gates and Steven Spielberg, to name just a few. Under the tightest security measures, do these secret, closed door sessions take place. They meet in a different location every year. Helicopters and hundreds of heavily armed guards keep "inquiring minds" away. You see, unless you are invited to a Bilderburg meeting, it is virtually impossible to get anywhere near a Bilderburg meeting. The decissions made at these Bilderburg meetings directly affect and DIRECT international affairs.

They manipulate or control governments, industries, economies and religious institutions. When you come right down to it, they control YOU TOO!

These are the modern-day Sons of Belial, they are intent upon the realization of the "new world order." This is nothing short of the rebirth of the Atlantean empire, a one-world government under the European super-elite. As America declines in power, so does the European Union gain strength! I say to you, beware of the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization! They are busy right now as you read this, diligently working and progressing toward that end. Our "leaders" do not discuss it. You do not hear about it on the headline news channel or read about it in the newspapers. There is a reason for that.

CNN is unarguably the most popular TV news source. It is run by Time/Warner, two of the biggest names in show business. It is also, the best example of what I refer to as "diversionary or dis-inclusive" news reporting. Relevant local and international news is somehow missing, while reports focus on crime, accidents and disasters. We are given health tips, wealth tips, fashion tips, movie reviews, the play of the day and the Hollywood minute. This is not responsible news reporting! The media deliberately steers America's attention off in one particular direction, and away from pertinent domestic and world developments. This is diversionary news reporting. The O. J. Simpson trial is a sterling example of this newest tactic of the mass media. It is a perfect example of how the people are ever more controlled by what they are fed through the mass media. This is a form of mind control.

Now is the time of which the prophets have spoken! These are the times foretold by the sacred writings and holy texts. . . as evidenced by contemporary realities and events! The sacred writings and holy texts point to the here and now, not to "some point in the future" anymore. We are beginning the second year of a four-year cycle, which began with 1998, of transformation, transition for the Earth and mankind.

If you have been taking note of the strange weather patterns taking place not only across this country, but all across the world, you can see that the Earth changes have begun to take place. The Earth Mother is awakening and beginning to react. We shall see an increase in strange weather patterns and occurrences. We shall see more and more record setting storms, droughts, floods, earth-quakes and volcanic activity, increasing in severity yearly. Mankind has had ample time in which to affect change and lessen the burdens imposed upon the Earth Mother. We have chosen to do effectively nothing, but rather, to continue to conduct business as usual for profits sake. We are now out of time.

All of the sacred messengers of all the world's religions, from Jesus Christ, to Krishna, to White Buffalo Calf Woman, all have tried to teach us the Law of One. In our own times, we have witnessed the work of great souls that have come to teach us about the Law of One. Great messengers such as Gandhi, inspiring us to love, peace and non-violence. Martin Luther King was also a One Law messenger, he said "I have a dream!" - he was talking about the Law of One. Mother Theresa demonstrated unconditional love, One Law love, by her life's example. So, we have seen great souls in our own time, speaking to us about the Law of One.

The Law of One is that which can set free all of humanity. It can raise us to a higher level of consciousness. It can free us from the cycles of humanity, the cycles of civilization that in truth, go back much farther than our recorded history. Even so, we have adequate record of the rise and fall of great civilizations such as the Egyptian, Greek, Roman, etc. Each one rising and then falling, each experiencing its own "life cycle." We are at the great turning point foretold by the prophets and the holy texts!

The question is, does humanity get it right, or does it go through the cycle all over again? Do we commit generation upon generation of our descendants to repeating the course all over again? Let us make the graduation! It is our responsibility to generations unborn. This is the chance, the opportunity, to break free of the cycles of humanity!

It is now time for humanity to break free of the burdens that have been imposed upon us throughout recorded history! Jesus Christ said, "The kingdom of heaven is within you!" We perceive outwards from center, and so we live under the illusion that everything centers around us. Similarly, whatever we are looking for, be it love, truth, god, order, beauty. . . we look for it "out there" somewhere. We look out there, for that "missing something" in our lives. We look to a relationship, a job, a promotion, a new house, a new car. This is illusion and it is as the powers that be, prefer for you to believe. The cover of the Atlantis Connection book, shows the colors of the chakras. Rather than the traditional, linear graduation from base to crown arrangement, These colors are depicted on the cover, in a circular fashion, depicting a graduation inward, towards the center. This is what Jesus was talking about. It is the journey of the seventh direction. It is the journey within. Meditation is the key to train yourself to get in contact with that center, the part of you which is connected to the All that Is.

At this point in time, the spirit world reaches out to each of us, for this communication to take place. Each of us needs to become more aware of and have more communication with, that unseen hand that seems to reach out and help us. Now it is vital, that such communication take place. What do I do when the earth changes directly affect me and my family? - when economic collapse brings on anarchy and violence? How do I prepare, who should I trust, where should I go? Questions such as these, they can help us to answer. They will help to distinguish between what is real, what is false, what is truth and what is illusion. Spirit world is calling out to you, each and every one, at this time. Conditions are favorable for unprecedented progress in this area of spiritual endeavor. By beginning on a program of meditation, we can begin to break through, to new levels of communication with the spirit world. Within two of three months, you can vastly improve this communication with spirit guides and helpers around you. The time has come for this communication. It is placed before you.

But know that it is only a beginning. . . I can guarantee that you shall be called upon to make a very important decision. Seekers of truth must realize that, with this knowledge comes a responsibility. You must not only utilize the knowledge and incorporate it into your life, but you must also make a decision as to which polarity you support! Do you support the negative or the positive elements presently contributing to the world situation? To be a truly spiritual being involves an awakening, acknowledgment and understanding of that which is taking place in the physical world around one.

The transitional period which we are now experiencing, is all about the elevation of mass consciousness. The word conscious means awakening, awareness, seeing, knowing, perception, of the world around you. We must open our minds, our hearts and most importantly, strengthen our resolve to "walk our talk!" We must realize that we are each individual participants in this transitional process. We are being called upon to decide which polarity we actively support. Those who support the sons of Belial have chosen their road and are active upon it. Those who profess support for the Law of One, are called upon to conduct themselves accordingly. We are being called to action. There are far too many of those who speak the words, yet do nothing or just the opposite of their rhetoric.

There are far too many charlatans, in too many high places! What can I do to make a positive contribution to my fellow human beings, to my animal relations and to the mother Earth? This is a question we all need to ask ourselves at this time. It is time to wake up and make up our minds, that if we want to do it better, we better begin doing it. . . now!

If we can change our minds, we can begin to change the world. If we can acknowledge the Earth as a living being, then we can begin to heal the planet. If we can understand that all is interconnected within the cosmic scheme of creation, then we can all begin to live in harmony. Such is the Law if One.

Yes, this transitional period for the Earth and mankind has begun, quite visibly. Even the doubters and the skeptics are beginning to question. Questioning is the key to learning and this constitutes the first step, to enlightenment. We are being called to a higher consciousness now. As this year unfolds before us, we shall all bear witness to the truth. . . as it reveals itself!

Thank you, W. T. Samsel

Today's New Atlantis
by W.T. Samsel

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